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    Need someone to cut down a small tree in Flatbush. It is not a fruit tree.

    Please post the information here if you know of someone



    I don’t have a firsthand recommendation.

    I suggest checking the yellow pages under “tree”. There are “tree services” advertised, including pruning and trimming. Ask if they give free estimates.


    If it is not that big of tree, i.e. only needs an ax to be chopped down, I can do it for a reasonable rate. Feel free to contact me through the moderator.

    minyan gal

    Safta – unless it is a very small tree, I strongly recommend that you use a licensed tree service. If, G-d forbid, when the tree is coming down there is a possibility it could damage your house or roof or a worker could be injured. A tree service has the experience and the insurance coverage and its workers should be covered by workers compensation in case of injury.


    It’s too late to post a reply here but for getting the tree removal experts you should check yellow pages. There you will find many companies for your needs.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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