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    jackk, I admit that we are losing voters with Covid. Mabe that’s why Biden is so strategic in waiting when to send out tests and masks?!

    I am not sure though that your numbers add up, unless you bring some proofs:
    Most unvaxed R-s are in remote areas, most unvaxed D-s are in dense cities. It may be that most of them never voted in their life. “All talk and no cattle”.

    On a more cheerful note, Gallup averaged their surveys over whole 2021 and concluded that country went from being +9 D to -5 R during the year. almost 10 out of those 14, though, were gained around and after election to J6. so total, it seems that R-s stand 4% higher than before 2020 elections.


    jack-“Palestinians knew that Trump wasn’t a fair third-party so they completely ignored any overtures for peace that he proffered. For 4 years , peace in the ME was not on the table.”

    -My point exactly

    TS Baum

    Just a few months on this coffee room, and I already know everyone’s political views just from all of the tens of politics threads (which everyone says the same things).
    If nobody knows my view (everyone else feels that the whole wide world needs to know their opinions) on politics, then here it is:
    Biden is an old, sloppy loser, a puppet for the left to check off the things on their agenda.
    Trump is not the best speaker, but the best president he was. Anybody who can say that he was not good for the jews must be drunk or something like that, anyone with a human brain can understand how good trump was for the yidden.
    I think trump should run for pres and desantis for vp.

    There are sadly some yidden who got brainwashed by the media and left, and they suffer from a loss of knowledge and an overflowing of fake news.

    And NO, I am not sick of trump.

    “the #1 kopfinizer”
    I suggest you stop saying that “trumpkopf” mishugas. It’s not what an ehrleche yid (includes women, but about including feminists its a shaila) does.


    Tsbaum there is no way desantis is running VP with Trump. Trump is afraid of him that’s why he is betraying him and bullying him.

    Also didn’t you hear what Trump had to say about Bibi and then kept it going by attacking all Israelis and Jews as a whole and saying the Israelis are the obstacle to peace and that Israel forced him to attack Iran and that Israel controls US Congress and that he regrets the things he’s done for Israel?

    You don’t think it’s a bit concerning? I liked Trump as well but again this time around he has been pushed so much and his ego took such a hit that he is coming back dangerous. People do change you know, or sometimes just show their true colors. Many Trump supporters are unsure about him this time. Especially he is still talking about stolen election, whether true or not it isn’t calming anyone down. The election was definitely swayed by the media/social media including censoring and portraying fake news and polls and surely had a lot of fake mail in ballots that were tampered with. I’m still not sure that overturning that Trump would have won since the media did a great job 4 years of brainwashing people against him, and in that way the election was stolen, but regardless it’s a bit reckless to go on about stolen election it causes fanatics to do stupid things.


    jackk, here are self-reported numbers from Rasmussen – 26% of Rs report being positive for Covid, 21% of Ds and 18% of the smartest ones – independents. So, from this sounds like there will be indeed less R voters, although knowing age distribution by paty would help.

    Other interesting stats of self-reported covid:
    22% of men and 20% of women
    22% married and 20% not married
    24% children at home, 19% no (hey, kids!!! but could be also age)
    (these 3 may explain some of the of R/D difference – R are more men and married)
    13% for age 65+, 23% before
    19% white, 18% black, 27% other, presuming mostly Hispanic

    D 80%, R and independent 60%


    and some other covid numbers from the survey that some might be curious about:

    those not vaccinated: 30% were positive
    those vaccinated: 17%
    keep in mind that 1 out of 2 years were before vaccine and number of deaths is same by year,
    then year 1: 15% both groups are positive, and year 2: 15% v 2%. This may be an over-estimate but points that the difference is drastic.

    even better predictor of who is likely to get covid:
    answer to “Which is more effective in preventing COVID-19?”
    Natural immunity – 36% got it
    Vaccination 14%
    Equally 18%
    Not sure 11% (maybe these are those who thing that none are effective and are careful?)


    more fun stats on effect of media:
    More viewers of Newsmax (40%) and Fox News (34%) correctly estimated the COVID-19 mortality rate than viewers of CNN (22%) or MSNBC (24%). Twenty-one percent (21%) of One America News (OAN) viewers correctly estimated the coronavirus mortality rate. Among Americans who say they don’t watch cable news at all, 38% correctly estimated the mortality rate as less than 2%.


    before election day:
    61% of Ds, 64% of Rs and 63% of others planned to be vaccinated.
    right after, Ds jumped to 75% Rs stayed the same. This is when a gap started.

    ☕️coffee addict


    You choose to believe that, I find it hard to believe


    someone said that trump took care of ISIS. wrong ! President obama (who you all hate, heaven knows why) took them out .
    also, north korea, russia, china are now stronger and more chutzpenik than before trump took office.
    so mush for what he did for american foreign policy – and who can forget when he said he LOVED that mamzer dictator in korea.
    all you guys with your long long long long letters, get a life or learn Torah or something. who can read these long long long megillas of yours. u make me laugh.


    TSB: As the Alpha Kopfinizer in the CR, I must respectfully disagree with your bizarre perception of the state of the American political system and the choices available. I’ve noted repeatedly that there are multiple Republican leaders in the state and federal government whose policies are generally aligned with Trump but whose persona, values and principles are exemplary w/o the racist, misogynistic and narcissistic baggage. The fact that you’ve tied yourself to the latter says more about you than your political ideology.


    Moishe, you are right that ISIS started to retreat by the end of Obama. But “started to retreat” does not mean it was “done” or that people expected it to be gone soon. See below a quote from foreign policy paper by a liberal prof. He mostly blames Obama for failure with Assad and initial ISIS growth, but you can see there that the expectation was that ISIS will keep territory and continue projecting terrorism threat to Europe. If you search news in 2016, you can see more of similar. Some specific action taken by Trump were: providing actual weapons to Kurds “as they were” instead of training some future pure force; allowing shooting targets without spending hours vetting with the White House; working effectively with Iranian militias in Iraq (thru Iraqis, without any formal partnership).

    Syria Will Stain Obama’s Legacy Forever
    Yet a third result of Obama’s ineffectuality lay in the rise of the Islamic State, a terrorist organization even more bloody-minded and bent on conquest than the al Qaeda fragments from which it sprang. Obama obviously did not create the Islamic State, contrary to Donald Trump’s absurd campaign-trail slanders. But his administration was laggard in countering its gathering strength. Although the terrorist outfit is on the defensive now, it continues to orchestrate deadly strikes in Europe, and, indirectly, to inspire lone-wolf attacks in the United States, guaranteeing that terrorism will remain a major threat on both continents for years to come.


    Gadol > there are multiple Republican leaders in the state and federal government whose policies are generally aligned with Trump but whose persona,

    There are lots of leaders on both left and right who are “aligned” with the right policies, but are not capable of implementing them in real world. Say, Obama genuinely desired to have peace with the Muslim world, but ISIS refused to cooperate and Obama did not know what to do. Trump was actually able to do a lot of things he talked about, often in unusual risky ways.


    “Trump was actually able to do a lot of things he talked about”
    Give us a break.
    His good buddy Putin is now on the warpath
    His ‘love’ (his own words) Kim of N. Korea is on a missile rampage
    His ‘beautiful’ southern wall he was unable to build with 4 years in the white house. and mexico, nu?
    exactly what did, and I repeat myself, that orange haired demagogue, con-artist,liar, lecher and now sore loser contribute to this world?

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