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    Shmuel, of course a Yeshiva education is worth it. The point is that we are already entitled to a free secular education. Why is my tax money paying to “educate” Shaniqua (16) and Shaquilla(5), while a Yeshiva is struggling tp pay salaries etc. The city should provide the secular teachers and we should only pay for Limude Kodesh. Otherwise we register our children in Public School, and then it will be a city problem, not ours hard working and trying to raise a family.



    Yes, let’s use our tax money so our kids can be taught Yinglish/yeshivishe reyd rather than on teaching Shaniqua Ebonics :))).

    Better yet, the secular education programs would start teaching frum kids Ebonics.

    “I be a Yid. Di iz a shygetz.”


    Shev, you choose not use the free education system. Its not the fault of the government if you want private education, that’s your fault.

    But, there are avenues that will laregly be unattractive to RW/Charedi society, such as the Shalom Academy that’s starting up for Teaneck and Englewood students. They had a lottery and are oversubscribed for every grade except 5th (its K-5). There is a wait list. But its a coed school. It won’t be 100% Jewish nor 100% observant. Its a hebrew school, no religion taught. Talmud Torah will be in the afternoon.

    Private education costs money. The government is not going to discriminate against your neighbors by requiring them to go to a different school. And are you willing to have the curriculum?

    You have to decide how much you are willing to sacrifice – money? curriculum? time? Its not easy.

    But, it does give parents a very good option


    Also, it should be noted that like many services, public education is not charged (taxed) on a per-use basis. Everyone pays for public education (as it’s a social public benefit) whether they have kids in the school, whether their kids have already graduated and grown up or even if they never had kids in the first place. It isn’t only parents of schoolkids that have to pay for public school — so you’d be paying for “Sheniqua” and “Shaquilla” anyway.

    The Wolf


    Why are you standing in teh way of helping people with their tuition and getting money to yeshivos?

    Why do you think that *I* am standing in the way? Would anything change if I said “yeah, sure, let’s do it?” Would that change the law?

    The Wolf



    Do u want the Sam kind of English teachers they have in public school?

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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