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    I always feel like a cheapskate when giving a Baal Tzedaka a quarter. Am I one?


    it probably depends on your financial capabilities and who it collecting.

    However the wrost part is that no matter how much you give, they will (at least some of them) will make you feel greedy.

    just say thank you!


    A quarter? I think you aren’t supposed to give more than a fifth, and it probably shouldn’t be all to one person either.


    PBA: It’s oaky. He’s Machmir to give a quarter which is a fifth of the final total. 😉

    You mean a fifth which is a quarter?



    Outside Gourmet Glatt in Cedarhurst, there is an elderly man who is always sitting outside collecting money. Whenever someone gives him money, he showers them wth brachos. I believe he is a really holy man and I always give him a few dollars because I love getting brachos from him.

    So is it still considered ‘mehudar’ tzedaka if I give him money just because I want his brachos? Because I kind of have an ulterior motive.

    Sorry to hijack your thread Shmoel.


    Is there a threshold of minimally giving?

    Be lucky

    Your so cheap


    Cinderella – do you know how much that guy makes in a day….


    cinderella: Isn’t that similar to a lot of people and Kupar Ha’ir? If that’s okay, you’re probably okay.


    A 1/5th means up to 20% of one’s total income.

    Given that a quarter is way more than a “Shoveh Perutoh”, one certainly does not have to any Schnorrer more than a quarter.

    One can choose to whom s/he wishes to give his/her nice big donations from his/her Ma’aser money, which may be a Yeshiva one feels connected with, or an organization one feels close to.

    If this bothers the schnorrer enough to throw the 1/4 back in your face, that is their Chutzpoh Atzumoh. All the 1/4’s eventually commence to add up.


    How is a quarter “way more” than a Shoveh Perutoh?


    Brooklyn, NY – Halachic Analysis: The Case of The Simpson Lost Jewelry Ad

    Published on: May 13, 2010 11:12 AM

    News Source: VIN News By Rabbi Yair Hoffman

    But perhaps these items are basically worthless. Does the Mitzvah still apply? Firstly, we should know that the parameters of worthless are: A shaveh Prutah (See Shulchan Aruch 259:2). What is the value of a Prutah? Silver closed last night (May 11th) at a little less than $20 a troy ounce ($19.62 actually, you would divide the price of silver by 1244) so the value of a shaveh prutah by weight would be between a penny and a half and 1.6 cents.


    So if an Ani needs support you can give him two pennies and wish him adios?


    There is no prohibition to give him more, but if you decide just to give him a Shoveh Peruta, you have violated nothing;

    Just as it was up to Kohanim & Leviyim to befriend fellow Yisroelim, to get into their good books, to hope the Yisroel would use his free discretion to donate his Terumoh & Maaser Rishon to this particular Kohen or Levy respectively, it is up to an Oni or organizatioon or Yeshiva or hospital to befriend you, if they want you to decide to allocate your Maaser money to them.

    Think first

    Rambam writes that one has to help a ani with the full some that he needs and if he can’t afford the whole ammount he needs to give up to a fifth of his wealth. Not just give him some and have get the rest elsewhere.

    The aruch hashulchan explains the rambam, that is in the times of the bais hamikdosh where the vast majority of jew were wealthy and very few needed help. However, in todays time where there are many aniim and noone can afford to give like that, one should give what he can and the ani will get from the next fellow too.

    So, to answer ur question,if that’s what u can afford kol hakavod! when you give the guy a quarter, three more (takes approx. 30 seconds its one dollar a few more and another dollar then then guy who gives each guy a dollar. Hpefully he’ll collect what he needs.

    Feel good that ur helping someone out.


    How would you feel if you were an Oni and someone handed you two pennies (or a quarter) and told you to go buy a meal with it?


    I think you are not aloud to embarrass the person when you give him tzedokah so i try not to give less than $1 but then i have to turn down many requests.

    Also, you are allowed to give more than 20% if the poor person is standing in front of you.(oni lefonechoh)

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