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    The “tznius issue” has been discussed in many a place now, for the past few months, and as a woman who lives right in the center of a ‘problem area’, I would like to speak up now on behalf of these women, my friends and neighbors.

    Before I begin I would just like to assure you all who are shallow enough to care, that I am from a ‘black hat, no TV, long skirts and thick stockings’ type of family.

    Women are NOT objects. Men are constantly shooting off their mouths, offering options to ‘control the womenfolk’. Well let me tell you something. My father (a local PROMINENT rabbi) had ever pointed out something to me regarding my tznius, or lack of, I would have been shell-shocked. This was my MOTHER’s responsibilty, and she performed her duty admirably.

    I believe it is time to say, respectfully, of course: MEN, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Now, I know what you’re all thinking is ‘it is our business’. Okay, you have a point. After all, women dressed in a non-tzniusdik fashion reflects poorly on the rest of the Jews, right? I submit that if the issue was indeed as urgent as I have gleaned from letter-writers, then why aren’t these people out there raising awareness? I do agree that it is quite disconcerting to walk down my street and see ‘frum’ women wearing tight clothes and short skirts, but I don’t approach them because I know just how painful that can be for them.

    All I am saying is that the only people who should be discussing and addressing this are the women, with help (if necessary) from a RESPECTABLE rav. And I emphasize RESPECTABLE!

    The blatant disregard of respect and trust for women as the mothers of our future generations, and the complete lack of control exhibited by some MALE posters on this site are absolutely out of line, and I suggest that MEN show a little faith that women as a whole may be ‘going through a tough patch’, but we will come ’round to our senses soon. There are always going to be a few women who just don’t grow up, but leave them be, and again, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

    Tznius is a womens issue. It is not ‘tzniusdik’ for men to be discussing the tightness, length or colors of a womens garb.


    When it comes to tznius and fashion, women are brutal to each other. They would have each other surgically altered for beauty or covered in tentlike layers of fabric.


    Here is the full original thread (that this is a bug of):

    Tznius: a woman’s issue


    “Tznius is a womens issue. It is not ‘tzniusdik’ for men to be discussing the tightness, length or colors of a womens garb.”

    -If you dont do something about it you leave men no choice.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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