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    The following is a letter “written” by an autistic child Moishy (they move the fingers on the alphebets to get answers of the child):

    a handicapped child

    yud gimmel Tamuz

    July 15, 2011

    A Message to the Frum Yidden in America.

    We have strayed in the worst way turning our Yiddishkeit into plastic, turning it away from Hakadosh Boruch Hu. Holding on to the tail of the Egel Hazahav and letting ourselves be dragged into the world of Gashmius (materialistic world).

    The average frum Jew in America learns Torah, works, wears a beard and payos, davens more or less 3 times a day, eats what is stamped kosher and on the outside at least looks more or less like an observant Jew. However, the truth is that the modern American frum Jew, the so-called frum Jew, is very taken up with gashmius. Many (at least up to just before 2008) lived in opulence; fancy houses, large cars, spectacular vacations etc., discarding important details like Tznius and Teshuva. Now times are much harder. People are suffering more generally and therefore their hearts are more open for change. However, even with all the financial difficulties and all the unusual tragedies the frum community continues moving along in the direction of oblivion; in the direction that the Egel Hazahav is pulling us.

    The next months will bring upon the world many tremendous tragedies, worst than the last few years. The gashmius for most people will take an even greater fall and the world will become extremely dangerous as it has already become.

    Q: Why is it a Kiddush Hashem if he was killed by a Yid?

    A: Because it does not matter who killed him. It was the Goyishkeit in ourselves that killed him so that makes it a Kiddush Hashem. A true Yid would never kill a child as this man did, only if he is totally deranged. And even so, a real Yiddishah Neshomah could never be guilty of such cruelty; therefore he died Al Kiddush Hashem. The Goyishkeit in us is what killed him.

    Q: What can we do not to forget this great tragedy like we have just forgotten the passing of so many Gedolim?

    A: I am not sure that it will not be forgotten, Chas VeSholom, because we are in a difficult situation. Each Yid has to force himself to remember the lesson that should have been learned this past week. However since we have very few leaders who are going to interpret what has happened and really try to pressure Am Yisroel through their words and their supplications, and through their davening to help Am Yisroel return to true yiddishkeit, I am very, very worried if it will actually be remembered. If it is forgotten, Chas VeSholom, our end will be much worse, than what happened to Leiby.

    Q: Why was Boro Park chosen by Hashem for this incident above all the other places in the world?

    A: Because Boro Park is the center of the Egel Hazahav of the Yidden. The Egel Hazahav which is the Goyisha type materialism that has infiltrated every Jewish community in the world including in Eretz Yisroel, but the center of it all is Boro Park.

    Q: If we would have done Teshuva in the past two weeks when Four Gedolim died would this have happened?

    Q: With what Gashmius are people destroying their children souls?

    A:The first and foremost is Tznius which touches everyone; men and women. It touches the next generations. Because of this laxity in Tznius in every form we have done Aveiros that will be detrimental in the worst way to the future generations. Kedusha among Yidden is at its lowest and this is the worst of the worst of the Aveiros that we are passing on to our children. Yeshivas, schools, and all Frum institutions are dangerous places very often, and the lack of Kedushah among men and women is taken with a grain of salt.

    There is also another very big problem in America and in the world. The Americans are particularly lax with their kosher foods. The Americans must have their restaurants, must have their delicacies even if it means eating foods with questionable hechsherim.

    There is a big question about the Kashrus of the Shechitahs and even though after the big scandal some years ago, still the Bedikah of the Shechitah is generally very lax. I also must say that the things that we eat, the style of our foods have definitely become Goyish. Between the Pizza and the Sushi you can vomit.

    There is a plague in America called speaking – Shmusing- during Davening, especially during Krias HaTorah, Hashem Yishmor. This is a prime example of how far afield many Yidden have gotten. Speaking during davening or Krias HaTorah is a sign that the Yid who does it has lost his kesher with HaKodosh Boruch Hu. This kind of Yid is on remote control and stops Davening whenever it suits him, and his heart is not into his Davening. Therefore he has distanced himself in a great way from the truth, from Hashem.

    Q: How should we spend the next few weeks?

    Mark my words you righteous sinners the next few months will bring terrible happenings from every direction. You will cry out in fear and confusion. Make sure that when the time comes to cry out for help that you cry out to Hashem and not to your false gods and prophets!


    Has anyone ever proven that this system of forcing letters out of autistic children is real? Maybe it is just the letter of the person holding the autistic child’s hand? It may be just wishful thinking. (Please note that I am not in any way saying that this letter is incorrect, just the general system of getting things out of autistic children seems to me suspicious)


    Without commenting on the actual content of the “letter,” I am calling fraud on this one. I *highly* doubt this letter was written by a child, autistic or not.

    The Wolf


    it may indeed be a fraud, but unless you are familiar with the type of communication with an autistic child called “facilitated communication” that would be a pretty uninformed statement.

    personally i am skeptical of the technique but am not certain.

    additionaly there have been cases of “autistic” children who actually may not have been autistic but something more like “idiot savants” (excuse the expression please) who would “come out” of their autism on occassion and spout extremely intelligent ideas. i dont recall where these cases were documented. i heard it on an npr program (in my old liberal days)


    First of all- from WIKIPEDIA:

    Facilitated communication (FC) is a process by which a facilitator supports the hand or arm of a communicatively impaired individual while using a keyboard or other devices with the aim of helping the individual to develop pointing skills and to communicate. The procedure is controversial, since most peer reviewed scientific studies conclude that the typed language output attributed to the clients is directed or systematically determined by the therapists who provide facilitated assistance.

    and now from me- there have been several cases of children from frum homes removed from their homes because a nonverbal child typed an accusation against a parent – and the same people who are so nispo’el over this letter here were busy yelling that the kids were inaccurate there – ?? ??? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ????????


    For once, let us not be so cynical…it doesn’t matter who said it. It is all true. For all the people out there searching for the meaning behind this terrible tragedy, this makes sense.


    i dont know about the sources in wikipedia.

    as i said im personally skeptical, but there are many great people who are not.


    It’s impossible to know for certain whether or not this method actually works. I can’t say I’m not skeptical. But nevertheless, this message is accurate. Let’s face it: it hits the nail on the head. We know it. Why not grab the opportunity to better ourselves?

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    basket of radishes

    I dont doubt that there is a lot of unobserved evil and unrelized wickedness in our Jewish lives in all of our communities. I disagree that this is the reason for this terrible tragedy, but if this is on our minds this is our job to look at ourselves and find what is pleasing to our Creator and eliminate that which is wicked and heretical. The idea that we are living in too much of a materially glamorized world is a possiblity. I have never been to this particular community but I will tell you that I have known great men who drive toyotas and wicked men who drive Range Rovers. That said, it is not the way of our people to always look at our own as if we are the enemy. We are not.

    But one thing I will say about this horrible tragedy… we must be observant of those in our communities and those who are Jews and try to get to know each and every Jew we come in contact with in our lives. It is not acceptable for a jew to live alone or to be without the support of others whether they be from the synagogue or the family or somewhere else. There is a true thing called mental health in all of our communities. If we are cohesive it may help improve our mental health. The idea that we shun the idea of seeing a mental health physician or that we must shun someone who does is wickedness and I can assure you that our Creator is very dissatisfied with our approach to those with mental health concerns in our communities. How many times have you heard the comment made that someone has a “meshuganah” outlook or that he is mentally unstabile? How many times have you heard snide remarkds about the yidden family that has a person who has a psychiatrist or has been in the hospital? This is a good concern and we should make our communities well aware that we do not tolerate or allow the sickness of mental incapacity or mental illness to go unchecked, undiagnosed and untreated. And yes, our communities need to start talking about this and making improvements in our perceptions and awareness of mental health problems. We are not immune no matter what our family is known for and what our standing is in our synagogues anc communities.


    We don’t have a single Rav or Gadol in America? We have to get our mussar and hadracha from an anonymous letter purportedly written by an Autistic child in Monsey?


    Prophecy was given to the “fools” (sorry to use that term) and the children. I have read Secrets of the Soul and Messages from Heaven(Galia). I can’t understand why everyone here is so skeptical of this form of communication. Most of the time when FC is done, these children all point to one thing and that is to do teshuva!! I just have to say maybe if we did try those things mentioned to improve on, just try, it, if the world situation doesn’t improve, then I will change my mind and not believe, but it does make sense. Definetly Leiby was a korban for us. His family was not punished for their sins. They are Kedoshim and Leiby was pure and innocent. Something like this screams out to us to improve our ways.


    it may indeed be a fraud, but unless you are familiar with the type of communication with an autistic child called “facilitated communication” that would be a pretty uninformed statement.

    personally i am skeptical of the technique but am not certain.

    I’m not calling it fraud because I’m not familiar with facilitated communication. I’m calling it fraud because I don’t believe a child wrote this… period. It’s just not the way a child speaks/writes.

    The Wolf

    YW Moderator-42

    I have no idea whether or not this was written by an autistic child but the message is certainly a good one. apushutayid’s sarcastic comment is unfortunately somewhat true. The generation has the face of a dog, people have no respect for gedolim and rabbanim nowadays, we therefore need autistic kids (or someone else writing in the name of one) to give us this type of mussar. We need to put aside all of our cynicism and negios and listen to a voice of reason and do tshuva

    YW Moderator-42

    Health wrote:

    MOD 42 – I’m all for mussar, but if it’s Stam a guy trying to push an agenda, it makes things into a Joke. When a Godol says something, he knows what area the Klal needs to work on.

    (if the letter is not true -which I personally don’t believe it is)!

    I hear. If that is the case then it is sheker.

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