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    This Sunday has the potential to be a traffic nightmare for parents travelling to and from the Catskills to visit their kids as well as bungalow-colony people returning to the city after the weekend.

    The reasons are threefold:

    -This is the last Shabbos before the nine days. Together with the usual crush returning Sunday evening, I imagine there will be extra people who wanted to come up before Rosh Chodesh Av.

    Please post any other visiting day tips, suggestions and ideas here.

    Gut Shabbos

    July 13, 2012 10:37 AM

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    Bump in the road


    Rav Avigdor Miller ZTKLLH’H held that all these camp visitation days were one big waste of time & 1 massive Bittul Torah.

    I had him say this numerous times.

    ohr chodesh

    He never said that.


    @147 – you *had* or *heard* him say this numerous times?

    Didn’t know you were such a big askan, one of those who whispers to the rabbonim what to say! (Not that Rav Miller would have accepted anyone telling him what to say, in any case!)


    I think that visiting day is very worth it, and the harder it is to come, the more worth it it is. It is a great opportunity to show your kid how interested you are in what he is doing, that you drive a whole day in traffic just to do so.

    Just shut up, get your kids a DVD player (uncle moishe of course), get yourself a book on tape, pack a cooler full of soda and a box full of potato chips, and drive.

    Personally, I would forget the whole motel thing, and bring a big tent instead, and then spend the night at a park upstate with a big barbeque and a fire and ghost stories.


    Campers are required to be back in camp by 9 pm (or so.)


    When I was in camp, my parents would leave very early on visiting day, arrive to camp early as well.

    We would spend a couple of hours together afterwards they would travel back home.

    Avoiding the traffic both ways.


    I don’t know if anyone did or did not say that but.. When you have kids in camp for 8 weeks, visiting day is one of the most exciting times for them. They introduce you to their friends, show off what they have been doing all summer, and it is a chance to show then you gave missed them and they are worth the drive. Come on!


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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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