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    How can one help and encourage a young child (under Bar Mitzvah) to lose weight?


    Get that kid physically active and moving every day. Take him/her for long walks, play golf (mini),learn karate or tae kwan do, ladies can join a dance class with their daughters. Set a good example by preparing and serving healthy meals, and sit down at the table together. Keep healthy snacks of all types in the house. Baked vegetable or fruti chips, with no sugar added, or cut up veggies or salads should always be available when they get the munchies. No and I mean NO soda or so-called energy drinks in the house, with a possible exception of SOLELY for Shabbos (and even then make smart lo-cal choices. Plain bottled water should be drunk frequently. Juice is not a great idea, it is loaded with calories and sugar. Eating the fruit itself is a better idea, plus you get the fiber. Then do not be a hypocrite even if you are slim. Let your child see that what is good for him/her is good for you.


    tell him he wont fit into his Bar Mitzvah hat…;)


    Change the eating patterns for the whole home. The possible humiliation is a far greater issue than the weight.


    buy him a personal gym equipment for himself. desidnate a particular room for it. make him proud and motivated to achieve rather than making him feel like a nebbach.

    take him out for qaulity father and son time. Make him feel special and worthy. take him bowling, rollerblading, iceskating, bike riding… there are numerous fun outlets that will actively make him fit. buy him a good branded pair of runners, t-shirt and shorts for his work out. he won’t want to disapoint you after all that effort. in the end he will feel better abuout it himself and will be eager to do it on his own without you encouraging it. at this particular stage they are going through a large growth spirt and it is likely if the food habbits are not funneled in the right way it can cause a major impact on the weight. encourage healthy eating for the entire family, not just him. remember you all need it!


    not to speak about the actual weight, but try to keep lots of fresh veggies, cut up different salads on the table for nosh. show the kids you enjoy veggies and save the ice cream and chocolate for shabbos.


    One thing that I feel is missing is more sport leagues in Frum communities. It would be nice if there was a soccer, baseball or basketball team your son could join.

    Completive sports is a great way to get into shape, teach children how to work within a group for the good of the team. It teaches self discipline and working towards a goal…

    I know there are several Jewish Leagues in the NJ area that is very popular. Maybe it is worth looking into?

    It would be amazing if they could combine it with learning.

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