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    Ribono Shel Olam, please bring Moshiach now, replace our darkness with Your

    light, soften our hearts, strengthen our faith, turn our pain into joy. Let the tears we have cried over this long and dark Galus- the tears of Avraham, Yitzchok, Yaakov, Dovid, Moshe, Sara, Rivka, Rochel, and Leah- the tears of Rochel Imainu who hasn’t stopped crying for us. The tears our grandparents shed in the shoah, the tears we cry today being held down by these chains that are so heavy on our ankles every time we try to walk. The tears we cry when we recite the holy words from the personal prayers of Dovid HaMelech that help us get through our nisyonos, the tears we shed during our own personal prayer when we turn to You, because we know YOU ALONE can turn a situation around in a second.

    The tears we shed when we are standing under the chuppah with the one that was destined for us 40 days before we were born because we know you split the ocean for us to become one, the tears we shed to YOU when we are not the one that is under the chuppah, because we have been searching for so long, but know You want us to wait a little longer and trust You with our whole hearts. The tears we cry when we are holding our beautiful baby in our arms for the first time, because we know YOU are the One who made this miracle ours. The tears we cry when we have been waiting to hold that first little baby in our arms, but know that if its You will, we will see that one day. Just like Chana, who rose her tears directly to You, we will do the same. The tears we shed when we see yeshua in our lives, when we see Your hand move the boulder of weight that was on our shoulders. The tears we shed when we do a mitzvah and are able to finally FEEL that connection to You, the tears we shed when we sing to You from the deepest places in our hearts, the tears we shed when we can feel Your arms around us,protecting us, comforting us, loving us like only You can.

    The tears we shed when we cover our eyes and scream SHEMA YISRAEL, knowing that You are there in our darkness-and we are never alone. Let these tears be the mikveh that we purify ourselves and the world with….. And bring us to the tears we WILL shed… When we hear that shofar finally…. Calling us all back home. Our hearts are open. Please Tatty.. Let all of our tears purify us, and bring that day that we have all been waiting for to us soon.

    We’re waiting


    AMEN, ken yehi ratzon.


    Beautiful piece… as usual.


    (..and tears we shed when reading your masterpieces)


    thank you for the chizuk!! i am printing this out…


    Nice, but what’s with all the tear-shedding? A true Oved Hashem is always singing to Hashem and thanking Him. This very second, your brain is processing millions of bits of information only because Hashem loves you. Odeh Hashem bechal levav!


    longarekel, you definitely have a point. Alot easier said than done. Your allowed to cry out to Hashem with a broken heart, but not live broken hearted. There is a big difference. I wasn’t only writing about tears of sadness, I wrote about tears of happiness as well. There is so much to be thankful for, and everything you have is exactly what Hashem KNOWS you need at that very moment. At the same time, you still need to daven for things and do hishtadlus. I am sorry if what I wrote gave the impression of crying all the time, it wasn’t my intentions.


    Emunas Itecha, you’re 100% right. Thank you for clarifying. Have me in mind in your tefillos. There is a human soul behind every username.


    Nice! Halevai Bekarov!


    Very moving piece.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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