what are the halachos for using a blech on shabbos?

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    i think i know but, just making sure……


    I am assuming you are referring to chazarah(returning food on shabbas) and not initial halachos Shehiyoh(leaving food on blech).Food that was put on the blech before shabbas and now you want to take some and return it to the blech you need 4 things to allow you to do it.1)food has to be fully cooked 2)you have to have in mind that you will return it to the blech when you take it off 3)the pot has to be held the entire time time when taken off until put back 4)has to be returned to a covered flame(blech).With regards to cooked food(non liquid) to warm up on shabbas some place near the blech or make a hefsek kedaria (pot barrier) to place kugel on top of a pot cover already on the blech and some even say one can place a clean pot or plate upside down(doesn’t look like cooking).A Rov MUST be consulted this is not psak halacha this is just to give a really basic overview of the topic since there are many cases and variables which must be known in order to know what to do.

    old man

    Please check with your Rav. It is not necessarily simple, and there are different opinions. The only thing you can be sure of is that if you put something on the blech well before shabbos and don’t touch it till you are ready to eat it, you are ok. Whether you can move the food around on the blech,uncover-recover food, put other food on the blech during shabbos,remove food and return it to the blech, all these are not simple questions and you are best off asking your Rav.


    Ask a Rabbi


    Way too long to post all details and there are some disagreements amongst the poskim.

    Learn the halachos from a sefer. Shabbos Kitchen from R’ S. B. Cohen is one.

    A Heimishe Mom

    I don’t!! Blech’s scare me. I really don’t like them at all. The only time I use one is when Shabbos is Yom Tov and I want my stove top to cook on Yom Tov.

    Ask your Local Orthodox Rabbi.

    But as far as I remember/do – Ain Bishul achar Afiyah. (there is no cooking after baking) So putting dry foods such as challah on the blech to warm is fine – but I usually put it next to or half off the blech away from the actual flame. The upside down plate/pan thing I never did, but is fine. There is also the issue of Yad soledes bo, the food can’t be able to get hot enough to hurt your hand.


    If you follow what sam4321 posted, you’re ok. Learn the halachos; it’s not so hard. Study “Shmiras Shabbos K’hilchaso” (English) for more details, and leniencies where applicable.

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