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    i have a relative that will never leave a message on an answering machine, i dont like to pick up calls if i dont know who is calling what are some of yours?


    my favorite phone hang ups

    at home i press the off button

    on my cellphone i just close it


    I cant stand when someone calls and then mid conversation asks you to hold because someone is “clicking in”. I hang up on them.


    i ony use cell phones that are flip phones. this way i know that when i have flipped it closed the conversation is ended


    one of my biggest phone pet peeves, is someone in the car on speaker phone, and having a different conversation with each passenger in the car.

    Re apushatayid hanging up, my friends and i have an understanding. if the click lasts longer than one minute, we hang up, and the other person calls back when the click conversation is finished. problem solved and no hurt feelings. if the primary conversation is important, we either ignore the click (unless a parent is calling-always top priotity) or we answer and say “i’m sorry, have to call you back later”. that way there are no (major) problems.


    apushatayid: I cant stand when someone calls and then mid conversation asks you to hold because someone is “clicking in”.

    Yes. I agree. Basically, what they are in fact saying is “wait a minute, there is someone else more important than you that I prefer to speak to”.

    These guys dont deserve yours or my precious time.


    my “policy” is that i don’t take clicks. at all. (on my cellphne)but it sometimes causes issues when s/o realy needs 2 reach me and it’s important….



    when someone clicks in to the person your speaking to, and he lifts up does not mean he is more important than you. maybe its carpool, the doctor.. etc and its important. or maybe its their spouse and thwwn yes, he/she is more important. no offense


    “but it sometimes causes issues when s/o realy needs 2 reach me and it’s important….”

    The way I see it. If it really IS important, they will either leave a message, or try again very soon.


    When someone chewing in your ears


    oh i thought of another one loud talkers people who force u to hold the phone 6 inches from your ear


    People who call YOU and then say after after 2.5 minutes in to the conversation, “Do you mind if I call you back I am sssoooo busy right now!”

    Um, you called me?


    if someone really needs to reach u tell them to send a text message and u can read it while u r talking on the phone

    always here

    my phone hangup: I don’t like to talk on the phone!


    mod 80 he didnt ask for the corny answer


    My cell phone is a slider and when s/o beeps in it automatically transfers me to that call even if I don’t press a/th!!

    It is so annoying and the people don’t understand why I’m frustrated when they call!! If only they knew that they made me hang up on someone more important than them!!!!


    I cant believe how people literally get offended if someone picks up the beep while speaking to them.

    You people are such big shots!!

    Yes, sometimes, there are phone calls that are more important than you.

    Or if you know that the click will just take one minute, there’s nothing wrong in picking up.

    Or as someone mentioned above- it might be her spouse/parent/dr. Etc…


    mewho, My husband and I have phones which do not have text nor internet just talk.


    Bumpa Bumpa

Viewing 19 posts - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)
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