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    im debating if i should move to flatbush close to the SY community (wife is moroccan and she wants to move there) whats there hashkofa, and how do they interact?


    nsfrum ,what is YOUR background? You married sephardic, but you may not enjoy sephardic culture as it is different from ashkenazic. It depends on your comfort level.



    thats not what the question is.

    what the OP really wants to ask is if people will treat him better,the same, or worse for it.

    He probably has X amount of status and whats to understand how this move will alter it.


    they have verrrry nice homes!!


    Hi nsfrum.

    It is good you are doing the footwork to get information.

    I just want to suggest you then take the info and discuss it with your husband. Please do not make this a YOUR background versus HIS background situation, as has been suggested.



    Syrians are not really Sephardim, they are Eduth HaMizarath


    i consider myself modern. i heard that SYs are ignorant, if your not like them then to them you dont exsist. will they get along with my little kids and all, will we be treated as the minority or will they be open minded and all

    A Heimishe Mom

    The Syrian community (SY is derogatory) blends in well with the Ashkenazic community within which it is situated. The Mirrer Yeshiva, on Ocean Pkwy and Ave R is in the heart of the origianl Syrian community – the Sephardic Center is right across the street, and Ahi Ezer is within a few blocks as well. It is not a gated derfel with no interaction with others. It stretches from Avenue U all the way to Avenue I, from Coney Island to McDonald (and beyond in the S-U area for sure). Become more knowledgable about the geography of Flatbush in general. You will find a spot for both of you.

    Mikdash Melech also serves (or at least used to serve) a sizable Moroccan population. Its on Ocean Pkwy and M? very close to Yeshiva of Brooklyn. (See, it is very mixed in with the Ashekanazim)


    First of all, I think this thread should be taken down BEFORE it becomes source of lashon hara.

    That being said, I will just say that the SY(rian) community IS a SYRIAN Jewish Flatbush community, it is NOT a stam sefardic community. If your wife is Moroccan, she will fit in with the general Sefardic community, but probably NOT with the SY community.

    Ok, mods, now you can end this thread.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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