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    What should I do? I’m soooo stressed out! Homework, tests, everyday things, plays, I can’t even list it! I can’t diet with all the stress and I literally can’t handle it. I can’t even start because I know I’ll never finish!!!!!!!! This is sorta just a vent…:) Feeling Better.

    Ben Torah

    Go to the Coffee Room.



    Is that all it takes to feel better when you are stressed? Wow I wish it were that easy for me!

    Anyways I answered you on the thread about 4 amos and shemona esrei. I think you will find my reply quite helpful.


    I think stress is one of those mind over matter situations, if it dont matter you dont mind 😉


    You call a friend and vent together until you’re both laughing and laughing from frustration.


    just take ten minutes (or twenty, whatever will fit in ur schedule, but not make you fall back too much) turn on some slow relaxing music from a fave cd, close ur eyes, and don’t think of anything. works for me.


    count your blessings my child. theses years will not return… every day is a gift. work is a healthy thing. hatzlocha raba


    When I have so much piled on my head like that I decide which two things I am going to deal with first. Then I tell myself that I can’t worry about any of the other stuff til I finish with the first two. It gets me started and I deal with it all a bite at a time. And when I start to freak that I have so much more waiting in the wings, I remind myself that I am only focusing on the first bite first. If I tell myself to relax but don’t break the load down it never works.


    scream! works for me.


    talk to hashem…really it helps!!!


    EXERSIZE! it’s a GREAT stress re-leaser. even when you don’t have time for it, just 20 minutes of a brisk walk, aerobics, treadmill, etc. you’ll feel SO much better afterward s, and you’ll be able to do everything peacefully.


    correction – exercise. sorry i ALWAYS misspell it

    i love coffe

    Wow. you sound just like me. School has gotten so stressful lately.

    Therefore i try not to participate in things like school plays even though i would love to but i have more important things to take care of first than a “stupid play”. (sorry, but our schools plays are not such a big deal). I try to focus on things that are more important and that will have a lasting effect later on in the future.

    Sorry i didnt really answer your question but i feel like we are on the same page here about stress and school work.

    Wonder how it changes later on in the future if for the better or the worse.

    All the best!


    I love coffee – working is actually usually less stressful than school. At least there (usually) isn’t any homework! Unless you’re a teacher, of course.

    Mischiefmaker – try some “light” classical music. There’s a CD – Debussy for Daydreamers – that has perfect music for unwinding. I actually recommended it for a friend of mine who had trouble getting to sleep, and it worked for her! Or almost anything by Debussy, for that matter. Take five or ten minutes, turn the music on, close your eyes, and just drift on it. But be sure to turn your cell off first….


    CR of course


    Go out with friends and take your mind off it for a little. Youll feel refreshed and able to tackle it later

    And enjoy those years when your biggest stress is homework and school plays!


    My initial response was, read the often nutty things written in coffee room. Then I realized that would be no help, considering that some of the nutty things were written in all seriousness one would need help from depression.

    pascha bchochma

    The truth? Complain to my sister how stressed I am.

    What I should do? Listen to calming music. Leave the computer.


    I’m with Sof.. go for a 20 minute walk (or just sit on a park bentch for the same 20 minutes.)

    Chill time is very important.


    Drink a nice cup kosher Valarian Root (sweeten the tea with some raw kosher unfiltered honey) Tea.


    Two options:

    1. Stop doing homework. Quit the plays. Forget about dieting. Your life is now simple.

    2. Marijuana. Your life is now simple.


    i’d be a little wary of unfiltered honey – bee fur or legs don’t sound all that appealing to me…


    Buy a stress ball. Or do exercise- let out all your tension.


    thanx guys. I was REALLY stressed out that all I had time to do besides hmwk was get on here and make this thread. I didn’t even have time to read the answers let alone exercise and everything else. Besides, I went to bed REALLY late and so I’m understandably tired :O. Its all great for a stressful night when you actually have time for all this lol. But yeah, exercise sounds my style like all the rest.


    @emoticon613 thanks you are right about unfiltered honey. Substitute the unfiltered honey with a nutritious and grounding Honey like filtered Buckwheat or Kasha Honey which is very grounding. Also Chamomile (Roman or German) and Lavender Essential Oil drops on a Tissue inhaled are very calming. The last idea mischiefmaker is to cut down on sugar, cafeinated drinks including Coke and Coffee, and substitute with Herbal Teas. Good luck.

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