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    Am i the only one wondering who took the sefrei torahs from boro park, ans how they got it back?

    does anyone know?


    It’s obvious that the parties involved and the DA know the story and they’re not going to persue or talk. Probably an internal conflict that was settled and the goods were returned via the DA peacemaker. I doubt anyone received the $10,000 reward.



    why isnt this loshon hora?


    littleeema – you mean that the Torahs were not stolen and they were returned intact unharmed? That’s loshan hara? Halavai we find this kind of lashan hara in every terrible incident.

    d a

    This is not really an answer, but the Kol HaOlam Hotline has an interview with noted Stam expert Rabbi Taub from Bais HaStam and Rabbi Greenfeild from Vaad Limishmeres Stam about identifying stolen Sifrei Torah. The interview can be heard by calling 718-305-5000 then dial 4, 1, then 29#.

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    what’s loshon hara about it?

    were you involved and nervous it’ll be revealed?


    Lashon Hora about whom?


    From the surrounding facts, it seems very unlikely that this was a robbery for $ and the thief had a change of heart. Family squabble seems to be the most plauseable story. While it may or may not be loshon horah, anyone that would touch a sefer torah in order to prove a point has to have their head (and soul) examined.

    I’m certain that the person reaching into the Aron Kodesh truly believed what he was doing was purely lishmah, but most combatants feel that way. And if it were a money motivated robbery, that’s even more disheartening. I doubt the person who carried them out was a nochri, so the mindset of such a person makes you wonder what they could have been thinking.

    Either way, a sad story, despite its happy ending.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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