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    I need ideas. Two days home sick can really drive you out of your mind. I’ve been reduced to keeping the CR open and refreshing the page every five minutes in the hope that something new has popped up.

    I get the feeling this thread might help popa stop waking up sleeping dogs (and not let them lie. Get it? … GET IT??? See, I need help!), but maybe I’m too hopeful.

    I THINK I might be able to go back to school tomorrow, but I never EVER want another day like this again.


    I’m not sure you are ready to go back to school i think you should take one more day off, boredom is not a reason to go to school when you are still sick and can spread it around.

    As for ideas what to do while you are home sick that’s a tough one i guess i could say reading but I’m sure that’s something that’s already occurred to you.


    Maybe get (or create) a golem. He cannot speak back at you. (trust me)



    Do you have books in your house? Can a family member pick up some reading material (newspaper, magazine, book)?


    You can also “buy” books that are in the public domain for free from Amazon.

    Do puzzles.

    Word find, sudoku, kakuro, logic puzzles, mazes, etc.


    All types of videos are available, including several interesting ones from National Geographic and the History Chanel.

    Refua shelaima.



    What a golem I was!!

    I forgot to wish you a refuah shlaimah, b’karov!!

    Feel good. Smile too, it can’t hurt (unless some medical complication r’l interacts negatively to your smiling)


    My bad too have a complete and speedy refuah shleimah!





    Oh, I do hope you get better before I put out my books The Golem Speaks Vol. I, II, III, Echoes of the Golem, In the Footsteps of the Golem, Around the Golem’s Table…


    The Golem Speaks..-

    JMO, but I think if someone cares enough to take the time and post responses to the original question, the “refua shelaima” wish is implicit.

    Oh, and lol on the book list ?


    ICOT, how do I respond to that? “Sorry I wished..??”

    But at least I added the suggestion to smile (pending medical clearance, of course)


    The Golem Speaks..-

    Congratulations – for one of the very few times since signing up, I’m not sure how to answer someone 😛


    nuthin to do but sleep probobly… It’s kinda hard to read wen ur sick, know what I mean? Refuah shelaima btw!


    ICOT, Sorry, I’m not a ‘someone’, just an unfinished golem. So of course you’re not sure. Maybe if you study the seven ways how to become one… (oops, there goes my secret..)


    The Golem Speaks..-

    No studying necessary – for us talented folk, they come naturally.

    (I actually caught myself doing the “off topic” one over Pesach.)


    Pretend you’re another person and post from that perspective in a way that will provoke as many people as possible to respond. (i.e. trolling)

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I had the flu last month and listened to every Rabbi Wallerstein, Shechter and Rubinstein shiur on Torah Anytime. Whatever sunk in, sunk in. I replayed anything that didn’t.


    Syag- Wow every one? And it only took u a month? Kool. 😉


    Wow… did not expect so many responses!

    Thanks for the good wishes! (And don’t worry, people, if you didn’t say refuah sheleima I did NOT hold it against you at all- like someone said, just the fact you responded showed you cared :). ) I’m actually really touched :).

    I actually went to school today, luckily, as I was mostly better and I was worried all my friends would forget who I was. But all your tips will definitely go under advisement.

    Golem: LOL! I happen to be really interested in that kind of thing (though I wouldn’t go so far as to read ALL your books 🙂 ), but I have a feeling that a golem is not best made by someone with a 102 fever and stomach virus who’s not really able to concentrate…

    Luckily, nobody said I couldn’t smile. It’s hard to do when your head feels like it’s gonna fall off, but your post made me do it :).

    The Goq (TM): I went back to school, like I said, because I was afraid that they would reassign my desk if I was gone too long. I spent the entire day Tuesday reading all my library books for the third (or fourth) time. After a while the words started to get jumbled in my head and I went crazy. Then I started watching TV (NO JUDGEMENTS PLEASE- I’m trying to cut back but I was getting desperate).

    ICOT: I don’t live in NYC, so I don’t have an NYPL card, though I wish I did :(. I did have one new book, but I was mostly stuck reading repeats of old stuff. I was too brain-dead to do puzzles, and while I did go on YouTube, it was unfortunately not to watch such educational things as you recommend…

    iluvebingjewish: Spot on, but after a while I just tend to wake up. That can be kind of annoying.

    Torah: You don’t think that thought was seriously crossing my mind?…

    Syag: Impressive :). Not my type of thing, though maybe it should be. I’ll try it next time, maybe.

    Now, to add to the list, in case this is ever referred to in the future:

    Homework (which is why my term paper sounds like the ravings of a deranged lunatic)

    Bug your mom (apparently, I’m a world expert and authority)

    Iron Chef- secret ingredients are white rice, crackers, and NOTHING ELSE

    You guys rock!


    Writersoul: Nu? Show some trolling spirit! Post something worthy of PBA!


    well, now that you say you watch TV :P…you should watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. You can save it for your next illness. 🙂 (Also, you can stream all three seasons for free if you have Amazon Prime.)



    As a New York State resident, you qualify for a free library card from both the NYPL and Brookly Public Library systems.

    Use Google for specific information and requirements for getting one.

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