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    I need some ideas what are you having/ making/ or do you want for supper tonight? My husbands getting bored with my suppers ( so am I!)…


    Y.W. Editor

    How about bringing lunch to the YWN News Desk? 🙂



    sure editor…. where ya located???? 😉 j/k

    as for suppers… try pepper steak every once in a while (if there is any meat around) with shoulder or pepper steak cut into strips sauted with peppers onions tomatoes soy sauce etc and over egg noodles… use the juice from the pan as gravy! It goes so quickly!

    How about simple broiled chicken and rice.

    or breaded chicken.

    Chicken cutlets with bread crumbs or duck sauce.

    Hamburgers, hot dogs, spaghetti and meatballs, deli salad, sub sandwiches (lots of fun to make and fun to eat!) um maccaroni, zit, lasagna, vegie kugels, um… I’m sure many more ppl have what to add…. I’d like to see some ideas too!



    Thursday night I generally do not make chicken and kugel (too close to shabbos). Tonight I am making baked ziti with salmon latkas and salad.


    If you want a light supper, I would recommend a soup. I (Corn soup with asparagus is one of my favorites; French onion soup is great too, or mushroom barley.) Serve it with salad and thick bread.


    Lentil soup with garlic bread.


    My husbands getting bored with my suppers ( so am I!)…

    My goodness! How many husbands do you have? 🙂

    The Wolf (who usually remembers apostrophes)


    I wouldn’t make chicken or potato kugel on THursday, because my husband doesn’t want to eat a “Shabbosdig meal” soc lsoe to Shabbos. But I would make rolled chicken cutlets (filled either with cooked flavored rice, or bread crumbs), rolled in egg and bread crumbs, and baked with marinara sauce poured over it. I actually prefer to make non-cooked type meals (i.e. deli sandwiches), or hot dogs, only because I have already been cooking for much of the afternoon, for Shabbos, and don’t want to have to potchkeh even more for dinner.


    Sunday is the easiest supper to prepare. It’s called “leftover Shabbos”.


    LOL!!! We are all such incredible cooks that there ARE NO LEFTOVERS!!!!!

    Seriously though, my very spoiled children (just kidding) are not big on eating leftover anything, so I try to cook a little smaller in terms of portions, so that there is really not much leftover for a Sunday meal (except maybe for my husband and me, because I can’t stand to waste food).


    I’ve recently started making an interesting dish of eggs, peppers, cheese and corn. It doesn’t sound like it would go together but it’s very good, especially if you use fresh corn. If you’re into spicy (like my husband), top with salsa

    anon for this

    Another option for Shabbos leftovers is modifying them to make a new meal. For example, leftover chicken from Shabbos becomes chicken fried rice on Sunday. Also, you can make chicken broth from a chicken carcass.


    I made a great dish that went over very well. you can make a chicken pastry roll. (I love it, by try not to make it often since it’s not at all healthy.) Take onion, some garlic, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, cabbage- basically whatever you want. Chop it up and start sauteeing. When almost done, add chicken, basil, salt, pepper, etc. Roll up in puff pastry dough, egg, sesame seeds, bake until browned. Serve with mushroom sauce.


    thursday nite is pizza its easy you just pick it up from the store and u could mak eshabbos instead of worring about what to make for supper thursday nite.


    Don’t kill me for this one but I actually have Cholent Thursday night! (I’m addicted to the stuff!) Would highly recommend but wait at least two hours before going to bed!!!


    Where I am from choulent is a MUST for the men and boys on Thursday night, but my friend gives her children choulent for breakfast shabbos morning. Choulent is Jewish soul food.


    How about Tacos with guacamole and a salad. Since meat is getting scarce,(just went shopping) try ground chicken or turkey, just saute a chopped onion, add the ground meat, and the taco seasoning. Another idea is make your own falafel sandwich night. I place lettuce, pickles, tomatoes,cucumbers, tehina, saurkraut, and falafal balls and pita bread on their own plates and self serve. I agree as to not making a meat meal on Thursday, so close to Shabbos. And noitallmr, Chulent on thursday night, is not the same as Chulent for Shabbos lunch.


    Here’s my absolute fave- it’s simple but so good:

    Take any type of cooked pasta and cook with Marinara sauce and mozorella cheese (I throw in fresh mushrooms too.) Add desired seasoning (if your anything like me you would add ALOT of spices) onion, garlic, parsley… You cant beat this quick and easy supper!


    oh and I would make a side dish of blintzes or knishes to go with it.


    This is an easy, fairly healthy, and filling supper. I often serve it before a fast.

    refried beans- mash drained, canned black beans (or cook fresh then mash), I use an immersion blender. Saute an onion, add beans, salt & pepper and cook till heated thru (add liquid from the cans if it gets to thick & starts to stick). serve on wraps or pita (really any bread can work, but these to seem best) with any/ all of the following: grated cheese, chopped tomatoes, avacado (chopped or mashed with a little salt and lemon, or lime juice), salsa, sour cream, chopped scallions, sliced olives. some people also like hot pepper strips with it. Tonight I also added chopped mango.

    serve each topping separately, let everyone build their own, wrap it up & eat it. Make sure you have lots of napkins.

    My Husband sometimes just puts the beans & toppings on his plate then uses pieces of the pita to ‘dip & scoop’



    Thursday night is deli nite. Pick up deli during the day, and have sandwiches and knishes for supper. It’s fast, filling, and doesn’t take up a great deal of time.


    How about a Caesar Salad?

    Goes for both Milchdik & Flaishik.


    lakewood house wife, sounds good, you can also use the black beans as a substitute for the ground meat and use all the other filling as you suggested and keep it parve, by using tofutti sour cream.


    A minyan in Florida has a site where the gabai’s wife lists her menu for the week. http://davenwithdov.org/5.html she often includes recipes. Note: he doesn’t eat fleischig, so all the items are parve or milchig. I especially reccomend her salmon en croute, preferring the onion and pepper version (my youngest son prefers her spinach version).

    I also like her variety of soups.


    Try this –

    My Tanta’s Fritatta!

    cube 9 slices of white or Italian bread removing crust

    place in 9×13 sprayed pan

    in a bowl wisk 1 doz eggs, 1/2 tsp dry mustard,

    little salt, peppper, minced dry onions,

    3 cups of milk and 8 oz of shreeded cheese of choice

    pour over cubed bread – refrigerate overnight

    bring to room temp before baking covered @ 350 for an hour and 15 mins



    Tonight is fish

    I use the frozen tilapia seasoned

    sprinkeled with bread crumbs – spoon marinara sauce over top add cheese and bake.

    Serve with soup and salad!


    Here’s our easiest supper. It’s also a real hit.


    Cooked pasta (spaghetti)

    skinless, boneless chicken breasts, cut into bite-sized pieces

    1 onion, diced

    1 can mushrooms

    1 of each color pepper, diced or julienned

    1/4 cup soy sauce

    1/2 cup oil


    garlic powder


    Mix all ingredients in 9″x13″ and bake covered @ 350 for 1 hour.


    Pearl…great idea! You put the chicken in raw?


    shindy: i tried that recipe it doesnt tatse as good as it sounds


    Shindy –


    I use whole wheat pasta, and then you have a full, healthy meal, in one dish!


    give the bochurim a break when we come home for supper break we want a good tasting meal, not one that has whole wheat, organic, all natural.ETC


    Psst, shtark bachur’s mother: one day, splurge on Barilla plus and use it instead of your son’s regular white flour pasta. Let us know if he can tell the difference.

    And do urge your son to exercise during the day!


    Whole wheat, organic and all-natural foods are nearly always better tasting than their preservative-laden, waxy counterparts. Do you really want to eat a piece of fruit that has been sprayed with chemicals and then sat in a truck for thousands of miles before it got to your table?

    And how about we give the bochurim’s wives a break? The men should realize that they do not live in a full-service restaurant and appreciate all the work their wives do to keep the house clean and have a hot meal waiting for them when they come home.

    Shtark, have you ever eaten whole wheat and organic food? On how many occasions?


    yes as a matter a fact my mother, has tried shtupin in some all natural ingr. it doesnt taste the same and it doesnt cost the same


    “bochurim’s wives a break”

    A true feminist till the end!


    I simply fried a shnitzel and made mushroom sauce for top it was delicious! Especially for those of us that live in Israel, just buy the osem mushroom sauce mix, and pesto in 5 minutes u have great mushroom sauce. Any simple dish you hae ex: chicken, chicken cutlet goes great with mushroom sauce! If you serve a little garlic bread with that make sure to serve LOADS of sauce! dipping is YUM AND FUN!


    “it doesnt taste the same and it doesnt cost the same”

    Produce that has traveled hundreds or even thousands of miles will have to be sprayed with some kind of preservative. If you grew up eating this stuff, the taste of an all-natural, organic fruit that was not exposed to pesticides and got to your table only a couple of days after being picked will be strange at first. Since coming to Israel, I’ve noticed that I eat a lot more salad. At first, I was unnerved by the taste of the produce, because it was just so different- but in a good way! Because everything here is grown locally and in season, not frozen (how else can you get strawberries in midwinter??) it is so much fresher and juicier, and I don’t know how I’ll ever go back to the bland stuff in the US!

    Organic farmers need to pay extra to the government in order to receive certification, so this naturally raises the price of the produce slightly. Also, the market for organically grown food is still small, although it’s growing at an exponential rate. As the demand increases, more farmers will switch over to organic, and then the prices will likely go down as organic produce becomes widely accepted, not feared and scorned.


    Oh, and one more thing.

    “A true feminist till the end!”

    Yep, and proud of it, noitallmr. 🙂


    Its really worthwhile making a soup. I find that when I serve soup the oilem gets much fuller from my main course and it therefore doesnt have to be so main. A great idea for kids that arn’t so keen about eating veggies is to make a hearty veg. soup and then blend it, so u cant even tell exactly what u r eating and of course veg soup is full of fresh veggies loaded with essential minerals 4 kids! I do the same with squash soup…just blend it and u have a delicious wholesome start to ur supper!


    WOAH!!! thanks mod, for showing me this! i actually agree with JF02 on SOMETHING!


    Wow, I’m so glad I also clicked away from the news and saw this thread. Thursday is pizza night in our house (which sometimes actually means things like tuna melts, but as long as it comes from the pizza shop and not my kitchen, I don’t care). Usually Sunday night we indulge in meat, Mon. is Shabbos leftovers, Tues. is pot luck, Wed. is pasta.

    My daughter makes a wonderful squash soup. Two peeled butternut squashes, 2 soup carrots, 2 sweet potatotes, season to taste (we like a little brown sugar), and cook till tender with water to cover. After it’s all cooked, use the immersion blender. It’s very filling and yummy!


    CHICKEN SOUP – I have a ba-a-a-a-a-d cold….(sniffle…cough)


    Try a vegetarian dinner. Seems like for most people around here its either meat or chicken for dinner. Sounds a little on the boring side.


    zevi – i’m with you. i’m allergic to dairy and i HATE fish and meat and chicken. i know, it’s not so healthy but happens to be, i am a health nut. whole grains, brown rice… the works! (anyone could’ve guessed from my posts??? i wonder!)


    A large salad (made in a fruit bowl)

    a package of romaine lettuce

    1/3 can of olives

    1 can of cut green beans

    2 sour pickles

    sometimes I had baby carrots


    black pepper


    Tuna without mayo (optional)

    oh and a cup of coffee (no sugar and 2% milk) to be alert for the late night posts



    Its very healthy not to eat animal products. They cause so many health problems, as i am sure you know. The human body thrives on a vegetarian diet. I, myself, am a vegetarian. Sadly, vegetables are a side dish, an afterthought, for most people


    not really true. hashem made animals kosher for us to eat them. (and bring korbanos but that’s a seperate issue)


    oomis1105: refuah shilayma-feel better!!!!

    mod:you so #99-trying to set up!!!! nu am i right!!!!

    i has bbq chicken wings & baked beans for dinner!!!!


    oomis1105: refuah shilayma-feel better!!!!

    THANKS SO MUCH!!!!! I feel like a tired wrung out towel right now, but I have high hopes for a better day tomorrow. HALEVAI!


    Anyone have any ideas for a Fleishig supper that needs no more than an hour and a half of preparation and cooking time?

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