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    Ursula- I love matjas herring and spinach tho I never tried them together. what is marmite?


    Marmite is a savory (i.e., salty) yeast spread that looks like tar and tastes like … what you’d expect yeast to taste like. It’s popular in UK and Australia (there it’s called Vegemite). It keeps the spinach in place!


    Sounds good. I’ll have to try it. 🙂


    OK, we can stop this thread right here and now.

    Here is THE definitive answer to the question…

    THE best meal is roast chicken stuffed with my mother’s (A”H) recipe for stuffing.

    Ahhhhhh…. GADLUS!!!


    Sushi! Am I old-fashioned?


    whats your favorite part of sushi

    the plain old non-nutritious, flavorless white rice?

    or perhaps the slimy black seaweed?


    How about the grilled salmon in fried rice. well, that’s why everyone has their favorite!


    my favorite is Brandade de Morue, served with a young Petit Verdot chilled to 14 degrees C.

    avi e

    citrus fruit, especially oranges and clementines


    yeah, right

    and my favorite is celery



    cookies: “Sushi! Am I old-fashioned?”

    I went to a fancy wedding once, with many food stations. Two older ladies were examining the sushi platters. One asked me what it was. I told her it was raw fish with vegetables, kind of like herring, wrapped in seaweed. She said, “Darling, you can have mine!”

    (I did, with extra wasabi, and it was goooood. :))


    from the NY Times:

    “Most recently, such concern has been expressed over the dangers of eating raw saltwater fish in the forms of Japanese sushi and sashimi, Scandinavian gravlax, South American ceviche and raw or green herring, which is popular in the Netherlands.

    When raw, most saltwater fish that are eaten can be carriers of anisakis simplex, a parasitic roundworm that may invade the gastrointestinal tract of humans, causing mild to serious complications.”


    Re sushi at simchas…

    Personally, I don’t eat sushi, but I gotta say that I always feel a little bit bad for the (usually) hispanic servers at the sushi table at the smorg, – that the caterer has dressed up as if they were Japanese!

    Do ya think they feel a bit dumb?!?


    Moderator 80: Do you use real heavy cream in your Brandade? Obviously not chassidish!


    I don’t eat sushi that often. Although I do like it. But you’ve got a point on that one I won’t argue with

    Shticky Guy

    when raw, most saltwater fish that are eaten can be carriers of… causing mild to serious complications

    Moderator 80… Obviously not chassidish

    If Mod 80 can dare question one of the basic tenets and focal points of yiddishkeit, herring for shalesheedis, then he’s obviously not chassidish! I mean, cholent can also cause mild to serious complications but we still eat that, dont we! Lol 🙂


    I love sushi but only vegetable rolls. Raw fish grosses me out.


    i agree with you dunno, raw fish is nasty. but isnt it against the torah anyway to eat something raw? so then that means that the fish in the kosher sushi is cooked. so then how can something cooked get those worm thingies that mod 80 was talking about? okay now im just confusing myself lol

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    but isnt it against the torah anyway to eat something raw?

    Oh well, no more fruit for me.

    YW Moderator-42

    Fleishig french fries


    Really, you have all made Hashem so proud!


    So many foods, so little time.

    Among my favorites:

    tuna salad on hand matzah

    tuna salad on rice cakes

    tuna salad on whole wheat pita

    tuna salad plain

    any kind of meat wrapped in dough

    any kind of meat made into egg rolls

    Burger Buddy from Ken’s Diner!


    haifagirl-and what’s for lunch?


    Leftover cholent!

    always here

    how could I have forgotten latkes?!?!?!?! yum

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