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    When do you starting wishing people Good Shabbos? Some people have wished me a Good Shabbos as early as Wed. afternoon.


    Starting Motzei Shabbos.


    for me staring wednesday


    Shrag1613; Let me bend your topic a little bit. Since most of us (at least myself and the people I know.) are not in the Madrega of R. Chaim of CZernowice (Chernowitz), Author of the Sefer Be’er Mayim Chaim who, legend has it that he literally started feeling the Kedusha of the approaching Shabbos on Tuesday evening. I am speaking about saying “A Good Shabbos” on Shabbos. When you approach some people (In B.P.) who you don’t know, and say “A good Shabbos” they look at you as if you were mistakenly dropped on this Earth by the space shuttle on the way back from the moon.

    Shrag1613; I once saw someone walking with an Esrog & Lulav, a couple of weeks after Sukkos. So, I asked him “Where are they up to, in your Shul. Shachris or MussaF?!”


    bend your topic a little !?


    I had a teacher in seminary who only taught us on Sunday and Monday, and after her class on Monday she would wish us a good Shabbos. This put us all in panic mode because it reminded us that we had to find a place to go for Shabbos.


    There’s no general answer- If your teacher wont see you again before shabbos than she says good shabbos even on monday. But if you see someone everyday you usually dont say good shabbos on wednesday.

    I think peaple of bored if they post such questions.


    Well it depends. To my parents I’d imagine I started around 5 or so. To strangers, well I was a shy child, so I didn’t really start saying Good Shabbos until much later.


    We like that one derech hamelech



    Aishes Chayil

    In the mizmor l’yom it talks aobut Shabbos on Wednesday

    YW fan

    boredstiff, 1st of all when you say, “I think peaple of bored if they post such questions” your username makes me think that you are one of those people. Also I don’t know about you but I think people are bored if they are just hanging around in the coffee room. They don’t even need a to post a question like this. They need to just be here!

    blueprints speak for yourself when you say “we like that one”.


    the normal and made sense time is friday night in shuel! sorry e/o out there try again!


    Usually on Thursday, often on Wednesday night, and always on Friday AND Shabbos itself. We set our candles for the leichter for the next Shabbos, as soon as it is Motzai Shabbos.


    Is there a source for all this, or is it whatever makes me feel good?

    always here

    @ derech hamelech~ cute answer


    wednesday….look at the end of the shir shel yom

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