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    why is it that there is a prevalent idea among many that when moshiach comes we will all revert back to stone age technologies and lifestyles? i personally think that idea is rubbish. it makes absolutely no sense and i have seen no mekor anywhere for it. however, perhaps i am wrong. please discuss below, and tell me if you know how this idea first came about.


    What makes you thing this is “a prevalent idea”? You are the first person I ever heard come up with this idea.


    Personally, I hate the speculation, will we have bodies will we not have bodies? will we be the way we were when we died? will we live in E’Y? Aside from the fact that it freaks me out, you just dont know because it has never happened before, so… let’s all behave ourselves and hopefully we will see very soon. Amen!


    The consensus in the Gemora is that Moshiach will bring back Jewish national sovereignty with all the nations of the world agreeing and nobody ever making war with Israel again. He will also make peace between all the various factions within klal yisroel. This is according to Rambam. This means that each faction will go on serving Hashem with their traditions. Everybody will recognize each other’s right to serve Hashem in accordance with their heritage. The Bais HaMikdosh will stand and serve as a central point for Klal Yisroel. Moshiach will rule in accordance with Torah law. The Rambam does not mention whether you lose your head if you answer your blackberry email while in audience with Moshiach. You may have to give your blackberry to an attending Levite before entering the Bais HaMikdosh. During the times of Moshiach we will all have bodies, live and die and be born. We have no idea how long this will last. After Zman Moshiach will come Techias Hameisim. Stick around.


    Consider we will go to Israel on the “wings of an eagle” (AKA airplane), I will assume technology will still be around.


    And vus vet zein after techiyas hameisim?


    kal yisroel veht huben a sidenyu. and vehr veht zein oif der sidenyu? Ha’Avos, Moshe Rabbeinu, Dovid HaMelech. Un vos veht mehn essen oif der sidenyu? Shor HaBor un Livyoson. Un vos veht mehn trinken oif der sidenyu? Yayin HaMeshumor. Vehr veht zuggen Torah? Moshe Rabbeinu. Vehr Veht zingen oif der sidenyu? Dovid HaMelech. Myfriend, now you know.


    we are not even supposed to think about such things. this is for H-Shem to know, us to find out (bkarov, hopefully) amein. so lets leave it up to Him. no matter what anyone says, we won’t find out from ppls ideas and opinions.


    Sacrilege and Hashemlovesme

    There’s a difference between speculation and talking about what the Gemara and Rushonim say. Baruch Hashem we have plenty of information about what will be in Moshiachs times and there are plenty of Rabbanim who have given shiurim on the topic. So yes we may think and talk about it and yes we have an obligation to know what will be.


    Are you trying to say that HELPTHISJEW.COM will become obsolete when Moshiach comes?

    You’ve got to be kidding. HELPTHISJEW.COM is the site that is going to bring Moshiach and then he will shut it down???


    theprof1-i think avraham fried says yayin hameshuboch 🙂



    Yes because people won’t need Tzaddakah because the world will be a perfected world where there will be no sickness or lack. Tzeddakah is a huge Mitzvah but its only in existence because Hashem wants us to have the great zchus of helping the poor and overcoming our natural tendency to be selfish and hoard our money. When Moshiach comes the Yetzer hars will be greatly lessened and therefore there won’t be much schar for mitzvos done after Moshiach comes so we should chap arein our Mitzvos now!!!


    A Rav told me that it IS fine to wonder about and ask these types of questions,


    Do NOT dwell on it TOO much or make knowing the answers a VERY important issue for yourself.

    BECAUSE – if you DO, then HKB”H may say to you, “Since these questions are SO important for you to have answered, I will bring you “upstairs” to see the answers.”

    Get it!?!


    I don’t recall what avramele says but I do know that chazal talk about yayin hameshumor from sheishes yemei bereishis.



    Like myfreind, this is the first time I have heard this theory before, and it like you I highly doubt it is true. However, I belive the Ramchal in the Derech Hashem says that after Moshiach will be Olam Haba, where we will be entirely spiritaul, followed by Techiyas Hameisim when we will get new bodies. Perhaps this is where the rumor started.


    “we are not even supposed to think about such things.”

    Do you have a source for that?


    Moshe Rabbeinu told Klal Yisroel that when there will be a Beis Hamikdash, it won’t be anymore the idea of Ish Kol Hayashar Be’einav Yaaseh’, and that we will be one people and come to one place. Following this logic, it seems to follow that when Moshiach comes, the same thing will apply. Just like he will physically gather the scattered Yidden, so too will he bring us together to become more of a single people.

    It only makes sense that our Havaros that were so affected by the countries we spent Galus in, will be dropped — perhaps not in one generation. Levush, too, will most probably become universal.

    Moshiach is not just another, more succesful leader. Moshiach is Ram Venisa Ugevo’a Me’od. It is a new type of era, where Ruchnius will reign.


    There are several different versions of what yemos haMoshiach will be like, from different rishonim. Prof1 cites the RAMBAM’s view in Hilchos Melachim based on various gemorrahs. essentially that, except for the reestablisment of Malchus Beis Dovid, peace for Israel and Beis Hamiqdash service, life will be pretty much like life pre-Moshiach. P.S. Acording to the RAMBAM the rebuilding of the Beis Hamiqdash will serve as final proof that Moshiach is who he says he is. In other words, rebuilding the Beis Hamiqdash would technically start before the beginning of the Messianic age.

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