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    i just recieved an email from someone i dont know and of opposite gender. only a few ppl know my email. shud i answer?


    That’s what the delete button is for. Good rule of thumb – NEVER open an e-mail from unknown sources. It could be a virus.


    it depends on who you are and whether there is a good reason somebody might be trying to contact you for a legitimate purpose


    Was it addressed to you, or was it a mistake?


    i would write back please dont email me if your dont know me and then block the persons address…..


    What was the content? anything you recognize? If no DELETE


    call shomrim!


    NEVER EVER OPEN ANY LINKS FROM SOMEONE YOU DON’T KNOW. These links may contain a virus and totally mess up your computer. Sometimes, even when ppl i know send me a link, i first check with them to see if they really sent it – or if their computer has a virus and automatically sent it to everyone in their address book.

    Be very careful!

    basket of radishes

    My policy is that if the email is legitimate and is well meant, I will reply in some fashion. I do not believe it is totally ethical to “blow off” another soul that wants to speak with you, unless that person has either been someone that is not known to you personally or has no professional interest or is threatening. That said, one should use the opportunity to set up boundaries of the experience and tell that other person your position on whether they have a place emailing you. If at the last resort they can not abide by your boundaries, you simply can edit them out and name them as junk mail. But that said, perhaps Hashem has a plan for each person that seeks to contact you and you might be missing a place in your world to be improving your relationship with Hashem through that other person. If they are clearly not sent by our Creator in an act of goodness, then it is clear that you should either not reply or you should reply in a sense that you discuss their infirmity or wickedness or what their resentment really is and you bid them “best wishes” in what they may be seeking to do further in their life. Fortunately, I must report that these messages are far and few in between and of course that is good. But that said, to simply blow off someone becuase they are the opposite gender sets a bad precidence in how you manage your friendships. True that it can be a squakey ground that they want to walk upon regarding a male-female relationship, but sometimes these can be professional or righteous personal relationships. In all, its your day that is to be decided by yourself and truly you are someone that must answer to Hashem and be happy with yourself. So if you think it is a pathway to a dark or licentious relationship, it is really upon you to be the strong being that will not let this happen to your soul. But a simple letter from an organized and well meaning person of the opposite gender is no reason to run into the corner and run away from your own self and run away from the day.

    Thats my thought on this topic. I’m a doctor. Thats my policy.



    1)Are they Jewish, meaning the message was (likely) solicited?

    2)What exactly did the message entail?

    3)Are you upset at this development, or merely showing your irreverence for those who may have betrayed you?


    Thats my thought on this topic. I’m a doctor. Thats my policy.

    What does being a doctor have to do with anything?

    YW Moderator-42

    I got aan email from an African Prince offering me millions of dollars if I help him get his money into the US. I’m gonna be rich!!!


    My policy is that if the email is legitimate and is well meant, I will reply in some fashion.

    …and how do you know if it is legitimate & well meant?

    I’m just saying, the best scam e-mails are the ones that sound legitimate & well meant and the worst thing you can do is to reply to those.

    I’m a doctor. Thats my policy.

    I fail to see why someone would listen to a doctor for halachic & online advice.


    Mod-42: I got the same email! I’ve always suspected that the banking crisis of the last 3-4 years was caused by all of the money in the world being unclaimed in African bank accounts.



    I can’t seem to win anything at a chineese auction, but I have the good mazel of winning the ghana national lottery twice a month.

    basket of radishes

    Being a doctor means that you have an ethical obligation to be a humane and prosperous individual who merits a place at the table when discussing methods and how to be orthodox in your relationships. So I would guess that was a piece of information that should merit that my comment regarding the proper way to handle some extraneous email might be worth a read. Thats all I am saying of course. But if you dont like doctors, I am sorry I can not help you.


    i had that problem once. one of my male classmates (goyish) got my email when we were in the same group for a project. about 3 months after the class ended i started getting emails from him with links to different websites. instead of answering back please don’t send me emails, i just set up a filter on my Gmail that sends them straight to the trash. B”H i haven’t received one email since. then again, i don’t empty my trash box either.


    Yeah, those emails from Nigerian princes congratulating me on winning 10 million euros are actually quite humorous. I try to count all the misspelled words.

    Example: “Congradulashin! You haf won 10 meelion euros! Plees conferm yore bank akount number too kolect prize.”


    i get those all the time. if they were real id have more money than bloomberg and oprah put together

    me too

    have an ethical obligation to be a humane and prosperous individual who merits a place at the table when discussing methods and how to be orthodox in your relationships.

    Obligation to be prosperous ??????

    Any Doctor no matter what his beliefs merits a place at my table to discuss Orthodox Judaism??????

    me too

    I recieved an email from a friend who I met in Shul that very AM saying he was stuck in a London hotel without wallet passport etc.

    On 2 different ocasions weeks apart I recieved an Email from the address of a Rav to whose Parsha sheet I subscribe with some idiotic link.

    Unknown senders ???? You have doubts???


    I got phone calls at work from an incarcerated person regularly and I tried to respond to him kindly. He was seeking to warn me about a date in the future that he felt was destined for a city wide disaster therefore he was calling 718 and 212 numbers from his cell in the Midwest. The call always began with a recording warning that it was being monitored, and I could reject it. I later heard that a Rosh Yeshiva had been receiving calls from a prisoner and he sought to find help for him some way maybe through the Alef organization.

    basket of radishes

    There exists a condition called orthodoxy that is not particular to the specific of “Orthodox Judaism”. That considered, this means that you are right and proper in all of your needs, endeavors and demeanor. This is how I am querying this word in the above essay.


    Spam is spam. No need to be nice to a spammer.


    What if an unknown person spams you in the supermarket?


    DELETE DELETE DELETE any unknown emails….(by the way, how did you know it was “from the opposite gender”?)


    wash it off.

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