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    Why are all our resident worriers for the greater good and ambulance passages silent on the travesty and חילול ה inherent in the Ethiopian protests going on in Israel


    The Zionist government tolerates and accepts whatever its black residents want to do. But should Torah Jews do the same, the same government beats them and arrests them after beating them.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    Everyone would get modded if they said what they were thinking, so what’s the point.


    Because the worries are related to chillul hashem which is not our responsibility when done by non jews. But when kews make chillul hashem , people get concerned



    here to help!

    1) People dont expect better from them. Many here (not me don’t worry) expect Charediim who claim to follow the Torah to behave as such, when they don’t, they are shocked and call it out. (You won’t find such comments from me, since I am not shocked and do not expect chareidim to behave normally)

    2) (Similar to 1) Chareidim look like Frum Jews, thus when they don’t behave it creates a חילול ה. Most of these protesting Ethiopians do not dress like Orthodox Jews, thus the חילול ה aspect is mitigated.

    3) nobody is defending the Ethiopians, that which is obvious doesn’t need to be said. but surprising as it may be there are some here who support the evil Chareidi looking protesters , thus causing others to be moche leshem shomayim

    hope these reasons help. They are just guesses I am not one of the “worriers” you mention
    I also hope you finally go t some clarity on the difference between doing things with and without permission.

    Old Crown Heights

    Reb klugeryid, when’s the last time the Israeli police shot and killed an unarmed Charedi?


    YWN, take down the debasing headline about EY looking like Baltimore!! I know its outside of the Daled Amos of NYC , since you dont know much about the town, please keep your rhetoric to yourself


    If your comment were true, maybe .
    but many of them were “concerned “about the safety issues with blocking ambulances.
    They are closet God haters.
    Found an outlet. Using it.
    Infinite logical arguments check my thread about the difference between protests and parades.
    There the liars claim they get bothered when people block streets without permission.
    Suddenly here they are silent.
    Bunch of both Semites that’s all they are


    I have no idea, if I had to guess I’d say about a day or less before the last time the ”חרדים ” went around trashing tens of police cars and ambulances.
    I could be wrong. It’s just a guess.
    I don’t follow that closely.

    too geshmak

    Wow, Old Crown Heights, it sounds like you are justifying these riots.

    Avi K

    Ravkahanatzadak, how do kews make (a) chillul hashem? I presume that you are referring to Kew, which is a district in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

    Ubiquitin, I don’t know if it is a chillul Hashem that someone was allegedly killed by an Israeli police officer for no good reason (chillul Hashem is relative – any Jew who misbehaves in the presence of non-Jews is committing a chillul Hashem if he causes anti-Jewish stereotypes) or a kiddush hashem that he officer is being prosecuted.

    Shopping613 🌠

    Well the ethiopians are much more violent than the frum protesters.
    I think 64 police officers were sent to the hospital.
    So; perhaps they didn’t want to make more violence than needed and were scared to approach them.

    Old Crown Heights

    Too Geshmak: Having lived through the Crown Heights riots of 1991 and out in L.A. during those riots (where I felt afraid for my life both times) I don’t condone rioting. But it’s clear to me that Charedi riots in Israel erupt from lesser issues than people being shot dead by police. I don’t ever recall hearing about Israeli cops killing frum Yidden. But if the Israeli police were to summarily shoot dead some (theoretical) Rebbe whose Chassidim are known for demonstrating and then those Chassidim rioted I’d probably say well what did you expect?


    I think we ALL have been in galus for thousands of years and have lost our way to some extent so how about letting go of the expectations, the judging, the condemnation, etc. Everyone has their work cut out for them and we should be helping each other find our way back. And the reid at the local makolet here is that Ethiopians are miskainim, a marginalized group, but that their protesting was over the top – how’s that for mature cognitive dissonance.


    Avi k
    Don’t jump on someone for a typo which is actually probably an auto correct he didn’t catch.
    Everyone knows he meant jews

    Better you should watch your own typing,

    “or a kiddush hashem that he officer is being prosecuted.”

    What does “he officer mean”?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    What does “he officer mean”?

    Ubiquitin’s Law of the Internet strikes again!



    The elephant in the room is that the blacks are rioting, beating policemen, injuring people and sending them to hospitals and destroying hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in property. That’s real rioting and lawlessness.

    Whereas a few Chareidim burn garbage and block traffic. And no one gets hurt and it’s over in a few hours. That isn’t rioting. That’s called civil disobedience. Technically illegal but it is done in every democracy including the United States where they also arrest the civil disobedience protester, give them a desk appearance ticket and quickly release them. When it comes to court they get a small fine.

    But in Israel where the government hates the Torah and the Jews who observe the Torah instead of Zionism, they send their Yassam thugs on horseback to beat the non-violent frum protesters and throw their bloodies victims into jails without charges.

    Unlike the real rioting thugs who are beating police officers while the government stands back and allows them to riot without response.


    “The elephant in the room is that the blacks are rioting,…”

    thats not the elephant in the room. That is the subject at hand that (almosT?) nobody is denying defending or ignoring

    The elephant in the room is the years of mistreatment these people suffered that fed this pent up rage that finally exploded in the unacceptable violence we see today

    thanks for the plug

    Old Crown Heights

    Joseph: I’ve seen videos of Shabbos demonstrations where people are getting out of control. Maybe it’s not rioting on the scale of the Ethiopians, but it’s not “civil disobedience.” And if memory serves, I’ve read stories of police having to rescue ambulance drivers and phone company repairmen who entered Charedi neighborhoods on legitimate public business. What’s that about? If people want to protest chillul Shabbos why don’t they stand or sit in the street and sing? Why throw stones? And then if the cops drag to jail people who offer no resistance you can claim civil disobedience. And if they sang on the sidewalk in a beautiful way not blocking traffic and the “Zionist” police on horseback dispersed people with clubs for blocking pedestrians you’d maybe even garner international support of the press.

    eli lev

    an astute jew noted, if someone at the protests woul have shouted “giyus banos” …. ‘gevaaaaaald”
    there woulve been many many more arrests yesterday.


    ubiq: What mistreatment? There’s been no pervasive such thing regarding these people. Actually, thugs. They’ve been given the red carpet treatment. Ferried into Israel when they never should have been allowed in. And unhindered and unmolested ever since they entered the country.


    Haredim have thrown stones at policemen , EMTs and firefighters for years with impunity. And why are they protesting? Because they refuse to register for draft exemptions!!!! There have been numerous Haredi attacks on women on buses and on neighborhood streets!

    The Ethiopian Jews have served in the IDF and what do they get in return? Job and housing discrimination, unwarranted. attacks against them and ghettoization! When the first Ethiopian Jews arrived in Israel many of the women were chemically sterilized without their knowledge! Before you start spewing contempt for that struggling community, learn some facts!


    I don’t think the rioters are being ignored. Per the story on YWN’s front page, 136 people were arrested.


    Op Ed etcetera
    Charedm are expected to be on a higher level than Ethiopians and usually are treated that way
    “defining deviancy down” is not a resolution!
    making these parallels score quick political points but are poor & not healthy long term



    ” What mistreatment? ”

    Here is an example : ” they never should have been allowed in.”
    You are of course not alone in that sentiment. This view is pervasive and isn’t very nice, is it?
    And THAT dear friend is the real elephant in the room.

    Of course your line “And unhindered and unmolested ever since they entered the country” isnt true at all. Though before wasting our time with sources. who would you trust? The Ethiopians themselves? any particular news source that you find trustworthy ? Is J post acceptable?


    What however should be derived from these protests ?
    that there is a time And place for protesting
    it’s all about will
    even when it blocks driveways and even without permits

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