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    On behalf of a gorgeous girl I know who is 5’8.5″ and needs skirts longer than 29″. Does ANYONE sell them? We’ve scoured two towns already to no avail, and if at all possible this girl would like to dress tzniusdikly, ya know…

    Any stores with skirts for tall girls?


    aww maaaan, thought it was a joke thread


    The easiest is in the frum stores, otherwise some serious hunting is necessary.

    I have seen on Amazon believe it or not.

    and every so often you get lucky in random stores, but no guarantee on that one.

    The other option is to make your own, learning to sew a skirt is pretty simple


    I wish there were some in frum stores… this girl has been all over the place. (Not me- sometimes it’s nice to be 5’2″…)

    Do no frum stores have tall girl skirts? Because there is probably a market. It’s kind of sad.


    What kind of skirt is she looking for?

    One method I’ve used is I’ve bought long (like ankle length for nomral people) straight skirts for real cheap, adn then cut and hem to make them the perfect length for me.


    writersoul: How true and how sad! A store owned by Jews, in a Jewish neighborhood, selling to a Jewish crowd, should have tznius skirts for all types! I’m 5″7 and its not easy to find tznius skirts unless its ankle legnth. There is a store that deserves special mention for having the tznius reminder in their dressing rooms – that is Elzee. And you may not find the exact skirt you’re looking for, but you can find a nice selection of tznius skirts.


    She obviously did not attend Beis Yaakov Sdom, or she wouldn’t have this problem.


    She’s looking for straight (pencil-type but not body-hugging) skirts. At this rate the only ones that come close to covering her knees are very tight, which kind of defeats the purpose.

    sem613: That’s a really good idea- I’ll make sure to mention it.

    miritchka: I don’t live in Brooklyn, so I’ve never been to Elzee- when you say they have a lot of skirts do you mean that they have long ones? What would be ideal is making another length skirt >29″, but that probably won’t happen. It really is a problem.

    PBA: Her school’s cutoff is actually 5’9″. Missed it by that much.

    Then again, I could tell you about my friend who was 4’9″. WAS.


    Don’t know where you live, but there’s also in Elzee in Lawrence.

    Burnt Steak

    since when is 5’8″ tall? More roof that Jewish girls in general are short.


    dress barn, orvis (check for sales), sometimes lands end. All can be done online and returned if necessary.


    I am 5’8″ and wear long skirts. I shop online at jcpenney and old navy. They both have a tall section online. I find their skirts are long and their tops have longer sleeves. G’luck!


    Burnt Steak: It’s not that tall. Proof that skirt manufacturers think that Jewish girls in general are short. Which makes it even more annoying.


    chgoachdus: Do those stores have pencil skirts? She’s tried Land’s End and they haven’t had what she’s been looking for.

    bh18: She has long skirts (that’s one thing frum stores do right- I love long skirts but I have to either alter them or buy XL kids if I don’t want to trip over the hems) but needs skirts for Shabbos, etc. She does shop in general in tall sections of department stores- what we need is a frum store with a tall section.


    I’m also 5’7, so I feel your pain!

    writersoul-I don’t know if they have Ross where you are, but b”H I’ve had some success finding pencil skirts that are long enough and not tight. ( Emphasis on some-I guess there’s a reason that I’ve found two in the past two years 😀 )Occasionally Old Navy has, as does Carson’s (it has a different name in different states, but I don’t remember what, sorry!),though usually you have to scour the stores and daven.

    I’m not such a big shopper, so I couldn’t tell you the best places.

    If she finds something that isn’t tight but is a tad too short, she could try getting the skirt in a size or two above what she wears and allowing it to fall lower (okay, that only works if it’s under a dress). Always check the hem to see if there’s enough to let down to make a difference!

    Hatzlacha rabba!!! 😀

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