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    The little I know

    There is an explanation from R’ Shloime Kluger in his sefer חכמת התורה – פ’ יתרו where he states that Har sinai no longer exists. It was hidden until the final geulah, and that efforts to locate it are futile. It does sound radical but his greatness speaks for itself.


    Decoy it’s nice to see ppl have morals and try to better themselves or stay away from things that upset them I wasnt insulted. I just thought it was obvious that anything involved with kedusha would have some kedusha to it. I felt your statement that Har Sinai wouldn’t have kedusha required a better backing of solid opinion or sefarim In my opinion it’s obvious there would be kedusha anything Hashem touches or maybe im wrong but I felt the more common thought process was that Har Sinai wasn’t off limits but def was a special mountain even after the fact a mountain that was used to give the Torah or a mountain that touched the broken luchos or a mountain Singled out by Hashem to be the one mountain to be the center stage of the biggest evenrt in history in my opinion has to be somewhat special I would pay alot of money to own a leaf of the sneh tree wouldn’t you? Thanks for being a mentch and making a kidush Hashem by apologising incase you offended someone and deciding to back away from something that makes you get upset or take to personal. That’s very very respectfull and we should all be smart enough to not let ourselfs get angry or insult people in general especially in a coffee room of random opinions may you be zoche to always be in control of your middos and recognised by the one above because it’s not an easy task Kol hakovad !! Hayzlocha rabah


    The little I know.
    I wasn’t aware of that opinion from R Shlomo Kluger. Obviously I don’t know alot but never saw anyone say somethong along those lines is he the only one. Do others say it is around these days ? I assumed it was a mountain and it’s still there. The things that were hidden are mentioned accross the sefarim like Moshe rabaeinu burial or the Aaron. I never saw this pshat I will def look into it to understand it better but obviously if he wrote that it has to be for a good reason


    a alexandra in gateshead….. i find that hard to believe!!


    decoyrebba you seem to have a good grasp of where har sinai si and isnt but it seems your knowledge is limited to one book, sometimes in life you have to look for other opinions, if rabbi alexandra hool is a avid talmud studier as you say and he learns full time, then has he actually got the capacity for a in depth study, perhaps it is time decoyerebba to look elsewhere perhaps to whether the gan eden is a physical place, in reply to your strong agression it is fully justified when you have the facts to back it up, which in this case im afraid to say you are not


    @poshteryid IF you would have read my previous posts, you would know that i made a typo, alexandrA instead of alexandER. however, you clearly didn’t and therefore have publicly insulted a talmid chochom. Just saying.
    ***i know i said i was leaving CR, but i just wanted to clear that point up.


    only i havent i was mevazer alexandra, who i can say wat i wANT about because he doesnt exist, alexandra also has a weirdly long nose, and as for alexander you didnt respond to how someone who is full time learning could investigate these things,


    he told me personally that he only worked on this book outide seder for example bien hazmanim.


    lets end this discussion i think its better for me to use any extra time i have to try and learn more of the Torah hakdosho, i suggest the same to you as this discussion is not going anywhere.
    we all have the potentia of becoming great in torah and lets all fulfill that potential, we just have to do one thing.

    Adam Neira

    Har Sinai, the place where Moses brought down the Ten Commandments circa 1280 bce, is situated in the southern corner of the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt.

    Coordinates: 28°32′23″N 33°58′24″E

    We lived in Di Zahav, Sinai for 9 months from May 2013 to early Feb. 2014. I have done a great deal of research on the Exodus story, תכלת etc.

    P.S. I believe Shavuot is the most important of the Jewish Holy Days. Why? No Moses and the Ten Commandments = No Western Civilisation.


    Mr. Neira, I don’t think you’ve given us enough information.


    keeto123 -“Har Sinai is in Saudi Arabia … and off limits without connections to the gov.”

    I hate to bring up old things, But you’re RIGHT!
    I just saw a video – the top part of the mountain is black. (Very weird IMHO).
    The Saudi prince is building an underground city there – the size larger than NYC.
    What is very much, what I’d consider a proof, in that video, where the guy says where the Egel was, they found gold dust. There isn’t a gold mine in the area.


    Health: I’ve you’ve been smoking something, its really good stuff. If you’ve started your Purim adsheloyada,early its obviously working. If you are just spouting off, then less funny. There is NO underground 300 sq. mile city (approx. size of NYC) being built in Saudi Arabia or anywhere else on the planet for that matter. As far as “gold dust”, the area has been home to traders for thousands of years so you’d probably have to look hard to find some area w/o traces of gold dust.

    A freileche (early) Purim to you


    GH -“As far as “gold dust”, the area has been home to traders for thousands of years so you’d probably have to look hard to find some area w/o traces of gold dust”

    I know it’s hard to believe, but I just saw the video on YouTube.
    The guy who made the vid believes in the old testament. He’s scared that Muslims will destroy the area. He’s probably a x-tian.
    Btw, it’s probably the place where the Egel was burnt, because it’s only there, not everwhere where there is Gold Dust!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I have no idea where Har Sinai is, but I don’t think I’d trust a YouTube video to figure it out.

    I bet there are some convincing anti-vax videos as well.


    DY -“I bet there are some convincing anti-vax videos as well.”

    Actually the Anti-vaxxed movement is Not that cheap. They made a real movie called “Vaxxed”. Those guys have Big Bucks behind them.
    The Anti-vaxxed movie is just people talking; but the Har Sinai Vid you actually see the 2-toned mountain & the whole area.
    Seeing is Believing!


    If you saw a video on YouTube asserting that Har Sanai was really a mountain the Catskills and bnai yisroel spent 40 years in the “midbar” because they were waiting for a minyan along the NYS Thruway and no one told them about the Mincha Area at the Sloatsburg Rest Stop, would you take it literally??? A video about Har Sinai being somewhere in Saudi Arabia has about equal credibility.


    In the “Gold of Exodous” by Howard Blum, he argues that Har Sinai is in Saudi Arabia. He also maintains in the book that he found Elim.


    There are several books/videos claiming to know exactly where matan torah took place, including many from Christian evangelical “scholars” selling those books and videos or linking online through paid banner ads with depictions of the fire, lightning and what they think the egel looked like. Unfortunately, most use vague references to “Arabia”, the “Arabian Empire” etc. which could be anywhere within 800-1200 miles.


    ” Unfortunately, most use vague references to “Arabia”, the “Arabian Empire” etc. which could be anywhere within 800-1200 miles.”

    If you Google the Jabal al lawz, youll see articles both ways. I never thought it particularly mattered. Its interesting none the less. (There is an archeological site in SA for Jabal al lawz.)


    There is a video that follows Bnai Yisroel out of Egypt. The Yam Suf is the Gulf of Aqaba. Then they went to Saudi Arabia, where they got the Torah on Har Sinai. It’s the Southwestern part of the country.


    Obviously you’ll see what I’m posting is accurate from the this article.
    You’ll also see that Shlomo Hamelech thought it was important to know where Krias Yam Suf was!
    From DiscoverUSA:
    “Chariot Wheels litter the bottom of the Red Sea.
    Horse bones discovered in the Red Sea off Neweiba Beach. Many human and horse bones have been recovered from the bottom of the Red Sea. What other evidence is there that an army was destroyed by water?
    Neweiba Beach
    The story began in 1978 when a man by the name of Ron Wyatt chartered a small air-plane and was flying over the Sea of Aqaba south of Israel. Wyatt was a part-time Bible explorer who was in the area on some archeological research at the sites of Sodom and Gomorrah along side of the Dead Sea.
    As he flew over Neweiba Beach he commented to the pilot — “That looks like the area the Bible describes where Moses was trapped between the Red Sea and Pharaoh’s army. I need to go down there and take a closer look.”
    Wadi WatirNeweiba Beach, Egypt, is now a resort area along the coast of the Sea of Aqaba (Red Sea).
    When Wyatt drove to Neweiba Beach, he had to go through a long winding canyon called the Wadi Watir. He recalled how that Pharaoh had said — “They are entangled in the land, the wilderness has shut them in.” (Exodus 14:3)
    Once Moses and the Hebrews entered into the canyon there was no escape. Soon the million or so escaping slaves were crowded onto a sandy beach. Before them lay the Red Sea. Behind them came one of the most powerful armies in the world. They were trapped between the mountains and the Red Sea.
    The steep canyon sides of the Wadi Watir leading to Neweiba Beach, Egypt.
    Pharaoh’s army pursued thinking that an easy massacre was just hours away. They were right! But Pharaoh and his commanders had no way of knowing that they would be the ones destroyed by walls of water that loomed up nearly 900 feet on either side of them.
    Pillar marking the crossing site of the Exodus.
    When Mr. Wyatt arrived at Neweiba Beach he soon found evidence that this was, in fact, the very spot where Moses and his followers crossed the Red Sea. A huge stone column was found lying in the water and the inscription had long been washed away. But an identical column found across the Red Sea had Hebrew writing giving glory to the God of Israel who delivered His people through the Red Sea. It is believed that King Solomon erected those columns as a permanent memorial of the Exodus!
    An identical column was found on the opposite side of the Red Sea along the coast of the ancient land of Midian which is now Saudi Arabia.
    Chariot Wheels in the Red Sea have been discovered. Mr. Wyatt reasoned that if this were truly the site of the Red Sea Exodus, there could be evidence in the waters. What he was about to find was truly remarkable!
    Wyatt began investigating underwater off the coast of Neweiba Beach. One of the first things he found was a beautiful gold plated chariot wheel, very fragile but clearly visible in the clear waters of the Red Sea!
    Later, Wyatt and his sons found numerous other man-made artifacts and chariot wheels. The shapes of the battle debris were still intact because coral had attached themselves to the wood, preserving evidence of the historical accuracy of the Biblical account of the Exodus and the destruction of Pharaoh’s army, estimated to be as many as 250,000 soldiers and horse drawn chariots.
    Coral encrusted chariot wheel found in the water of the Red Sea.
    Four, six and eight-spoked wheels were found in the Red Sea. These wheels were typical of the wheels used in the 18th Dynasty at the time of Moses and the Red Sea Exodus.
    Man-made axle and wheel found in the waters of the Red Sea.Artists rendering of the wooden spokes and axle, now gone but the shape has been preserved by coral!
    4 and 6 Spoked Wheels From The 5th Dynasty of Egypt:
    Typical chariot wheel from the 18th Dynasty of Egypt, the time of Moses and the Exodus.
    Wyatt recovered the hub of a wheel with the remains of eight spokes and gave this significant find to Nassif Mohammed Hassan, Director of Antiquities in Cairo. Mr. Hassan immediately identified the artifact as a chariot wheel dating over 3500 years ago during the 18th Dynasty, the only time the ancient Egyptians used an eight-spoked wheel. The hub and spokes are on display in Cairo, Egypt.
    Coral attached themselves to the remains of the chariots and preserved them for 3500 years!
    Mr. Wyatt commented that the bottom of the Red Sea was littered like a junk yard.
    Who would have ever thought that such significant evidence would be preserved for nearly 3,500 years!
    An excellent book and DVD are available detailing recent scientific research that has verified Mr. Wyatt’s discoveries. “The Exodus Case” is available at Amazon.DVD “The Exodus Revealed” is available at Amazon.
    Underwater land bride stretching across the Red Sea. This remarkable excape route provided by God is nearly 200 yards wide!Wyatt also discovered that there was an under-water causeway or land bridge stretching from the shores of Neweiba Beach, across the deep waters
    of the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia, the ancient land of Midian where Moses and his people gathered at Mount Sinai. The land bridge provided by the Lord for His people, slopes gently down to almost 900 feet before going back up to the other side! Imagine walls of water 900 feet high . . . little wonder that Pharaoh’s army was totally destroyed!
    Underwater land bride through the Red Sea!
    Finding the crossing site was the key in locating the real Mount Sinai in the land of Midian.

    For hundreds of years, people thought that Mount Sinai was located in the southern tip of the of the Sinai Peninsula (see red “X” above. But after many archaeological digs in the area, it has been concluded that there was never an encampment there.”

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