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    Burnt Steak

    Since there were not many suggestions given, I will assume Ben Torah is still trying to find a good spot to take his date. I have risen from the ashes and decided to check out the CR after a long break.

    Here is a list of places to go/ things to do in the New York Metro area. Some of these places may have already been mentioned. It depends how comfortable you are with certain settings as some of these places may not be for you. There are many activities that I did not list. What I do for dates is usually give my date 3 options to choose from. I try to ask what type of activity they want to do first and then come up with something. In the early stages of dating, it is generally better to do something that will allow you to have a conversation.

    1. Parks/ Nature

    • Central Park
    • High line
    • Fort Tryon Park
    • Walk along the Hudson River

    2. Sports/ Games

    • Baseball Game (Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, MCU Park, Staten Island Yankees Stadium are some of the venues that host pro teams. You can also go to one of many college games such as Columbia, Fordham, LIU Brooklyn, CCNY, NYU, Yeshiva University, Queens College, etc… )
    • Hockey Game (Rangers, Devils, Islanders)
    • Basketball Game (Knicks, Nets, College games/ Tournaments
    • Soccer (NYFC, Red Bulls)
    • Football (Jets, Giants, Pinstripe Bowl in Yankee Staduim
    • Pool Hall
    • The only mini golf location in Manhattan is bad buts its around pier 28. There is a driving range at Chelsea Piers thats pretty fun
    • Bowling (must be 21 in Manhattan after a certain time since they serve booze)
    • Ping Pong Hall
    • Ice Skating
    • Go Biking
    • kayaking
    • There kinda is hiking spots a bit upstate and in New Jersey

    3. Food

    • There are many coffee shops. Choose one. This is my go to first date activity
    • Kosher Restaurant. There are many in the New York area. I will not list them all.
    • Bar. (There are many different bars that have cool themes. Some will even have board games at the bar)
    • Ice Cream/ FroYo. 16 handles is a kosher FroYo place and there are many around the city.
    • Cook/ Prepare food before and go out on a picknic

    4. Museum / Historical

    • Governor’s Island (Very cool island that has been a military base for most major American wars through WW2)
    • Ellis Island/ Staten Island Ferry
    • Natural History Museum
    • Art Museums
    • Wander the city and look at the architechture
    • There is a subway museum that is pretty good

    5. Artsy/ shows

    • Paint Night
    • Broadway show
    • Pottery Making
    • There is a place where you get to smash everything in the room. Its pretty fun.
    • Escape Rooms
    • Movie
    • Shows in the park
    • Concerts
    • Sometimes there is live music in Bars or Coffee Shops
    • Bring a musical instrument and play for your date
    • There are shops where you can play board games

    Good to see this thread. I’m always on the lookout for new places to go on dates.

    The Wolf

    ☕️coffee addict

    Dr Pepper (I think) mentioned hotel lobby as not a good place

    I never had good luck in a lobby and it wasn’t until I went to a park that I felt comfortable

    one man band

    how about Gulliver’s Gate miniature world in Manhattan? Phenomenal place


    “Generally speaking I had better luck on dates where we walked around than on dates where we sat across from each other.

    You’re spending a couple of hours talking to someone you barely know; if you are walking the scenery is changing which will give you more topics for conversation and “quiet moments” won’t be as awkward. On the other hand, if you are sitting across from each other you have to come up with topics and “quiet moments” can be really awkward.”

    agree with this

    The chasid

    In your parents dining room

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