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    Rabbi of Crawley

    Which 5 countries will make peace with Israel??

    I think the most likely are (in order)

    Saudi Arabia


    It doesn’t make any difference unless it is: Iran, Syria, Gaza (i.e. Hamas), West Bank (i.e. PLO) or the remnants of Al Queda and ISIS.

    Having a peace treaty with a country with which you aren’t engaged in an active war is meaningless.

    Peace means you can abolish conscription, cut taxes and demilitarize your political and economic systems.

    Also, a peace treaty with an unpopular dictator is worthless since it only binds the dictator, not the country.


    Akuperma is right, but he forgot Lebanon and Iraq, both of which are still at war with Israel. The only thing that all parts of the Lebanese political spectrum agree upon is their hatred of Israel. And in this one case the hatred is justified. 🙁

    Saudi Arabia also sent soldiers to fight in the Egyptian Army in 1948. It is an absolute monarchy.

    Oman is a absolute monarchy, although relatively benign compared to UAE and Bahrain. Brunei is also an absolute monarchy. Sudan is trying to become democratic after generations of dictatorship; its government has only been in power for weeks.

    Pakistan is now a democracy that has had three successful peaceful transitions of power, but it is not a free country and it is not clear who is really in charge. Jeffrey Goldberg and Marc Ambinder wrote a great article in the Atlantic in 2011 called, “The Ally From Hell” that describes things well — little has changed despite two changes of government since then.


    Nevertheless the normalization of relations is still a good thing. The more countries that recognize Israel and its right to exist, the better.

    Doing my best

    I don’t really know anything about the Middle East, but I do know that as each country moves over to Israel’s side it takes away support from the Palestinians. And the richer the country is the more support is taken away.
    And besides, peace and normal relations with one’s neighbors always brings benefits, no matter the situation.


    The most likely will be Morrocco and Tunisa.

    There are a lot of Sephardic Jews from those places and they still have ties to their home countries unlike Ashkenazic jews who have few ties to eastern Europe anymore


    The last comment is true. Morroco and Tunisia aren’t as heavily involved in the Islamist ideologies that are affecting countries like Yemen. Pakistan is somewhat more influenced by the English-speaking world (given its history). They’ve had some respectable leaders that wanted to make Pakistan more decent.

    However, the original post would practically make sense for Oman. The Sunni-led gulf states have an incentive to seek help to deal with the Shia-led Iran.

    Saudi Arabia has also undergone some serious changes in the past decade, so their kingdom’s historic anti-Jewish sentiment might decline with the rise of some newer leaders.


    Tunisia is actually a democracy today. The largest party is a moderate Islamist party, but without a parliamentary majority. They just got a new Head of Government earlier this month, and it has a weak coalition government that probably can’t make any big moves.

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