Which Shmura Matzoh was thinnest this year?

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    Charedim? Shatzer (I didnt see Shatzer this year- do they still sell them?)?

    Working on it

    Charedim was the thinnest I have EVER had and everyone at my table was pleased. Interestingly enough, I did speak with a few people who say it is too thin – like eating paper. In that case, I prefer paper to cardboard

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    my husband also said Charedim, (dunno how he knew that)… we only had the thickest at our sederim: Montreal, whole wheat :/


    Can someone please help me understand why, after spending $20+ per pound of hand shmura matzo, we end up with boxes where most of the matzo is not whole and cannot be used for the seder? This year we had an average of 2 unbroken matzos in each box of 8(?) matzos. Is this typical of all brands or are we just buying the wrong brand (not mentioning names).


    pupa tzalim was maddd thin

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    EzratHashem~ your matza must have been nice & thin… ours were almost all sheleimahs, but were thick


    Scottissue is always the thinnest shmura. Always shleimois too, but they are square.


    HIE – Yes, I found Pupa to be the thinnest, like every year.


    Chareidim, and we get only whole wheat. We have an appointment every year after Rosh Chodesh. It was so thin it was like eating chips. No stomach problems reported.



    You got to go thick. It’s the Bomb!

    Whole wheat is usually the thicker stuff.

    Whole wheat Shatzar=Mein Olam Haba.

    I got Shatzar (yes, they still exist). And our boxes rarely had broken matzos in them. There were even some boxes that all the Matzos came whole.

    B’h it was a great year.

    Q-If on T’u Bishvat one davens for a good esrog, when does one daven for good Matzos?

    Maybe Pesach Sheini?


    Dumb question–Isn’t all matzah whole wheat on Pesach? I was told that flour has to be bleached to become white flour and that there’s no way to bleach it without it becoming chometz.


    whole wheat is unrefined, most of the whole kernel is ground up, without removing anything except the inedible husk.

    refined grain has the bran and the germ removed, leaving only the starch and a little protein.

    refined grain can then be further ruined by bleaching to make it look whiter, but it still is refined even without the bleach.

    so you can have refined (as opposed to whole wheat) Matzoh, but you cant have bleached-flour Matzoh.

    the term “white” flour can refer to refined flour either bleached or unbleached.

    am yisrael chai

    MII, matza doesn’t even only have to be made from wheat on Pesach. There are matzos from spelt and oat commonly found in stores, but more expensive.

    The hand shmura oat matzo was $8 for a small matzo, never mind a lb., so don’t feel too badly!


    Thanks for the explanation, Mr. 80.


    Who cares? The cost is out of this world. People are lucky they can afford a piece of bread today.

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