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    My wife’s modern orthodox second cousin is making a gala party for the entire extended family on Chol Hamoed in the 5 towns. My wife comes from a very modern family and therefore all the men will be wearing colorful suits. I know that if i wear my white shirt and black suit, I will stand out by far. I do have a navy suit sitting in the back of my closet that my father in law once got me as a present and i never wore. Now i have a dilemma should i wear the black suit and look like i normally do but totally stand out or do i put on the navy suit which i never wore to fit in so i wont feel so self conscious the whole time?
    PS: I know if i wear the black suit i will get many comments like “Why do you always have to wear the same color suit, do you feel more elite than us?”

    Avram in MD

    You should wear your Purim costume.


    My son who works in an office with a mixed frum crowd was asked why he always wears a white shirt and black pants. His answer – That is 2 less decisions I have to make a day.


    Wear what yo normally wear. If they say something you can answer I like this color.

    Yabia Omer

    Is this what Ashkenazim worry about??


    any more good eitzos?


    Where white pants and black shirt . No body will say anything and you will still he wearing your “black on White outfit


    Whats wrong with wearing a blue suit? You will be making you father in law happy which is Kibbud Av Vaeim. And probably make your wife happy too. So its a no brainer. Wear the suit from the shver tell him you chose it because he bought it for you tell him how grateful you are. And you will look like a nice frum guy with your kappel and hadras Ponim and modest wife – that is a kiddush HaShem all round.

    Yomam valayla

    Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, wore the same thing every day, a black turtleneck and blue jeans. It saved him from making a decision of what to wear. Also, why is a black suit elite to suits of other colors? Whoever thinks that is free to weat black suits!


    Why wear a suit at all? I’ve worn a suit (and tie) exactly once in the last 11 1/2 years.



    wear the jacket on your legs and the pants on your arms.

    This way nobody will comment on the color


    In the ultimate scheme of things, The character of the person in the suit is what’s important, not the color. If you’re more comfortable wearing the “uniform”, by all means wear that. If not, wear something else. The Eibishter knows who and what you are no matter what your wearing.


    Be yourself. Worry more about what you are going to eat there


    Bekeshe, shteimel,vayseh zoken, tzites over shirt and black slipper-type shoes.

    That will teach them!

    After that, they will be thrilled with just a black suit and white shirt.

    But if you wear black and white, make sure to tell them that you are trying out the Mennonite and Amish style of formal dress.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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