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    I’m not asking WHO is the puppeteer behind the puppet ‘President’ Biden, and who is calling the shots.
    I’m asking, whoever is calling the shots, what GAIN is there in the extraordinary, insanities going on?
    What gain is there by the millions of aliens, including dangerous criminals, from all nationalities, flooding into the US?
    This isn’t an error here. PEOPLE are doing this on purpose, and compromising the national security of the country on a daily basis. Obviously, crazy animals disguised as human politicians/judges/lawyers etc are benefitting somehow. Can someone enlighten me, what is the BIG PICTURE over here? What are these GRAND masterplans of these very very dangerous and powerful people?


    The answer is obvious. The Democratic party needs their votes to stay in power.

    They’ll try hard to let them vote legally, but even if that fails, they’ll use them somehow to stuff the ballot boxes.


    WB BaalHabooze!


    The immigrants, who have a good chance to become middle class Americans (as did most of our ancestors).

    Their employers, who get hard working and highly motivated workers awed by what to them a very high salaries.
    If you look at major league baseball, not the improvement in the quality of the game due to immigrants, who appear to win over half the positions (in a very objective, skills based competition).

    As most of the immigrants now are social conservatives, from societies that that are conservative in sexual matters, pro-life and anti-LGTBQ, it isn’t so clear if they’ll end up as Republicans or Democrats (though by the time they become citizens, the parties may have realigned). Also, most of the Hispanics coming are fleeing countries with socialists governments, rigged elections and courts that decide cases politically based on rule of law, so they might be disinclined to support the Democrats as they now are (which will really confuse those who hold by “intersectionality”).

    My guess is that the current wave will support rapid economic growth in the USA in spite of a low birthrate, have no impact on politics but might force both parties back to the center, and that in a generation or two the “nativist” movement to keep out mass immigration will be led by Hispanics (just as the current anti-immigration movement is led by the descendants of those who came through Ellis Island).


    who gains? you, by mouthing off. makes you feel important, eh?

    ☕️coffee addict

    The answer is obvious. The Democratic party needs their votes to stay in power.

    They’ll try hard to let them vote legally, but even if that fails, they’ll use them somehow to stuff the ballot boxes.

    UNITED STATES OF CHINA: Noncitizen Sworn into San Francisco’s Elections Commission


    Coffee addict: There is no “flood” of Chinese illegal aliens. Chinese is fairly prosperous (so immigrant wannabees tend to have money and advanced degrees and can at least read English since it is required in schools), and it is very hard to walk or swim to the USA from China (cf: Pacific Ocean). The “flood” coming over the southern land border are largely indigenous “huddled masses” from very poor Latin American countries (while some are educated political refugees, most are working class “deplorables” that tend to be upwardly mobile but with job skills that are either unskilled or at best semi-skilled).



    I don’t hide the fact that I am a Democrat (doesn’t mean I support every Candidate running as a D).
    I also have served as Asst. Registrar of Voters in my town for decades.
    The Democrat Party does not have an organized effort to get non-citizens to vote. The effort is to get those whose residency is legalized to become citizens and then if over 18 register to vote.

    Last November I had to have one person arrested for trying to vote illegally. It was a convicted felon, formerly registered as a REpublican before his voting rights were forfeited, who came to the polls said he was his father (same name and address) and attempted to vote a straight R ballot. I know how he filled out the ballot as it was seized as evidence by the police (before he could cast the ballot) and entered in evidence at his trial.


    Time for a Constitutional Law lesson from this adjunct Law School Professor.

    The case you cite is about a municipal government.

    NOWHERE in the US Constitution are municipalities mentioned. The only DIVISIONS of Government are Federal and State. All rights not reserved to the Federal Government (Foreign relations, defense, issuing money, etc) are reserved to the States.

    Municipalities are created by STATES and subject to the laws, regulations and State Constitutions. Municipalities can be abolished or have their borders redrawn by the State. My town lost 49 acres to an adjoining municipality 12 years ago to build a new high school.

    State Constitutions and laws determine who may vote, the US Constitution only sets the minimum age (18).
    In a state there are requirements set: Felons may lose their right to vote.

    Local elections are tricky. I have to be a citizen legally registered to vote to vote in local elections to elect people to positions, but some towns that have budget referenda each year create voting folls for those elections open to all Taxpayers of the town.

    In 2020 San Francisco dropped its Citizenship requirement for appointment to all Boards, Commissions and Advisory committees. None of these are legislative organizations and can’t institute/raise taxes.

    My town’s charter restricts membership in these groups to electors (registered voters), but commissions, Boards and Advisory Committees of Constituent Agencies do not carry these rules. Thus The Student Athletics Advisory Committee of the Board of Education may have students appointed who are less than 18 years of age and not qualified electors.

    You read a sensationalist headline about San Francisco, but nothing they did contravenes the US Constitution or gives a non-citizen a vote in an election for office

    ☕️coffee addict


    So to understand what you’re saying, cities can vote for their municipalities and make laws on who can irregardless to whether it can be done nationally because the constitution doesn’t mention it

    I hope I understood it correctly, if so thanks for the American Law lesson


    The Heimishe Olam does, by having a fresh supply of day laborers and cleaning ladies


    @commonsaychel true, plus landlords – they get the benefit of increasing rents while having everyone else in the community subsidize the increase in school taxes



    Your response is confused.
    #1 a city is a municipality, as are towns, villages and in Connecticut three Boros.
    #2 Cities cannot vote, people vote
    #3 Municipalities can determine subject to individual State laws and Constitution who may vote and requirements to serve on Municipal Commissions, Boards and Committees.
    a. I cited municipalities in CT as examples. Only registered voters may vote to elect people to municipal government. Many towns have a requirement that the Town budget be approved by a referendum, not the only the Town Council. Some towns open these budet votes to all taxpayers, not just registered voters of the town. For example: I own an industrial building in the town next to where I live and am registered to vote. I pay more than 100K in yearly property tax. I have a vested interest in that town’s budget. I am permitted as a taxpayer to vote in the Tax Referendum and have done so for 20 years.
    b. One must be a registered voter to be elected Mayor, First Selectman, Council Member, Board of Finance, Board of Education and many other municipal boards, committees and commissions. My town requires anyone appointed to a Town Committee, Board or Commission (I chair the Economic Development Commission) must be a registered voter and appointment approved by the Town Council. Our Charter sets limits on how many members from each party may serve on a commission to keep things balanced.
    c. Constituent Agencies such as the Board of Education can establish committees and set parameters for membership as long as in compliance with State law. I explained that the Schools Athletic Committee includes high school students too young to vote.
    d. Library Boards in Connecticut are actually State Chartered, not municipal (keeps local politicians from raiding library trust funds) and members need only be residents, not voters nor citizens.

    San Francisco dropped (In compliance with California law) a citizenship requirement for service on NON-legislative committees, authorities and Boards. These groups cannot make laws, levy taxes, etc.

    I would not be opposed to a non-citizen serving on my municipal Parks commission if he/she had a passion and some valuable contribution to make, The commission is an advisory group to the Parks and Recreation Department. It doesn’t determine budget or spending, hire or fire employees, stc.

    Hope this makes it clearer.
    The commission the non Citizen was appointed to in San Francisco does NOT make election law or determine who may vote. It helps select polling places, distributes voter education materials, helps spread the word that poll workers are needed, but does not hire or train them.


    I say let them all in and this party called America can collapse once and for all. Folks like Jackk can have their San Francisco paradise across the remains of America.

    There is no reason to even mention problems with this country anymore, no one is going to fix them.

    The future of America is third world


    @Snitzel, dont forget they rent by bed and the kids need ESL



    “The Democrat Party does not have an organized effort to get non-citizens to vote.”

    Do you really believe that?

    That’s like saying that the vegetable sitting in the Oval Office is a competent President who is doing a good job.



    I have no connection to San Francisco or what is going on there since I live on the East Coast and have never even visited California. There are many parts of the US that are far removed from paradise. Many of these places are in Red States. Many Red states are dead last on the list of healthcare, education , crime, employment opportunities etc…

    The Republican party never wants to be part of the solution to the issue of illegal immigration. (In fact they do not want to ever offer solutions. They love complaining. That is why they keep losing and will lose again in November.) ( Test: name one issue that Republicans offered a solution to resolve.)
    There are currently approximately over 11 million illegal immigrants who have been here for decades. They did not come across the border during the Biden administration. They were here when Trump was in office.
    In fact , the puppet in chief, Mike Johnson, who thinks he is a religious person , just prevented a Senate bill on immigration that was bipartisan (meaning both Republican and Democrat Senators approved of it) from even coming to a vote in the House.

    As people have mentioned above, immigrants come here for opportunities and are willing to work hard and a menial jobs in order to get ahead. They are sacrificing for their children’s sake who will grow up as educated Americans and have the same job opportunities as every other American has.

    It is a Trump racist lie and canard that illegal immigrants are the cause of crime in the US.


    Giving government jobs to non-citizens, especially non-citizens
    who are ILLEGAL ALIENS, is a super-massive insult-and-attack
    against millions of law-compliant tax-paying citizens,
    especially those who are unemployed or under-employed.

    Why should anyone who lives in the USA even *** PRETEND ***
    to obey the laws, when ILLEGAL ALIENS who are obvious
    law-breakers are given: free housing, free food, free electricity,
    free water, free money and government jobs?


    To the OP, BaalHabooze: Look over here:

    https://www.nationalreview .com/2013/05/illegal-immigration-who-benefits-victor-davis-hanson/”


    Firstly, the OP may also be interested in researching “Tren De Aragua”. They may be teaming up with MS13 gangs. The common-denominator of “isms” such as communism, fascism, is the need to Control. Leaders of many movements are often psychopaths. As per the author of Political Ponerology, psychopaths manipulate “true-believers of ideologies” (a.k.a. “useful idiots”) as tools to activate their goals. The psychopaths themselves are not “believers” though they lie and act as if they are, just as in Orwell’s novel which discusses “doublespeak” (a.k.a. echad b’peh echad b’lev)

    Now for OP’s question, who gains? Answer: Psychopathic control freaks! Think of their goal as totalitarian takeover of countries.
    Referring to Item #3 below, that’s probably the stage we’re at with the criminal-migrant-crisis.
    Next refer to Item #4 below, because people will even accept totalitarianism & martial law, if it results in #4 normalization (versus crisis)

    Yuri Bezmenov (KGB defector) long ago laid out a four-step framework for ideological subversion on a national scale, as practiced by the USSR around the world. This is intentional, directional, change that occurs out in the open. The greater openness of some societies makes them susceptible to this process.

    1. Demoralization. For this step in the process, 15 – 20 years are needed. That is the amount of time required to educate a generation. Helping along the way are media and teachers who have become sympathetic (consciously or unconsciously) to the theoretical causes of the subverting nation. Bezmenov claims that the USSR was surprised at how easy this phase was in the US.
    2. Destabilization. Following the earlier phase, this is a two to five year period to change the target country’s foreign relations, defense, and economy.
    3. Crisis. Perhaps six weeks of chaos as a climatic turning point.
    4. Normalization. This stage changes the appreciation of what the status quo looks like. Bezmenov’s description of this phase also includes military take over.



    The immediate backlash against the current immigration wave will only help get Trump elected.

    So….Business tycoons desperate for cheap labor?


    “Many of these places are in Red States”

    These red state can’t be that bad considering Californians are moving into them in droves.

    I honestly hope republicans keep on losing as well, I want the left to realize their dreams to the fullest extent possible so folks like you can finally see the truth.

    A president can’t fix this, the democracy sham is up. I say let things run their course.


    I was not able to open the link to the Victor Davis Hanson article.

    outside links are broken before posting -mod

    Since it was brought up before about “constitutionality” of allowing illegal “immigrants” to vote in municipal elections, I searched and found this…
    https://ballotpedia. org/Laws_permitting_noncitizens_to_vote_in_the_United_States

    Basically, in municipal elections, State Constitutions, for the most part, have not prohibited, but some states are permitting it, and some have prohibited it.

    My personal opinion on this is about “who benefits” is, that while, in time, a lot of the people who seek residence in the US may turn out to be good citizens, and, probably, like them, will tend to vote for the party that was more permissive regarding their entry, that is not the real agenda here.
    The agenda is a changing of the world order and a tendency on the part of the permissive parties to try to enforce, without any legal right, their agenda of open borders on the greater public.
    It’s like they have their primary belief in John’s Lennon’s song “Imagine.”
    Really, in the long run, these people think they are benefitting, because they think that is the way it should be, but my belief, and a lot of others think that some type of organized type of immigration, by rules established, is the safest and most economically viable.


    I know the Democrat Party does NOT have an organized effort to get non-citizens to vote.
    I have been a delegate to state and national party conventions for decades, sit on the rules committee, etc.

    This is not to say that individual members of any political party may go rogue and do things that are not sanctioned.

    Your comparison and derision of the President is laughable.
    You take a cheap shot at a person who was not the topic of discussion. You sound like an 8 year old calling the President a vegetable. He walks, talks and engages in sporting activities. Time for you to grow up.

    I did not support Mr. Biden in the primary process. I cast my ballot for him as a vote against Mr. Trump. I would do so again this November of faced with the same choice of candidates

    ☕️coffee addict

    “I honestly hope republicans keep on losing as well, I want the left to realize their dreams to the fullest extent possible so folks like you can finally see the truth.”


    By then it probably will be too late



    “You sound like an 8 year old calling the President a vegetable.”

    “I cast my ballot for him as a vote against Mr. Trump.”

    Those remarks prove that you have nothing of value to contribute to this topic.


    CTL, I’m curious what your legal opinion is regarding DACA.
    In my opinion, it was blatantly unconstitutional. Obama passed it via Executive Order, even though it violates current US law. The president is charged to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed”, and DACA goes against that.

    So I ask, as a lawyer, what is your opinion on DACA?


    President Joe Biden has permitted 7.3 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS to enter the USA.

    They all receive, at taxpayer expense: free housing, free food, free electricity,
    free water, free money and some receive government jobs.

    All ILLEGAL ALIENS have received debit cards with $5,000 pre-loaded onto each card.

    They are also intended to receive free Driver’s Licenses, so they can vote.

    Can you calculate how much money this is costing the unfortunate USA taxpayers?

    Since the 7.3 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS are NOT being investigated in any way,
    it is extremely likely that their numbers include many tens-of-thousands of:
    illegal drug dealers, gang members, spies, terrorists, and convicted felons,
    including: murderers, car thieves, home burglars, rapists, kidnappers and con artists.

    Can you image how many billions of dollars this will cost the unfortunate
    USA taxpayers, when the criminals need to be arrested and jailed?

    Can you image how much this will cost the unfortunate USA taxpayers,
    when the terrorists plant bombs on: bridges, buildings, buses and subways?

    Can you imagine being told that your local hospital emergency room
    cannot help you any time soon, because doctors are busy helping ILLEGAL ALIENS?

    But the cost of their medical treatment will be paid-for by the unfortunate taxpayers.

    But none of that matters, so long as the 7.3 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS
    vote for President Joe Biden and his Democratic Party,
    because that is the reason why they were permitted to enter the USA.


    On the merits, it could be possible to have a Missouri compromise: exchange stopping illegal immigration for a large quote of legal immigration. This will stop the flood and calm everyone down. After that, have a political discourse of how much legal immigration and of what kind (workers v relatives, etc) the country wants.


    People who truly benefit are extremists on both sides: every time an idiot on one side says or does something, an idiot opposing him sends a fundraising email to fight the “other guy”. They feed on each other.

    This is what was happening in Weimar republic: some people voted for Commies to fight Nazis, and others – for Nazis to fight commies. One can even argue that, as terrible as Nazi win was, it would have been worse if commies would have won and formed a united Stalinist union from Japan to France.


    There’s a judge in Texas that has a side business that earns him some extra money. He hires illegals in America to sell sombreros at the border to new arrivals.


    You know what’s racist?

    Asking illegal aliens for ID to vote,

    I think it’s even more racist that they can’t use the free money NewYork is giving them to buy firearms without ID.

    Maybe we should make firearms illegal for everyone so we aren’t racists.


    I’ll paraphrase the Victor Davis Hanson article:
    1) Mexico and Central America
    Mexico would have to resign itself to far fewer remittances ($35 billion per year to Mexico, another $30 billion to other Central American countries), potentially greater social unrest (Their social services are not equitable, fair or generous versus the U.S. where the illegal immigrants get subsidized housing, medical care, food, education, etc – paid for by U.S. taxpayers. Ending illegal immigration could cause a revolution in Mexico. ), landmark social reform at home (Mexico has no constitution and discriminates against indigenous people) , and less traction with the American government.
    2) Business
    Expect employers to resent bitterly true immigration reform that would halt the influx of cheap labor. In every “grand bargain,” there will be a Republican shilling for big business. Meat packing plants, Agriculture, Hospitality, landscaping all want cheap labor.
    3) The elite
    In the elite mind, there is no contradiction between hiring Roberto to build a redwood fence in the backyard, and ensuring that one’s own kids go to private schools to avoid joining Roberto’s kids in the neighborhood school .
    4) La Raza.
    Does any other identity group adopt the nomenclature “The Race”?
    With the end of illegal immigration, in a generation or two the very word La Raza or Chicano would disappear from the American parlance, buried under the juggernaut of assimilation, intermarriage, and integration. The presence of 11 million illegal aliens — largely from the poorer provinces of Mexico, the majority non-English-speaking and without high-school educations — warps all civic statistics about the upward mobility of Latinos. Only the influx of millions of illegal aliens replenishes the unassimilated ethnic pool and thereby ensures through the ensuing disparities that the Latino caucus, the Chicano Studies Department, and the accented name of the evening newsreader do not go the way of Italian-, Armenian-, or Greek-American assimilation.
    5) The Democratic party. California, Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico have flipped from red to blue. 550 cities in the U.S. are immune from federal immigration law (aka sanctuary cities). The Democrats have resurrected the Confederate idea of nullification whereby a local jurisdiction can nullify a federal law.

    My opinion is that
    To stop the illegal immigration over the long term, it would be necessary to change election laws at the federal level and disallow any questionable ballots. The federal government would also need to grant itself the ability to investigate and enforce those laws. It would cost billions to standardize election ballots and make them auditable, but illegal immigration is costing tens of billions. The opportunity to do this existed in 2017-8 when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the Presidency, but they failed to tighten election laws at that time. Studies have shown that stricter ID laws disproportionately disenfranchise minority voters. Some believe that this disproportionate burden is indicative of racist sentiments, and absentee voting can facilitate more equitable civic engagement. I believe that as long as the law is applied equally to everyone, it is not racist. “More equitable civic engagement” is just an excuse to enable fraud on the part of minority voters and to allow the Democratic party to turn states from red to blue. Donald Trump has charged that absentee voting is rife with fraud, but when he could have changed it in 2017-18, he did nothing. COVID-19 caused a huge increase in mail-in ballots in the 2020 elections. The RNC has brought lawsuits in Mississippi and North Dakota about absentee ballots, so we’ll see where that goes.

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