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    My only Son

    My one and only son

    My Pride and Joy

    He was my little boy

    But my love for you Hashem was even greater

    As much as I felt for him

    How much more… For my creator


    and I was there

    I said I’m Avraham your servant a father who cares

    And I know that you care too and I’m loyal and true

    So the gift that you gave me I now give back to you….


    Oh hear my cries, dear Father, You can’t leave them alone! My children suffer, abandoned, they’ve lost their way home. I’m a father who went out to serve you, and my children do the same, please Hashem in the name of Avraham….

    Gosh, I really thought my bais yaakov teacher made that song up. And since 7th grade it has been stuck in my head at the most random times.

    Derech Agav

    i remember discussing this wen a sister also learnt it in school probably 7th grade if i remember correctly. i think its a song originally taught many years ago in Camp Tubby

    live right

    I know MBD has a song “hineini” could be this is it. could be not.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Live right, it’s not, but some of the words are similar.

    Derech Agav

    MBD’s Hineini…

    A dark cloud of despair surrounds your heart

    Disillusion with life your face imparts

    You are wandering in a world of confusion

    Reality is hidden behind the web of illusion.


    So my brothers put your faith in the Above

    Say “Hineni,” I am ready to serve you with love.

    The truth lies at the end of a forest dense

    Your heart is your compass your spiritual sense

    Let it lead you along the right road

    And let the words of the Torah be your navigational code.

    Our father Abraham was called by G-D to sacrifice his son

    With the cry of Hineni the deed was done

    Now what will become of our father’s devotion

    Our forefathers smiled as they died in peace

    But the cries they began will never cease

    The words they cried shook the heavens above

    They said Hineni, we are here with love

    beautiful song and when sung by MBD who has that stage personna….

    he deserves the title THE KING!


    i have most the lyrics, but dont know the composer

    Shopping613 🌠

    Im also looking for a song that was also from a play, though it is 10 yrs. Old which is ancient in the computer and music world and practically impossible to find…….good luck finding yours!

    Btw, you guyz know where to buy Julia Blum’s albums???? There are two, one is 12 years old and the other 14. Every place online has stopped selling it……


    shopping- which song?

    Shopping613 🌠

    This is all I have found researching it on the internet, posted this a while back….

    Taken from classic.frumteens

    @ sadah. it was written by Mrs stefansy who is a teach at prospect. I dont know if it was ever recorder however, if it was it would be on a senior tape probably around 2000-2003 13 April 2011 22:28

    Sadah- This song we sang in camp and I rlly need info. on it…this was also mentioned a few times on page 26 of this thread….someone said they thought the prospect park sing this

    HEY what’s the name of this song and whoose it by:

    High up on a mountain, far across the sea

    , all the busy creatures scurry frantically.

    Above them soars the eagle, flying towards the distant light,

    not a glance back at the shadows as he spreads his wings in flight.

    The world thats all around me calls me to join in.

    Its glamour seems to beckon but my beauty lies within.

    I want to soar like the eagleand live a better life

    . I want to be a bas yisroel, a mother, and a wife.

    Can I rise above the glitter, continuing the chain?

    a thousand grandmothers before me, their mission not in vain.

    Will my children ever look at me and try to emulate?

    Will they take pride in their tradition, an inheritance so great?

    Will the shechina have a place inside the person I become?

    “v’asu li mikdash v’shachanti b’socham”

    Can I follow Das Yehudis as I was meant to be?

    Am i the link to the future; the answer lies in me.

    In my mind, I see a woman, a treasure in her heart.

    There’s a special air about her in the way she stands apart.

    Her fortress, bayis neeman, protects her family,

    and I know this is my future. This vision, yes, it’s me.

    I can rise above the glitter, continuing the chain,

    a thousand grandmothers before me, their mission not in vain.

    Yes, my children will look at me and try to emulate.

    They will take pride in their tradition, an inheritance so great.

    Yes, the shechina has a place inside the person I’ve become.

    “v’asu li mikdash v’shachanti b’socham”

    I can follow Das Yehudis as I was meant to be.

    I am the link to the future; the answer lies in me.

    I am the link to the future; the answer lies in me

    Bygirl- Guess were not the only ones who remember it……..does this song ring a bell? I REALLY want the tape if its on one…..if anyone has it PLEASE tell me the name of it! (Because this website does not have a recorder I cannot write a tune, but it is VERY beautiful)



    nope, sorry i dont recognize it


    Shopping, hashgacha pratis. After I saw your post on Julia Blum, I googled it but couldn’t find any place that sold it. Then later I saw a tape of Julia Blum lying around. There’s a phone number and an address on it.

    Management: Chumie Meisels (732)905-9787

    305 Squankum Road Lakewood NJ 08701


    Shopping- I have that song on cd. It’s from a friend’s senior cd- I think she’s a prospect grad… (The “high above the mountains” song) I’d love to email it to you through the mods if they’ll let.

    Shopping613 🌠

    Yeshivaguy45, if its your album, anyway you can upload it to the internet?

    Same for you Gryffindorable if they dont let email….

    Shopping613 🌠

    SERIOUSLY????? AT LEAST WRITE AN ANSWER!!!!! Was that a no or a yes?????

    if a request is deleted, the answer is no. and for future reference, do not submit repeated posts asking about deletions.


    It’s girls singing so I don’t feel comfortable just posting it online for anyone to listen. I’ll let you know by posting here if I find another solution


    shopping, it’s a tape so technically I could upload it but it will take a long time, it may not be muttar al pi halacha and I’m a boy and it’s kol isha so I wouldn’t exactly do it. Sorry


    shopping: can’t help you, but I remember I sang that song at my sixth grade bas mitzva dinner.

    I’m pretty sure it came from a camp, but I could be making that up. (It was a while ago.)

    Good luck!

    Shopping613 🌠

    Sang it also for bas mitzvah!!!!

    Could you please at least post all the contact info on thre CDs and/or tapes???

    Would be a big help!!! Ive been searching for this song for 3 years now!!!


    @ Shopping613:

    Don’t know why you think it’s okay to upload the album to the net. Shouldn’t the singer get paid for her work, talent and investment?

    As noted above, Julia Blum’s CDs are available from Chumie @ 732 905 9787.

    Shopping613 🌠

    Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!


    @shopping613 did you ever find out anything about those songs? I know the High up on a mountain one was by Mrs. Stefansky, I haven’t sung it in years but that’s the amazing thing about music, it all just pours right back- if anyone has recorded it i would LOVE to get ahold of that, and also any of Julia Blum’s cd’s- does calling that number work?

    Shopping613 🌠

    Yes the number does work!!! I tried calling it yesterday!

    There are out of stock of: song from the heart’ but have ‘stand tall’

    If you find a way to get the recording, please tell me!!


    @shopping613 Yes, I called the number a couple days ago, she told me the same thing. Thanks for the reply!

    Question- I’m not too sure about how this works- how do you know when someone has replied to you? Only if you happen to check the thread, or if you have favorited it?

    I know someone who has her own recording “studio” kind of, who loves to sing- I’m going to ask her if she knows the song and wants to record it. I’ll keep you posted!

    Shopping613 🌠

    Amazing! But that does not help me since there is no way I can get it…since we can’t correspond.

    Pity right? Pity that there isn’t a way to attach applications to the CR…


    Shopping, since u seem to be the expert on these types of songs, maybe you can help: there’s a song with a really stunning tune I used to know years ago (sounds like it came from a camp or seminary but I have no idea); unfortunately, I forgot half the words! If you know it, could u please post the words? And tell me how I could get it? Thanks 🙂 The words (the few of them that I still remember, at least) go something like this:

    A rose, unfurling, its beauty born,

    Something something something

    She stands out among the thorn, living up the legacy,

    Something something

    Bas Yisrael so refined


    Forever we’ll go on to whom we’re meant to be,

    Something something

    Carry on our legacy

    Stand dignified

    Within our something (pride? dunno)

    As the am hanivchar we will hold strong.

    Probably has a few more stanzas but I totally don’t remember….anyone know a song similar to that?


    Does anyone know of a song that the high part is something like;



    Together we stood by har Sinai as one,



    Naaseh venishmah amru k’echad”.

    I’m not even sure if those are the exact words. I’ve been looking for that song forever. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Shopping613 🌠

    cozimjewish: No, sorry! Check the old frum teens site. They had a huge thread on songs from camp and stuff, if you search the sit I am telling you you will most probably find it there.

    YYBC, Do you meant I am an ancient wall of stone….song?

    Letakein Girl

    In am an ancient wall of stone stop a hill so high

    And if you listen with your heart you just may hear my cry

    Where has the Bais Hamikdash gone

    I stand here all alone

    Now only ahavas yisrael can build it once again

    Together, together

    We stood by Har Sinai my daughters and sons

    Forever, forever

    We must stand together forever as one

    That’s the beginning of the song that YYBC is referring to. I don’t remember the end, but it’s a very well know song so someone else is bound to post it.


    yayin and letakein: The name of that song is ‘ahavas yisroel’ by Abie Rotenberg and its from the marvelous middos machine. dont remember which volume. You can purchase it on Amazon as a single song DL for just $.99.


    Letakein and shopping: that sounds right. Do you know any details about it (singers cd ect)? In any case thanks a ton, I should be able to find it now. Its one of my favorite tunes, but i couldn’t find the song.

    Letakein Girl

    I found it on YouTube, but it’s a really bad version.

    It was posted by Oorah, and it’s entitled “The Marvelous Middos Machine Episode 3 Part 2 from Oorah’s Shmorg”


    I just found that also. Its pretty bad, (I would love the original), but its exactly the song I was looking for. Thank you so much!

    Shopping613 🌠

    All these random songs that aren’t on CD’s…

    is there a place online to get them? Or they just get passed around via email through thousands of frumgirls?


    @shopping613 it is a pity that there is no such site, there are so many songs I wish I had!


    This song was made up for Prospect Park’s High School Production “Raninu” in 1992. It was under the direction of the very talented Mrs. Shani Stefansky. The theme of the production was Eretz Yisroel and it was the scene of Chevron.


    YYBC – I am pretty sure (but don’t quote me) that MBD and Yeedle sing that song together (on a really old tape), so it’s most likely on mostlymusic. Haven’t listened to that tape in years, but I think I remember liking that version

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    The CD is called “Together”, as is the song, which is the second track.


    Oh cute, it’s a CD now? ;p


    I cry when I listen to that song (Ahavas Yisrael/Together), and I am usually not prone to crying. Btw the original lyrics are:

    I am an ancient wall of stone, atop a hill so high.

    And if you listen with your heart, you just may hear my cry.

    Where has the Bais HaMikdosh gone, I stand here all alone.

    How long am I to wait for all my children to come home?

    A house of marble and of gold once stood here by my side.

    From far and wide all came to see its beauty and its pride.

    But Sin’as Chinam brought it down, and with it so much pain.

    Now only Ahavas Yisrael can build it once again.

    Together, together, you stood by Har Sinai, my daughters and sons.

    Forever, forever, you must stand together forever as one.

    You come and stand beside my stones to raise your voice in prayer.

    You ask “When will the Galus end, how much more can we bear?”.

    But Sin’as Chinam still lives on, it lingers in your heart.

    How can you come back home to me, while you remain apart?

    Together, together, you stood by Har Sinai, my daughter and sons.

    Forever, forever, you must stand together forever as one.

    Together, together, you stood by Har Sinai, b’nai Avraham.

    Forever, forever, you must stand together forever as one.

    Shopping613 🌠

    @ 8mom, I know that so far. But I am searching for the recording, do you know of one availible?


    Shopping613, i have it on my ipod- it is definitely on the Marvelous Middos Greatest Songs cd. It’s sung by kids, but still a good version.

    Shopping613 🌠

    of the song by prospect park?


    Oh no whoops sorry lost track of who was asking what, I meant the together forever song 🙂

    Shopping613 🌠

    Ya, I have heard it before.

    So does anyone have any other good songs rarely found on CD’s?

    Plus, all the songs on STEP IT UP, how can I get them audio?


    @shopping613 I have a bunch of songs from bya, bya seminary, hadar seminary… there should totally be a website for all these random songs unofficially recorded by girls/schools/camps etc…

    Shopping613 🌠

    If someone could make a website or something that would be AMAZING!!

    Anybody have an idea to make a website or a way to get it around?

    Princess Razal

    @astounded have you ever found out who sings “hineni”?


    Plus, all the songs on STEP IT UP, how can I get them audio?

    By buying them the usual way. The game is not meant to include
    the songs, the total cost of which is probably more than the game’s.

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