Why are the liberals going to bus dangerous youths from OOT into Flatbush?

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    Every weekend we unfortunately read more and more stories about attacks on frum yidden from dangerous youths. Now the leftists from a Conservative synagogue are going to rent out space to a charter school for “at risk youth. ”

    Many yeshivot tried to rent the space out but were denied without any reason!

    Does anyone have a rational explanation for this?



    Apparently the kids would come from both Flatbush and other Brooklyn neighborhoods. The article is unclear as to whether the Charter school was the first to inquire about using the schul’s facilities or the yeshivas had been seeking to use the space first. If the former, the shul’s leadership probably was concerned about being accused of reneging on their deal in an effort to discriminate against a predominantly minority school population….something clearly anathema to “progressive” yidden.



    RebbeDebbie is a leitz who is posting on the main site and in the CR underhanded attacks on Yiddishkeit.


    there is no way to explain what they are thinking.

    There was a well attended meeting last night.

    MASSIVE TURNOUT: More Than 1,000 Angry Flatbush Residents Protest “Charter School For At Risk Teens” [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]

    And the politicians are now involved.

    Elected Officials Respond To Disastrous Plans At East Midwood Jewish Center



    Why would a non-Orthodox “shul” rent space to a frum school if they could find someone else to rent to. We are mortal enemies, aren’t we. From the City’s perspective this is a “win win” situation, since they will also be getting political conservatives to come out against “charter schools”.


    anonymous Jew

    Let’s see, people like Joseph condemn their movement, we’re not allowed to daven even in an empty Conservative sanctuary, we don’t accept their conversions or kashrus standards and we certainly don’t include them in any communal organizations. And we’re surprised they when they won’t work with us?


    If you don’t know the situation they had not made any deal with the charter school and were initially approached by more than one yeshiva. Even when the yeshivos offered the same rate that the charter school was willing to pay they were turned down.
    This was only brought to the attention last week when the ads announcing the meeting were published in local newspapers.
    In addition, The faculty of Edward R Murrow High School (4 blocks west of the synagogue) is also leery of the charter school and their proposed clientele.


    AJ, only people like Joseph? Any mainstream frum Yid. However, not accepting their religious outlook doesn’t mean we do things to make them unsafe, yet that is what this board is apparently doing.



    To RebbeDebbie: Just my uninformed guess, but I would bet the school for at-risk utes outbid all the yeshivas.


    Mrs. Debbie
    are you trolling
    for one who claimed that lieberman Is attempting to bring Unity the people of Israel and the haredim are the ones in the way

    is your concern only limited to ethnocentric circles ?
    kids of various colors shouldn’t they be given a chance in a good neighbourhood??
    show concern for Humanity as a whole



    Time for truth: I honestly believe that MK Lieberman is attempting to bring unity to the people of E”Y. Having frum youngmen in the IDF presents a great opportunity for kiruv. While some may worry about their children going OTD when exposed to hiloni soldiers, provided the children had a solid upbringing in yiddishkeit, then there should be nothing to worry about.

    Now while I strongly disagree with the Conservatives, which is better to have in our neighbourhoods: juvenile delinquents (“at risk youth” is a leftist codeword for teenage criminals), or fellow yids learning in yeshivot?

    Note that I NEVER brought up the color of the “at risk youth[s]” skin, it was you that did so.



    huju: it’s been reported here on ywn that the yeshivot offered to pay the same as the charter school



    I believe there’s more than one yeshiva that rents space in a conservative shul. Also, whence the “OOT” in the topic’s title? Aren’t all of the students in the proposed charter school from NYC?


    anonymous Jew

    DY, all of the things I mentioned are all positions that I agree with. I’m just saying that from their perspective, the conservatives might not like it ( from our perspective, can’t be helped ).
    What I find amusing I’d how we react when the shoe is on the other foot. There have been several incidents where frum Jews, attempting to escape the overcrowded, expensive real estate conditions in Lakewood and Rockland, have sought to buy in neighboring semi rural communities. Those residents viewed the Jews ( bringing with them high density housing ) as a threat to their way of life, the same way the Jews of Midwood view the charter school. Why is it antisemitic for the semirural residents to protect their way of life but not racist for Jews to protest against the school.



    AJ: No one against the school for “at risk youth” has brought up race. Why make the issue about race? The issue is that juvenile criminals will be invading a neighborhood. Criminals come from every race, so those making it about race are showing that they may have racist beliefs.

    I don’t think it’s wise to bring criminals into a neighborhood that is already being terrorized by youths committing antisemitic attacks that we read about here on YWN on an almost daily basis.


    yaakov doe

    It’s about the $$$. The conservative temple has dwindling membership and the school is spending $5 million on renovations to the school building. I would assume it’s taxpayers money. They are treating their temple as a business where the almighty dollar reigns supreme.
    EMJC was late in adopting the new stream of the conservative movement with egalitarian prayer and musical instruments on Shabbos and it appears that these changes did not boost membership which has been on decline for years.
    They should sell as the reform temple on Avenue R & East 16th did years ago and the conservative temple on Ocean Avenue and Avenue I did. There is little market for their brand.


    YD: “I would assume it’s taxpayers money.” It may or not be. Charter schools are funded differently then public schools.


    meir G

    which yeshiva in flatbush is looking for space , every school is trembling at the “exodus” of young families , for the first time our major mosdos are running full page ads in the FJJ, schools that until a few years ago had 30 kids in a class and you couldnt get in have now 23 and more accepting
    do u daven in flatbush ? isnt shul less full than 7-8 years ago ( aside from a few new ones )
    flatbush is full of big houses with 2 people living there 6 months out of the year
    did u notice the foot traffic on j 3 stores closed in the last 6 months


    anonymous Jew

    Lowertuiyoon, charter schools are considered public schools and are funded by the city


    Meir G: At least 1 sephardic girls school was looking to take over the building.


    and my shul has not seen any exodus in recent years.



    Yaakov Doe, I believe the temple that became Mesores was Reform, not Conservative.


    School generally do not allow students to leave their grounds during school hours, and the students will be going home to their own neighborhoods once school hours are over. Theoretically, the only extra work involved for outside forces is participating in keeping students from leaving the grounds. Am I missing something?

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