Elected Officials Respond To Disastrous Plans At East Midwood Jewish Center


YWN was given the following joint statement by Senator Simcha Felder, Assembly Members Rodneyse Bichotte & Simcha Eichenstein and Council Members Farah Louis, Chaim Deutsch & Kalman Yeger regarding the East Midwood Jewish Center:

Last evening, hundreds of our neighbors attended a community meeting about the potential lease between the East Midwood Jewish Center and Urban Dove Charter School. We are grateful to all who took the time to come out and express their concerns.

Prior to the community meeting, the six of us met with the leadership of East Midwood and Urban Dove to express our concerns about this potential lease. The Rabbi Harry Halpern Day School building has a long and cherished history in our community as a center for Jewish and spiritual learning. We are concerned that this long and cherished history might come to an end.

We asked East Midwood and Urban Dove to work with us to find a suitable religious school to locate in the Jewish Center’s school building. We believe that is the most appropriate solution and the most fitting legacy to the memory of Rabbi Halpern. Over the next few weeks, we are committed to working with East Midwood, Urban Dove and our community leaders to try to find a resolution.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The reporting on this story has not explicitly stated the objections of local politicians and residents to the lease of the of space to “Urban Dove.” It would be helpful for the objectants to the lease to specify their concerns.

  2. Shavua Tov uMevorakh, and Chanukka Sameach,everyone out there.
    What a sad turn of events for the Kehilla in Midwood, may haShem protect them
    from this unfortunate turn of events.

    Apparently, the Eirev Rav never fails to be moiser bnei-amo le-son’eihem shel Yisroeil, and put innocent Yidden in pukuach nefesh, just for some gelt.

    The most important thing, is to look on the bright side of things, after all, gam zu la-tova, at least now, we
    have Title VI protection, and you can also get expedited registration through your local NRA reps, for special-purpose conceal-carry weapons licenses for the menfolk, mace pepper spray cans mini-tasers & alert whistles, for the ladies. In crisis times, one should daven for siyasa dishmayo, and diligently prepare to meet foreseeable threats ahead.

    By the way, feel free to check to check out what “fine specimens of humanity” they’re churning out, by the end of their program, at this so-called Urban Dove “Charter School” (I use the term rather loosely), as they, upon further inspection, turn out to be a sad, and incredibly ineffective little stop-gap program, for the school-to-prison pipeline.

    You be the judge, after watching it:


    Let us all just hope that Councillor Deutsch manages to put up a fierce and protracted legal battle, to put an end to this travesty. R”L, and lo aleinu, for all the horrendous nisyonos that the unfortunate Yeshiva bochurim and the Beis Chana students, will have to face, if they let loose those “vilder chayes”, mammash a multitude of shameless thugs, ghetto hood rats and barrio punks. No offense, but being PC, is going to get folks maimed, killed, and chas v’sholem, even physically aggressed and/or violated, and pardon me for using such a clicheed exprension, that one has “to call a spade a spade”.