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    What is your opinion of posters who ask leading questions in their OP? We all know that these threads always end up in Onaas Devarim and worse.

    Should they be suspended immediately or should they be given a warning the first time? Perhaps they should be required to subscribe to the email version of A Lesson A Day before returning to our forums.

    Arguing about it will not accomplish anything; we need to take action. So please don’t respond unless you have something intelligent to say.

    I’m hoping to see an objective discussion; this is not the thread for letzanus.


    Would you prefer topics such as what is your favorite soda flavor?


    I think we should have the ability to mute posters who we find make incendiary comments, then of course you will be only seeing half the conversation but perhaps that is for the best.


    *starts unintelligent thread*

    *limits participation to intelligent statements*

    Oh Shreck!

    Is someone doing Onaas Devarim or embarrassing another poster/s here?


    Would you prefer topics such as what is your favorite soda flavor?

    Yes; as long as no one says root beer. Root beer tastes terrible and it’s impossible that anyone would really like it, so we know they are only posting it to be provocative. Don’t you agree that people who say that they like root beer should be banned or at least have their posts deleted?


    Is someone doing Onaas Devarim or embarrassing another poster/s here?

    Perhaps someone wanted to raise awareness of the concept of recognizing leading questions and responding appropriately, as here: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/my-understanding-of-shomer-negia?view=all#post-479701


    Torah613- banning and deleting posters and topics is intellectual dishonesty at its worst. If a poster insults others, you call them out on it. If they are saying apikorsus, you defend kavod hatorah and make rational arguments to further your tzad.

    Banning anything is a sign of weakness. It means that you cannot respond to those that you disagree with, so you need to shut them up. We can respond, we can debate, and we can have productive conversations. Don’t ruin the CR with this shtus.


    RT – +1

    Or in Twitter parlance, RT @RT



    that would be the case if the OP is referring to poster that disagree with his/hers post.

    However, I think that the OP is referring to posters that create threads with the objective of insulting people.


    The Free Dictionary: A leading question is a question phrased in a manner that tends to suggest the desired answer, such as What do you think of the horrible effects of pollution?

    tl;dr of my OP: Is it bad to ask a leading question, or is it terrible to ask a leading question?

    2scents: Not quite, but closer than anyone else in this thread. 🙂


    So Torah^2, you basically want everyone to see things the way you do, and respond to posts you feel are inappropriate in the same way that you do?

    You need to work on your anivus.


    why can’t you simply answer the leading questions? Or just say the question is biased, and move on. Why is this such a big deal that posters should be banned?


    This is indisputably true. Particularly sometimes you see posters who in their post have already concluded their conclusion. These posters should be flogged and banned.

    And I don’t want to even talk about it.


    no one agrees on everything. mature people understand that, and live with the fact that most political and religious issues are complex and multisided. To deny that there are many sides to all issues is foolish. To deny those that you disagree with the chance to express their opinions in intelligent, kovodik ways is even worse.


    Is this a serious thread? I ask this seriously.


    OneOfMany: Thank you for asking. This is not a serious thread at all. 🙂

    Proof: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/what-is-your-favorite-soda-flavor#post-483095


    uhhhhh okay…


    Yeah, Poe’s law and all that.

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