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    LG a mamin is right

    kj chusid

    It’s ok lg we had a whole discussion on this once


    So that everybody in the whole world will know Hashem and only Him alone.


    Just make sure that you’re not just convincing yourself that you actually do want Mashiach to come because you know you’re supposed to. Because that will only ensure that you never actually reach the point where you really do care.


    Consider this a belated, rhetorical answer. The reason the shechinah is crying, and why I need Moshiach to come, is because there’s a tragedy within our communities ongoingly taking place, yet the movers and shakers in our midst tacitly sanction it.

    And that’s, in a word “bullying”.

    Yeah, i know what y’all are thinking, and the answer is no. I’m not referring to “classic” bullying, since that’s NOT being ignored.

    Rather, i’m referring to the bullying against segments of our society whom everyone chooses to ignore, who are the most helpless of all:


    You can find elder-abuse (or neglect) in nursing homes.
    You can find disabled-abuse (or neglect) in group homes.
    You can find prisoner-abuse (or neglect) in prisons.

    But i don’t foresee an EVENT ever taking place about this issue. And so the shechina is feeling the pain of all sufferers, since our souls and the shechina (a.k.a. The Field) are interwoven.

    Moshiach needs to come to heal and rehabilitate all helpless sufferers. The ones caught in a painful trap of body & circumstances. Along with that, the shechina (who is interwoven with all souls) will be released and rehabilitated as well.

    Reb Eliezer

    We pray: ויעשה כולם אגודה אחת לעשות רצונך בלבב שלם so we should all unite to be able to do the will of Hashem with a complete dedicated heart.


    It is an argument in Perek Chelek between Hillel and others if Meshiach will come right away (Hillel holds as the time in between was used up already) or others (forty years in between).

    There is also an argument if the Temple will be built first (Yerushalmi) before his coming.


    So that there will never be any new (or bumped) threads dealing with either moishiach or the shidduch crisis.

    Reb Eliezer


    To clarify: The argument above is if Techiyas Hamasim will be together with Meshiach or 40 years after his coming.

    Sam Klein

    If we want mashiach to come then we all have to do our part/hishtadlus myself included. We need to all come together as one loving nation for a time of serious pre-geula teshuva. Not the personal yom Kippur teshuva but the teshuva of bein Adam lachaveiro and achdus. Of everyone coming together as one loving nation on all levels from frum to Frei to chassidish etc….

    May it happen very soon so we can be deserving of mashiach ASAP


    We don’t hate the frei or MO or reform. But I don’t want my (future) children to get influenced by a hashkafa that I personally don’t agree with.

Viewing 10 posts - 101 through 110 (of 110 total)
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