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    Only G-d knows for certain why these kinds of things are happening.

    However, that is not an excuse for us not to try and give reasons so that we can be aware of our issues and work on them.

    Reasons offered:

    Internet abuse

    Modesty abuse

    Evil speech

    General Immorality

    It seems to me that the study of ethics can remedy in part all of these issues. There needs to be an upward thrust of fear of Heaven.

    May G-d protect his people.


    OMG another Satmar thread. Yikes


    Quark 2

    Satmar in your eyes is equal to the requirement to be an authentic frum Torah Yid? We must live by the Torah, we don’t do what we want or what we feel like. Unlike the nations, we have clear instructions from Hashem on how to live. Our problems stem from us not living according to the dictates of the Torah. We are not like the other nations and we can’t live like them. Their entertainment is NOT our entertainment. What they pursue and value are not our pursuits and values.


    Quark: Oh? I didn’t know Satmar represents the Torah. The tragedies probably struck because most frum Satmars don’t watch movies, huh?

    What’s troubling you, my friend? Do you perhaps feel a bit guilty? Don’t you worry. Just get back to your movies and hide your head in the sand.


    observe, I hear you, but maybe that was a tad much?

    Anyone have any specific ideas to improve?



    Being observant has nothing to do with a Chassidic sect. It means one follows the Torah K’halacha and that which our Gedolim ask of us, whether one is Litvish, modern, Chassidic…the bottom line is orthodox Jew.


    Being an ehrlicher yid automaticaly gets you labeled Satmar. What a great tribute to Satmar. A Sefardi Mizrachist who was converted to Satmar Rov’s shita against Zionism by the sefer ?????? ????? ????? ??? contacted the editor and asked him what he has to do to become Satmar. The man told him, “Nothing. Just be an ehrlicher yid.”


    Why don’t people ask “How come Hashem is so good to me?” when things go well?

    minyan gal

    “Why don’t people ask “How come Hashem is so good to me?” when things go well? “

    I asked that question several times this week – particularly on Monday, when I was having the most amazing day. My life has improved considerably in the past few years, but since the beginning of this week, the upturn is remarkable. I have been smiling and thanking Hashem all week. And I know that things will be getting even better. I couldn’t ask for more. I am incredibly happy and incredibly blessed. When we are able to recognize this fact, it is even better. Shabbat Shalom to everyone.



    Nice thread. Very nice.



    I agree with msseeker. Satmar has true Torah Ideals all the way and is pure through and through.


    The OP asks – why is evil striking us? It is striking us because it is the will of HKBH. Period. If six months ago we had a responsibility to demonstrate more ahavas Yisroel, we still have it. If a year ago we had a need to speak less loshon Horoh, we still need to do so.

    But I would say this. HKBH often acts bmidoh kneged midoh. As we have seen acts of one Jew against another, it speaks to the persistent issue that we have been grappling with for years. Not Kashrus, or Tzniyus, or what kind of concert is acceptable. No. on those bein odom l’mokom issues we have boruch hashem such guidance and such gedorim for those who want them. What we have not dealt with is the lack of ahavas chinom. the lack of respect for one another, and I mean both within and beyond the chareidi community. How can we bring a geuloh for an Am when we dont act like an Am? We strive for individual accomplishment of mitzvos and we ignore our responsibilities as a nation. If you want to read something in to recent events, let that be it. midoh kneged midoh.

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