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    Why are most parents against texting. its a quick and easy way to communicate with each other and thats why its addictive. Nowadays the way of communication is texting and most ppl dont even talk on the phone. why would you call someone if you could text it.I hear that they say you will text girls and all of that.if u will text a girl you will talk to a girl so why do they say you will text stuff you wouldnt say or talk to people you normally wont. that is not true. they make texting like its terrible. i dont understand why. my father took away my phone then gave it back obviously with out text. it is exremly hard and i do not understand why. could somebody explain why texting is bad


    Because it costs more money with texting part of the plan


    u will text things that you wont say and its the biggest waste of time ever!


    Why are most parents against texting.

    Please prove that most parents who are happy with their children having cellphones are against texting.

    Fallacy of the single cause?


    I’m surprised your post is so long texters know how to condense


    hashkafic issues aside..

    i dnt wnt my kds txtng bcz thy wl looz the art of prpr comm and spllng. I also have a soft spot for vowels and I dont want to see them go the way of the penny.


    Because the call doesn’t show up on the bill and they can’t hear at least one side of the conversation. Parents get nervous (and rightly so) when teens and younger kids have lengthy private conversations.


    when i was engaed i contemplated texting things i wouldnt say. i never did text. just contemplated. and im pretty darn frum. so it stands to reason that those who arent on the rightish wing of the spectrum would do more.


    If texting were for good purposes (“Pick up milk and diapers on the way home from shul”) or (“Yes I’m free to babysit tonight”) – it wouldn’t be a problem, any more than telephones, or letters, or whatever. However many people ignore the cost of texting, and use it for inappropriate messages, often sent and received in inappropriate places (such as in class – when the device should be off).


    From what I see, the biggest problem with texting is that it’s addictive. It’s not even the texting itself. Those who text, are constantly checking their cells to see if they received a message.


    This is a question that was sent to someone who sends out halacha emails:


    I wanted to ask you about the new (and exciting for many, nebach, unfortunately)

    trend of “Half Shabbos” whereas people keep full Shabbos but are texting throughout

    the day (hence “half Shabbos”). What’s the halacha here?


    There is no such thing as half Shabbos. Keeping Shabbos 99% is desecrating it 100%.

    Using any electronic devices on Shabbos is strictly prohibited, possibly even D’Oraysa

    as using electricity (where internal circuits are connected and completed ) involves

    melachos of Aish, Boneh, Soser and Molid to name a few. (See Chazon Ish Orach Chaim

    Siman 50:9)

    Again, there is no valid halachic permissibilty to text or otherwise use a cell

    phone on Shabbos Chas V’Shalom (besides in life threatening emergencies), and all

    who do so will ultimately have to deal with the heavenly consequences. May Hashem

    have mercy on His holy nation and spare them from desecrating the holy Shabbos and

    His holy name.

    ha ha ha ha

    one second if your asking if something is wrong with it isn’t that enough proof that it is wrong???

    if your 1000% certain that there is nothing wrong with it it wouldn’t even be a question!!!!

    just think about that!


    please can you answer my point as perhaps I am just out of date and out of fashion.Is it considered acceptable behaviour to text during classes, meals etc when the messagereceived or sent is not urgent. I find it rude but it seems everyone is doing it, all ages etc. Would appreciate feedback Thanks


    Texting is good. Since people began texting, it has cut down on the noise level in shuls, as nobody is talking on the phone.

    Presumably, this is because texting is more efficient and they are able to finish their business before davening.


    the maaleh of texting is being able to direct a question to a female party without a five minute no tachlis shmooze b4. like ” ma pick up my pants from the cleaners please thanks bye” as opposed to wasting a bein hasdorim just to work up to that question on the phone.


    Hey OP,

    You asked and answered your own question without even realizing it.

    The first two sentences of your post should read like this: “Why are most parents against texting?” Answer: “Its a quick and easy way to communicate with each other and thats why its addictive.”



    How about, “Mommy, what can I do for you bein has’dorim?”


    flowers- just want to address one of your points.

    A person might by mistake text a wrong number and then get into a conversation with them. This can happen BUT this can happen with calling someone too. In fact, I’d like to say it might be worse if it happened when talking on the phone because if you like the sound of the persons voice, you might just want to keep talking…

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