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    Why are most parents against texting. its a quick and easy way to communicate with each other and thats why its addictive. Nowadays the way of communication is texting and most ppl dont even talk on the phone. why would you call someone if you could text it.I hear that they say you will text girls and all of that.if u will text a girl you will talk to a girl so why do they say you will text stuff you wouldnt say or talk to people you normally wont. that is not true. they make texting like its terrible. i dont understand why. my father took away my phone then gave it back obviously with out text. it is exremly hard and i do not understand why. could somebody explain why texting is bad


    I am sorry you are upset and I can understand why you text, it is a cost effective and time effective way of communicating with friends etc. You also mention ” thats why its addictive” and therein lies the problem! All too often many young people spend hours on the mobile texting, even in class or at the dinner table. I find that rude and unacceptable, unless there is an urgetn matter to attend to there is no excuse for gazing at a phone during a lecture or meal. Lots of people do it, all the time! On Tisha B’av I was taken aback by the number of people listening to a moving talk, and then peeping a their mobiles. It is their choice to do that, not mine, but it is disconerting to see people of all ages checking and texting during meetings etc. As a mother I have told my kids never ever take the phone out and check or send texts, in class or any social gatherings unlesss truly urgent. I know texting is fun and easy, but we often text to our friends throughout the day, and maybe do not pay attention to our surroundings or families. When I teach I always ask my students to turn their phones off, not on silent! Sorry you feel upset, but try and understand it is not easy being a parent and trying to show a kid you love the benefits of moderation.


    kb – when you understand what is wrong then i will tell you too why it is bad, only by then you won’t need to be told since you will already understand.


    texting in and of itself isn’t ‘wrong’, an addiction to texting is…


    “I find that rude and unacceptable, unless there is an urgetn matter to attend to there is no excuse for gazing at a phone during a lecture or meal.”

    Talking about kids…. What’s so urgent that they should need to gaze at their phone during lecture/meal?


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    another fact is that ppl will write things in atxt that they will never actually vocalize in a real conversation.

    A) its not so awkward

    B)u can always say oops i typed the wrong thing or someone else wrote it

    There ar boys and girls in yeshivos and bais yakovs , who become so addictyed they end up texting on shabbos, uncontrollable.

    Rabbi Wallerstien can confirm this for anyone who finds this hard to believe.


    It’s not that it’s wrong – it’s more that kids are addicted to it and are no longer using actual language skills with which to communicate. The inability to carry on a voice to voice normal conversation with another person, is not to be taken lightly.


    I have seen young mothers verbally abuse their young children who tried to get their attention because they were busy texting.

    Not only is it addictive but too many are doing so on Shabbos too,with many admitting to it and looking for a heter.

    What have we come to!!!


    What’s wrong with texting?

    1. It’s rude. Texters act oblivious to the world and the people around them.

    2. It’s innefficient. You can cover the same ground as a 15 minute text exchange in a two minute phone call.

    3. It gives teens too much privacy. Parents dislike texting for the same reason that teens like it. A parent can sort of keep track of phone calls by checking the phone bill or by eavesdropping. They can’t eavesdrop on text.


    I was appalled at seeing people texting in shul at the prime of selichos. One young lady came in very late, about 20 minutes befor the end. She sat in front of me so i couldn’t help notice that she was busy with facebook and taking photos of the men’s section and texting all. Perhaps, the shuls should have phone detectors to prevent this sickness on Yom Tov. I wanted to tell her something at the end of the services but she left! No, she was not the only one busy with this texting. This texting has become a real sickness!


    Ok. Texting in itself is not wrong. I think parents overreact, i am not yet a parent so when i am one i will reconsider, but texting is not wrong its that ” instant gratification” creeping up, and the urgency that young kids feel. When i was in day school, ( i got a cell phone in 8th grade right after 9/11), and in highschool, they were absolutely not allowed in class, it never really happened but if someone was caught with the phone out it was taken away and not given back until a parent came to pick it up. So as far as texting in class, that shouldn’t be an option. Texting in a meeting or lecture is that persons own decision and problem, noone should be on here judging them or criticizing. If you think it looks rude then YOU dont do it. Dont worry about someone else. As far as texting boys and girls..this is what really gets me!!! If you have children in bais yaakov and the like..and allow them to know boys/vice versa/ outside of school, then catching them texting them should not be a shock. My husband used to teach at a boys school in boro park, charedi school, black and white he taught 6th 7th grade, but a lot of these kids said they ” had girlfriends”, and went on “dates”. 7th grade..i know..but still. If you have a young in a school like that, but let him spend time with girls outside of school and give him a cell phone..hes a human being what do you expect.


    One young lady came in very late, about 20 minutes befor the end. She sat in front of me so i couldn’t help notice that she was busy with facebook and taking photos of the men’s section and texting all.

    Maybe this is just me, but I’m happy that she came to Selichos. Her heart is in the right place.



    texting can make people do things they would never otherwise do. Trust me, I know from experience. Texting is very nice and convenient when used properly but unfortunately that is not always the case.

    I don’t think you shouldnt be allowed to have texting but you have to know yourself, i guess. I have a friend who’s parents gave her texting but she blocked it for her phone only because she felt that she couldn’t trust herself.

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