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    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    I guess the moderator didn’t agree that it was 100% correct (I’m curious what it was).


    Charlie, I have no idea what happene t your comment. I thought you brought out an excellent point.

    tro11, Truth was responding to me. Since he said Kohanim are born on a higher level and I argued, saying that they are not born better, he wanted to make sure we are talking about the same thing before arguing further.


    Would you say they have a different Neshama? I wouldn’t. I say they are born to this job, which represents a certain Madreiga. It is not inherent to the Neshama, it is inherited from the father. I wouldn’t say that being born a Cohen makes someone closer to Hashem.


    How does a “madreiga” not mean “higher”. In a certain area, it seems, they are closer to Hashem. That’s doesn’t negate our opperunities in other areas,


    That’s why I wrote that they have a job that represents a certain Madreiga, not that they are in a certain Madreiga. But, that being the case, their Brachos are worth more, as Hashem promised; and after keeping up the Kedushas Haguf they obviously, by means of the Mitzvos, achieved personal Madreigos, which we can all do by doing our share. Yes, we are missing out on those Mitzvos that they are lucky enough to have, but through Vekidashto and learning we get a Chelek.


    im not quite understanding some peoples point. if women are on a higher madreiga, why did Chazal institute the brocha of shelo asani isha for men?


    I think that even the coffeeroom promotes inequality because they dont let us women be MODS! not fair!


    there are women mods

    always here

    “there are women mods” .. wow! surprised! plural, yet 😉


    The “all men are created equal” is not really a frum concept.

    G-d created us different than other nations and he created men to be different than women. Men and women are not equal. Deal with it.


    can you please explain me what you mean there are women mods? are you for real?


    yes i will be glad to explain it:

    there are moderators here who are women.


    Here? you sit in a office all day and read peoples posts? That can be terribly boring! can you become a mod?!?!?!?!


    can you become a mod?!?!?!?!

    i already am a mod


    stop it! can I become one?



    ill be glad to send out an application

    first though you need to answer some preliminary questions

    1. any moderators in your family?

    2. is your IQ 140 or greater?

    3. which Moderator university did you do your post-grad work in?

    4. can you use and maintain an espresso machine and take complex coffee orders from senior moderators?


    i will answer the questions all in a backwards order….

    4. that is my specialty what do you think i do all day at work?

    3. Harvard University out in Marshall, Indiana

    2. I dont like to brag but I am very smart. Like the type that everyone came to study with me in High School

    1. no but only because my parents have a life


    okay well run a background security check and get back to you


    cant wait! I was looking to quit my current job anyhow so this just might be something else to keep me busy with. Please email me that application! LOL


    i dont think you understand

    moderators dont get paid

    we wouldnt stoop to such a lowly practice (were kind of like royalty in this and other respects)

    we are all independently wealthy.

    you actually have a job?!

    umm let me think about this, oh it seems all are applications were ruined in the umm flood, yeah thats it, in the flood.

    well, im sure well manage to get more in, not sure when though, sometimes it takes a very long time.


    we are all independently wealthy.

    That makes me qualified! I dont need a job for the money I need it for the activity! LOL When I get married that aspect might just change but thats the reality for now

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