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    hey everyone! do you (have) know any funny, cute, creative, crazy proposal ideas? storys…?

    and NO! im not a dude! and im NOT dating! just thought wud b funny!


    It depends.. where do you stand with Moochie Goochi nail polish?


    my cousin put his proposal in a chineese fortune cookie, it made for a nice desert. there is a company that will allow you to put messages in their cookies and they are kosher!


    My brother in laws proposed to my sister while on a bridge. He told her if she said NO, he would jump into the ocean.

    B”H they are happily married and have a beautiful home with the foundation on Torah and Mitzvos!


    Unfortunately, these days they have to think of creative ways to “pop the question,” because the boys these days don’t have the guts to ask it by thenselves!

    Guys, if you’re ready to get married, you need to be able to say what’s on your mind, you can’t always get someone or something else to do it for you. Communication is the foundation of ANY relationship.


    on the score board in yankee stadium . you buy a time slot,( like bottom of the third)and make sure your intended is watching the board at that time.


    Paint a message on a blimp.


    I know someone who taped the ring to the bottom of a champagne bottle and gave the bottle to his wife in a way that when she took it she put on the ring and then proposed.



    You are so right.


    One thing I would like to recommend against is putting a ring into any sort of food item. As funny as it may sound I have actually heard one story where the restaurant put the ring into dessert and the girl swallowed it…


    From the old Mary Tyler Moore show…

    The divorced Lou Grant tells Mary he wants to propose to his girlfriend but doesn’t know how because it’s been so long since he’d done such a thing.

    Mary tells him just do it like you did the first time 20 years ago.

    Lou says he can’t say that stuff now.

    Mary says “Come on, why not? What did you say back then?”

    Lou says “I said ‘Don’t worry, I’ll marry you!”



    I agree with you 100%. Thats a question that I always thought needs to be said outright.


    If he gave her ring when he proposed isnt that sort of marrying her?

    pet peeve


    agreed. i respect a guy who is able to express himself appropriately much more than a guy who is out to “impress” with his creativity. open, honest, and genuine communication holds a lot more weight for me than shtick, in this case.


    i heard of a guy who brought a van and said, would you like to help me fill it up?

    another story was he brought his dirty tzitzis, and said would you like to do my laundry for the rest of your life? Not too romantic, but cute (ish)


    rebbitzen, was he lookin for a maid or wife. LOL!


    If he gave her ring when he proposed isnt that sort of marrying her?

    No, we had this discussion a short while ago.

    Since he intends for the ring to be merely a gift and not to effect kiddushin, and she knows this as well (and does not want to accept the ring for kiddushin) and since it is the common custom and practice to give a ring for engagement without it being for kiddushin (and hence, everyone who sees this going on knows that it’s not for kiddushin), it is therefore not an actual marriage.

    The Wolf


    Along those lines:

    From a Kohain: Do you collect silver dollars?

    Any others?


    “Paint a message on a blimp.”

    Can’t do that if that blimp is the girl you’re going to marry.

    That’s ossur; negi’ah.


    someone went on a roller coaster with the girl and told her to close her eyes and they bot was holding a paper that said will u marry me so the rollercoaster took a picture,then when the ride was done they went to c theyre picture and she saw him holding the paper in the picture so she said yes!!!!


    One thing I don’t like is the going down on one knee for a proposal. IMHO this is very goyish and not batampt. This just rubs me the wrong way and I hear a lot of boys these days do it. Does anyone else have a problem with this or is it just me?


    the man confirms with the father that he is to marry his daughter. thats how it goes.

    its only funny/cute etc if one of the men says something funny during this time.

    thank you ladies and gentlemen, thank you.


    aries: I completely agree with you. (Though I do not think it is widespread at all in frum circles.)


    I don’t have a problem with it. It seems foolish, but love makes people do foolish things.

    I don’t have a problem with something being goyish. I don’t know what that means. If there is nothing wrong with it, it shouldn’t make a difference if a jew or a goy thought of it first.


    i get very turned off when i hear how boys propose in the most ridiculous ways. idk i think its a lack of tznius……


    We always do things differently than the goyim. In fact, throughout history sometimes when the goyim adopt something we have been doing the rabbonim have us stop doing what we used to do so as not to do the same as the goyim.



    But he can paint with a “gahrtel”.


    My father proposed over the phone!!!!

    Another thing- my father’s russian, so one time (after they were married) in a resteraunt my father said, “I think I’ll get the weel.” And my mother’s like, “It’s veel, not weel”

    And my father says, “Oh, like veel you marry me?” He was kidding!!


    I heard a story of a guy who took a girl in a car and drove past a BMW dealer at which he had hung a sign saying “Be My Wife”


    idk i think its a lack of tznius……

    Tznius is the “commerce clause” of contemporary Judaism.



    i thought that THIS was going to be a proposal.

    haha if you know me – this would have been the perfect place 🙂


    popa: Tsk tsk, talking dangerously. 😉


    yea popa – i’m surprised at you (after that grad thread and all 😉 )

    anyway – my husband proposed to me here in the cr after almost 21 yrs of marriage (i believe it was on the “how to treat your husband” thread)- that’s right – i never got an official proposal b4 we got married! he just took me to 47th st manhattan and asked what setting i like – so i figured that meant we were getting engaged. how romantic!

    any of you see the macabeats proposal video? look it up. sorta cute. true proposal.

    also i heard a story of a guy whose last name is feiner. one day he called up the girl he was dating and asked how she is. she said “fine” then he said “how’d you like to be FINER?” but you can only do that if your last name is feiner and if she answers fine. 🙂


    so gefen i still haven’t gotten an answer. I would do it again would you:)


    for those of us who are single….are our chassanim going to be posters here too?


    chaptzvi – i’m still thinking about it 😉

    it’s good to keep ppl in suspense.


    chaplain – dump the ingrate.

    yossi z.

    Coke: no my chosson won’t be a poster as I am a guy. =D

    😀 Zuberman! 😀


    yossi- you’re right. that was meant for the gals on this thread not the guys


    Did any of you watch that infamous propsal on TheCoolJew and Utube from this winter of of the couple in Monsey. It was a HUGE show- fireworks, champaign, in the center of town…

    I think its best when its between two people ina romantic setting without the whole world being a part of a private and special moment..

    And getting down on one knee…NOTHING WRONG!!


    As soon as my (now) wife got on her knee I immediately said yes!


    hey pac-man – tryin’ to ruin shalom bayis?

    chaplaintzvi said “them’s are fightin’ words”

    anyway i don’t think he’s gonna drop this ingrate any time soon. he’s stuck with me 😉


    1) My cousin brought a big pink cake, with icing on it saying “Will you marry me [plonis]?”, and sat in a hotel restaurant, and gave it to the waiter beforehand. Then they ordered drinks, and the waiter took a long time… and when he got the signal brought in the cake and put it down. She said yes, and the waiter – unasked, obviously – turned around and announced to the whole hotel “SHE SAID YES!!” And everyone cheered!

    2) Another cousin of mine took out a pack of cards, and did two brilliant card tricks. Then, the third one, he told her to take a card. She did. He then said “Put it back in the pile”. She did. Then he pulled out a card he had printed before with a nice deisgn which said on it “Will you marry me Esti?”, and pulled it out with a flourish: “Is this your card?” He asked…

    3) I heard about a guy – although i doubt it is true – who paid the guy in the underground station (subway?) to replace the lettering on the board which announces “The next train will be…” to say “Will you marry me…”

    4) My mother had a friend who was dating somebody quite wealthy, and they were out somewhere, when the boy suddenly pointed to the window, where a plane was flying past, pulling a sign saying “WILL YOU MARRY ME…” — very original, but a waste of money!

    5) One of my friends placed a few helium balloons in his car boot which spelled out the words “Will you marry me…”, and pulled open the boot, so that the balloons flew out one by one!


    I know a guy who infected his wife with smallpox, and then, he had decorated the isolation room in the hospital with balloons and catheters that spelled “Will you marry me?”


    What on earth was he doing in a Yichud room?

    If it was his wife, why did he need to propose?

    frummy in the tummy

    torah – haha, nice one. popa, I think she got you.


    If you are yeshivish: maskim?


    Torah613613 and frummy in the tummy are very similar personalities….



    gefen, out of curiosity, did you ever answer? maybe i better come check it out in person 😉




    My son took his then soon to be kallah to a restaurant they liked, and hired a magician to do magic tricks at their table. He had him take a bunch of beads with letters on them and “magically” turn them into a bracelet for her that read (_______ will you marry me). She was really touched. That was 11 years ago. I like creative proposals.

    My son-in-law took my daughter to a planetarium museum on Long Island, and they saw the lights show with the beautiful planets and stars, after which he led her to a previously-prepared by him collation for two with roses and wine, and proposed to her. That was almost 7 years ago.

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