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    a mamin

    Anyone has any details to give me? Symptoms, how was it diagnosed, maintenance?


    1.why do you ask?

    2.google it.

    kol daveed

    Moderator-80 – A Mamim is one of our Jewish brothers. It’s possible he doesn’t use the internet or isn’t familiar with google or wikipedia. Rather than snap at him, we should be helping him especially considering it’s Elul.

    a mamin

    I did. Now I am asking for anyone with personal knowledge of this disease. Can not treating Wilson Disease cause Bipolar Disorder?



    nobody is snapping

    and in order to answer the question appropriately we need to know why he is asking.

    was he just recently diagnosed, or someone he knows.

    the cr may or may not be an appropriate venue to dicuss this, depending on how personal the issue is

    but thanks for donning l’kaf zchus, especially considering its Elul


    again a mamin:

    why do you ask?

    a mamin

    Family member might have it.



    those with personal knowledge, go ahead

    a mamin

    Dr. 80 Can you give me any info?


    80, did you ever diagnose it?


    i never diagnosed it

    i have some very limited experience with it, since it has some ocular manifestations, but it is not a common disease

    i have no experience with treating it but apparently it can be treated very successfully with chelating agents. i never heard of bipolar disorder being a side-effect of the treatment but as i said my experience is limited.

    kol daveed

    Mod 80 –

    I admit when I am wrong and now I am wrong. Will you please mochail me? Thank you.


    theres nothing to be moichel

    you misunderstood my intentions

    very easy to do in a forum

    i do it all the time.


    a mamin – “Can not treating Wilson Disease cause Bipolar Disorder?”

    As is well known – psychiatric symptoms often manifest itself in Wilson’s disease.

    Here is an Abstract from the American Neuropsychiatric Association, that talks about Bipolar in Wilson’s disease:



    No one has given a simple Wiki or clear definition what Wilsons Disease is. I read that it is a Genetic Abnormality that the body produces a copious amount of Copper. I think the Liver becomes Toxic from the body producing too much Copper. I also read if treated early a person can survive, if not treated and discovered people can become Demented. Some practical and natural things that may help. Don’t cook food in a Copper Pan or Pot. Buy Multi Vitamins without Copper. Go to the Health Food Store and speak to the Owner/Manager about recommending a good liver Flush (Kosher Certified). Dadelion Root and Milk Thistle are also good Herbs for Cleansing the Liver. If someone would like to give a better answer please do.

    old man

    Generally speaking, the disease must be relatively advanced in order for it to present with neurological symptoms. Bipolar disorder is not one of them, but impulsiveness and schizophrenic symptoms are (very very rare). It is very successfully treated with chelating agents to remove the excess copper. The diagnosis is fairly easily made with a good look at the cornea. It is a rare disease and often goes undiagnosed for years.Once treated, most complications are due to patient noncompliance (not taking the medication).


    YDU -“I read that it is a Genetic Abnormality that the body produces a copious amount of Copper. I think the Liver becomes Toxic from the body producing too much Copper.”

    It is a genetic disorder, but the body doesn’t produce any copper, like you said.

    Breakdown of copper in the liver can’t occur because of the problem with the enzyme that breaks it down. Like most problems this is due to a malfunction in the gene that tells how to produce this protein.

    As far as Bipolar in WD, it wouldn’t actually be the Bipolar disease, in most cases, but I can definitely see s/o diagnosing Bipolar when it’s really WD. Bipolar is s/o who has both mania and depression. That’s why they used to call it Manic-depressive disease. These two symptoms are one of the many in WD.

    From Emedicine:

    “Psychiatric signs –

    Hyperkinetic behavior

    Irritability or anger

    Emotional lability



    Difficulty concentrating

    Abnormal behavior

    Personality changes



    a mamin

    Thank all of you for your input! Besides waiting for test results, I do know someone who was diagnosed with Wilson Disease after being treated by a Pyschiatrist for Bipolar. Thats where the question came from.

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