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    Working on it

    Since there is an article (more like an ad) on the front page about wine, I figured it would make a good topic. I am always looking for good suggestions for wine and I am cautious to believe what the store employee says because, well, they want to make a sale.

    Anyhow, the idea here is to share your experience and help others to identify what they may like without buying a bunch of things they may not. Please make sure to add a price range if possible for better distinction.

    I will go first; I tried a wine last week which was excellent (for the price – around $12). It is called Bin by Binyamina. I had the Merlot and it was really good, not too dry like some other Merlots. This is a wine I would recommend to anyone who likes a nice dry wine. They also have a Cabernet which I hope to try this shabbos and will let you know how it turns out.

    So… what are your suggestions?


    When it gets closer for me to start cleaning, then I will whine.


    if you suspect that the prices in a wine store are unfair, look them up on your smartphone.


    Other than the 1st cup this year being a Chiyuv mideOrraisso this year for the 1st time in 14 years, all remaining cups are miDerabonon, so considering that all wines are Kosher le’Pesach, don’t worry yourself too much about all these issues.

    There are only 2 Mitzvos midOraaisso on Seder nite nowadays:- 1) Sippur Yetzias Mitzraim & 2) Achilas Matzo; [Not counting Birkas haMozon which is not unique to Seder nite]


    “Chiyuv mideOrraisso this year for the 1st time in 14 years”

    How is this year different from all the previous 14?


    He means that kiddush on shabbos is deoraisa while on yom tov it is drabbonon. Seder night this year is on shabbos.


    147: The takana of 4 cups of wine falls under lo sasur. In addition the chasam sofer holds it has a din of pirsumei nisa which has a doraisa source (in his opinion). In fact pirsumei nisa sometimes overrides mitzvos doraisa. I will also point out that a person must sell the shirt off his back for arba kosos, but does not have to do so for matza. Drabbanans are extremely important. Ki tovim dodecha miyayin (shir hashirim). Chavivin divrei sofrim yoser miyaina shel tora. And especially here when the yayin is midivrei sofrim.


    How is this year different from all the previous 14?

    Its Fri night therefore kiddush is ????????!


    if youre not convinced about the chumra of a dirabanan, see R’ Yonahs shaar tshuva, shaar gimmel.


    Back on topic . . .

    If your looking for something that isnt too pricey, try the Cabernet Merlot blend from Mony wineries. Oftentimes blends are inferior wines, especially if they price out at the lower end of the spectrum, but this is really, really good. It has a very low acidity and is not at all sweet, BUT, it is quite fruity (tones of berries and pear) and really very enjoyable to drink. I have gotten it for around $10 a bottle, and sometimes on sale at 3 for $25.

    Two points about this wine: First, it is really excellent when drunk soon after opening, it does not handle the air well, however, and I find the flavors deteriorate and the wine turns quite acidic within 24 hours after opening, even with an airtight cork. Second, since this wine seems so sensitive to air, it drinks VERY badly out of silver cups. If you use it, go with glass.

    Feif Un

    I prefer white desert wines. I wrote this in another thread, this is just copying and pasting:

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