With what was known about L Aron, could anyone have predicted that he'd murder?

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    With what was known about L Aron, should people such as professionals/clergymen who knew him have sensed that he’s a likely murderer or a danger to society?

    Do we have any newfound knowledge and experience from this case, that helps determine who might be dangerous, and keep them away from society, without resorting to locking up everyone of questionable sanity?

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    If the reports that he tried to abduct another child are true, then obviously, something should have been done.

    Otherwise, although I never met him, if he just seemed odd, but never tried to harm anyone (that anyone was aware of), I really don’t know what could have been done.

    We all know people who seem very odd (at least I do), and we try to keep our children away from them, but what else can we do?

    Keep in mind that the vast majority of “odd” people are probably completely harmless.


    Any opinions?

    If no one is 100% sane, and anyone with questionable sanity is a potential murderer, how do we determine who is more or less likely to murder, before the act?


    No, there was absolutely no way to know or predict. He had a totally clean record (except for a minor misdemeanor that was essentially equivalent to getting a driving ticket).

    He was a little weird, but if you tried to throw out of society (not that you could even if you tried) all people who are slow, you’d have so many people to start with you’d never get anywhere.

    Also, the DA yesterday confirmed that the Medical Examiner determined their was no sexual abuse in this case. Nor did Aron have any history of such abuse in the past.


    I dont think it was predictable. I’ll state a few points that are worth mentioning

    1) This was the first time he ever abducted a child. I know they must do their part and look for other victims but they arern;t going to find any. That is what is SO shocking with this case–based on the serial killer nature of his killing (trophies etc…) we should expect to find more bodies–but we wont

    2) this was purely a random encounter–Levi was not prowling the streets looking for a little kid that Monday. It just happened.

    3) Levi probably had some type of deep buried compulsions that may have been knocking at the surface (reports of him attempting to lure boys) The chance encounter set off a reaction in him that led to the tragedy.

    4) he probably did something in their first dialogue to secure Leiby’s trust–something that only a “frum guy” could pull off. Something as innocuous as acknowledging he knows his cheder to even his street or shul. Whatever fear Leiby had at that point was now secured–he was safely in a frum mans hand going to his mother….

    5) If you notice from the videos, Levi is walking a few feet ahead of Leiby at all times–a classic “child molester” defense mode. Levi’s thoughts are in overdrive–he has morbid thoughts that are consuming him.

    6) He possibly lied to Leiby and told him that he spoke with his mother and said it was okay to go to Monsey. The Monsey trip was a decoy. kind of built him an alibi–he also knew he couldnt bring Leiby in to the house until “after tzais”

    7) I think he wanted to sexually abuse Leiby but couldn’t bring him self to do it, he then perhaps tried to drug him so he wouldn’t be aware of what was happening–perhaps he OD’d and Levi panicked and then smothered him.

    8) the dismemberment is truly bizarre. But it obviously gave him some thrill, some pleasure and he kept the feet as a trophy or to later dispose of as a decoy.

    9) I will say that if he had not gotten caught, then there would have been more victims–how soon, we’ll never know B”H

    10) There is something very clear that G-d is telling us. It is so random and bizarre that it has to be from Hashem. I have many ideas and thoughts on what Hashem wants to tell us with the murder of Leiby Kletzky but who am I to say?

    Can anyone with some forensic experience please tell me that Leiby was so intoxicated that he didn;t know what was happening…..my heart will rest better knowing that he didn’t suffer too much. I just can’t get the vision out of when Leiby went from being secure in Levi Aron’s hands to being scared and wanting his mommy…..

    Hashem Yerachaim


    Everything Levi told the cops bore out as true. He panicked when he saw the massive search. That being said, the search was absolutely the correct approach to finding Leiby zt”l, as there was no way to predict Aron’s lunatic reaction.


    yobwej, The Monsey trip was a decoy. kind of built him an alibi–he also knew he couldnt bring Leiby in to the house until “after tzais”

    After tzais? Are you thinking that Levi didnt first take Leiby home to change, before the wedding? People who saw Levi at the wedding would know. When captured on video, Levi had a cap on, what headcovering and clothing was he wearing at the wedding?

    If he did enter the house during the day with Leiby, I find it very hard to believe that no one on the block saw this.


    Let’s go around predicting who the next murderers will be. Brilliant.


    i dont think the family would be very pleaesed with this discussion

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