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    Is it ever okay for a woman to exercise outdoors? Like ride a bicycle or take a job?


    Since we aren’t members of the Taliban, lets let each woman decide that for themselves.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    MR, without getting involved in specifics, tznius isn’t a free for all.

    Maybe I should eat chazzir, since I’m not Taliban, I should decide for myself.

    SF, exercising and taking a job aren’t equal.


    The first post is an obvious troll- ride a bike or take a job? Oh, wait, he probably meant take a jog.

    DaasYochid, while there are standards of tznius that aren’t a “free for all” whether an individual woman follows them are her choice. She should, but we don’t stone them, throw bleach on them, beat them or kill them if they don’t. If you don’t want to marry them, invite them into your home, be friends with them, that’s fine.



    Look who asked the question, recall his/her previous posts on this site, look at the bizarre formulation and grouping exercise with taking a job, determine OP is trolling.


    hth: Good point, he probably meant “jog”.

    Still not asking in earnest, based on prior posting history.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Yes, troll. But once the mod let it through, I wanted to point out the fallacy, because there are plenty of naive people.

    Hth, yes, we can’t enforce not eating chazzir either. (I’m not equating it with bike riding.)


    If it can be done Tzniusly, then it’s fine. Now the debate will be whether it’s possible for exercising to be Tznius, I’m sure.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Now the debate will be whether it’s possible for exercising to be Tznius, I’m sure.

    I hope not, because such a debate in a public forum will probably not be tzniusdik.


    In the spirit of the day, the most hazardous activity for a woman in public is to exercise her freedom and independence.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    As I was saying…

    yaakov doe

    I have never heard of any objection to the women walking for excercise on Ocean Pkwy or in Prospect Park as long as their are dressed properly.

    Now a job is another thing altogether.


    akuperma: “There has never been a halacha that women aren’t allowed out of doors.”

    Really? I guess you missed Shulchan Aruch 73:1 and Rambam Hilchos Ishus 13:11.


    Is it every okay for men to look at women exercising in public. What do you do when you a see a goysih girl jogging in public? Do you stare or look the other way? Same applies for a Jewish girl, DON’T LOOK!!!!


    If you want to look at a girl who’s jogging, you won’t get to look at her very long unless you too are jogging, because pretty soon she’ll leave you behind!


    kfb- there is a big difference between the goyish girl and the Jewish girl. The goyish girl has no obligation of “lifnei iver” while the Jewish girl has such an obligation.

    I am not commenting on the opening question. I am only commenting on your comparison of the two situations.


    Sure, but if she is dressed tzniusly, it is still your aveirah for looking.


    I meant jog. Thanks for the benefit of the doubt from some.


    If a woman is dressed tzniusly and behaving in a tzniusdike manner, are there any halachic problems?

    Obviously, I doubt a chassidic viber would go jogging in kiryas yoiel, but if you’re in an area where people are out and about, women exercise, and it’s not a big deal, no one cares.


    I’d say minhag hamakom, as many have said above. My mom jogs every morning, as do many people where I live, but I can see people in other places objecting. (Whether they’re right or not isn’t the point, because in the end they’re the ones with the power.)


    Why is Joseph so transparent? See http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/tznius-standards/page/2#post-5132



    He never even learned to quote Even HaEzer. Just calls is Shulchan Aruch 73:1. Oh, and I think this proves my assertion that temimus is also Joseph.



    Power Walking attracts attention because the movements are exaggerated, while natural walking – even if brisk – does not stand out. What you wear matters a lot, too. Much of tznius is logical, and what is not obvious depends on the individual’s sensitivity to nuances. Each person has her own “tznius journey”, and our own should keep us too busy to judge others unless we are in a position to influence others; then we may speak up, if need be.


    Wolfman- how is this considered a stumbling block? If I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing and not looking, I won’t stumble

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