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    for a perfectly healthy person

    to start an IV and hang a couple of litres of dextrose/saline solution on a slow drip, removing it after Yom Kippur.


    I heard in a shiur this is discussed quite clearly in Igros Moshe, however, haven’t seen it inside. Apparently he paskins that it’s Gezeira Demalchisa if someone can’t fast, and therefore shouldn’t be done.


    No differnt than asprin and caffine suppositories, would be my guess

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    Oh, I’m sorry, I rushed to a quick answer, didn’t notice this was referring to a perfectly healthy person.


    what is a Gezeira Demalchisa?

    a gezaira from the king? meaning HaKodesh Borchu?


    Yes, a decree from Heaven.


    i think your answer is perfectly applicable fabie

    i was really referring to someone with difficulty fasting

    by “perfectly healthy” i meant without any medical diseases that the IV would be treating,

    just to make the fast easier

    i had no idea people have actually asked shailos about this.


    Was wondering the same. I hear many woman do it and it just doesn’t seem right to me.

    You’re defeating the purpose of fasting, IMO.


    I’d be surprised if “many women do it”.

    How many women have the knowhow to do something like that?


    i know a young woman who is otherwise healthy but has a terrible time fasting! at about 11 am i saw her almost pass out in shul. she went home and did not return. if this was mutar, it would be wonderful thing for her. her mother is a nurse and could put in the line and monitor it herself.


    As a person who is a terrible faster, I know that people who don’t fast well should not be in shul. This year, I thought I could manage, it was a big mistake and I really got sick from being in shul while fasting. I would also love this IV solution except that I feel it isn’t the Inuy that a fast is supposed to be, if that makes sense.


    commonsense -It’s only possibly mutter if you start the line before YK, if you want to start a line on YK or Shabbos -it has to be a sakanah nefoshos!

    minyan gal

    The purpose of an IV is to provide hydration – doesn’t this defeat the purpose of fasting? Also, it would be difficult to attend shul while pushing around an IV pole.


    There are two aspects of fasting. One is the issur of eating or drinking. The second is the aseh of “Ve’inisem es nafshoseichem”. If one hydrates with an IV, he does not transgress the issur of drinking, but he does not get the mizvah of inuy.


    Maybe we should also try to figure out how to mainline a burger with fries, while we’re at it! I suspect this was a “klutz kasha.”


    Pregnant women who cannot fast are told to do this sometimes.

    I think the difference is that you aren’t eating and drinking even though you are rehydrating. Its one step down.


    If someone is in such poor health as to require an IV, they probably should not be fasting.


    It’s certainly muttar if the IV is inserted before Yom Kippur, but the Poskim who discuss the issue disapprove because if one is healthy they should fast properly and if not the Torah permits them to drink and one should not try to be smarter then the Torah.


    So how many of us are showing up to next Kol Nidrei, IV pole at hand?

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