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    bais yaakov maidel

    Hello Coffee Room Lurkers,

    I used to frequent this place, to be precise, 7 years ago, and recently found myself wandering back here. I looked at some of my old posts and wow, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then. I don’t have time anymore to philosophize about frum girls learning gemara or women’s tafkid. I did appreciate the discussions and opinions shared back then though. Sadly, I never did have the time to pursue gemara learning seriously .I come to all of you here with a question, but first some updates:

    I’m on the verge of completing my MD and have 2 small children; this leaves very little time for anything else. But some recent COVID-related changes in our curriculum have left me with a few spare hours a week and the bandwidth to reflect on my journey from exemplary Borough Park Bais Yaakov graduate, to Limudei Kodesh high school teacher, to wife, mother, and (almost) medical doctor. I have stories, anecdotes, and thoughts rattling in my brain like pennies in a pushka and was thinking of putting it into writing in a blog. The activation energy to getting started is high, but I would be inclined to do it if it would inspire, motivate, encourage (or even just entertain) people to reach beyond the typically prescribed path. My goal is not to rock anyone’s boat or pull the rug out from under anyone; I just want to share my story. So, my question to all of you is, would you be interested? Would you read my blog?



    How has your ruchniyos/frumkeit fared and/or changed, in small or large part, during this period you’re discussing?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    first of all, HI!!!
    It’s really great to hear things are going well for you. I have no doubt that there are many who would really be interested in hearing what you have to say. From my own personal point of view, if your blog would be conveying the message that girls should not stay home, that the BY lifestyle needs a revamp or that progressive lifestyles are the only way to feel fulfilled then PLEASE DON’T blog! It would be so refreshing and wonderful to hear someone in your shoes speak about maintaining boundaries and values even in an MD program. How you have learned to keep your family as your number one priority and what challenges you met and overcame. I just think there is so much pressure to conform right now, and so many stay at home moms are belittled and made to feel useless by peers (it still hurts to think of it), as well as too many people being given the false message that children are an obstacle to fulfillment. If someone could take us through their story, without needing to disparge anyone elses choices, it could be unique and inspiring.

    Good luck to you and I wish you success in both full time jobs!!

    ready now

    No, each person has their own path.
    And it should not deviate from the Torah.
    That means a person if they need to, should pursue a living, a parnassah that does not contradict Torah.
    Less time on the internet is the best policy.


    It depends on what you intend to write.

    If it is going to be another one of those “I was a dumb Bais Yaakov girl and now I’m so smart and realize…” not only won’t I read it,forget about me, do yourself a favor and don’t start the blog.

    In fact if you intend on any type of condescending or lecturing type of message please spare us.

    I don’t mean to accuse you of either but that is what most opinion blogs are. Or at least end up becoming

    If however you have something of value to share, an inspirational message, an insight that will benefit people, non subjective knowledge that people who aren’t going through the same trajectory of life will benefit from etc. then I would read your blog and look forward to it.

    Let me know when you start email address removed, sorry



    congratulations on almost graduating. Enjoy 4th year it is a much needed break between the bust years behind you and the busy years ahead. MAzel tov on your children as well

    Years ago we had a discussion
    as to whether “calculus, chemistry (maybe?), physics and organic chemistry” were ” necessary for the practice of medicine”

    BTL Advice and Planning

    Now that you have completed your some actual rotations in third year. I’m curios how often any of those subjects came up in the “practice of medicine” ?



    bais yaakov maidel

    ujm: I see you’re heading straight for the kill; it’s a long discussion – hence my thoughts about a blog. In short, it’s not the dream answer of coming out the way I went it. However, the change in my religious observance is much more a function of my thinking and evolution as an adult than medical school. There are a handful of charedim who go to medical school and remain charedi, but I was veering off the charedi path even before I started medical school. I consider myself modern orthodox today. Not because modern orthodoxy is “better” or “has the answers”, but because it gives me space to be who I am and at least aknowledges that there are areas of challenges that need to be tackled. And also because I need to slap a label on myself when people ask and that’s probably the best label available. (As for the intellectual reasons, that’s a long discussion.) I want to emphasize that although I am no longer charedi, I am fully aware that the chaedi world is an excellent place for many people and I still feel very connected to it. I am thrilled to be able to help charedim in the hospital; somehow I have the word “jew” written on my forehead and they scout me out. But I do not plan on sending my children to charedi schools.

    bais yaakov maidel

    very interesting that you bring this up.

    I would say I’m somewhere in the middle.

    I don’t fully retract what I said, but yes, the amount of work you are supposed to do before medical school is overkill. I think the MCAT is a decent test, because it tests critical thinking and a limited amount of knowledge. I would say that prerequisits should be limited to things you need to know for the MCAT. I learned way way more than that and that was not necessary.

    But things like orgo 2, gen chem 2??? Those are there to give your professors a job.

    bais yaakov maidel

    Also, can you all help me pick a name?

    I’m thinking along the lines of: “Bais Yaakov to Med School” but maybe something that flows better.

    Old Crown Heights

    The Medical Maidel.

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