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    Oh My Gosh

    I’ve got a solution to the shidduch crisis!! Every couple that gets engaged, as part of the wedding preps must think up and introduce at least one couple. If that doesn’t work out they should move on to the next.

    it should be just like, “Have you found an apt yet?” “have you made your shidduch yet?”

    this way every new shidduch will set off a whole chain of shidduchim waiting to be introduced. And if the societal pressure will force a couple to do this, noone will try to shirk it.

    thoughts please?????????


    You mean that every buyer has to bring another buyer?

    This is discussed indirectly in my thread: Bread Theory of the Shidduch Crisis:

    The problem is that there will still be some buyers or some bread left over, so it doesn’t fix the imbalance. It just makes it look more orderly.


    That is not a solution.


    I have a better idea! Lets pass a law that says that everybody has to get married


    interesting theory, but i think the only way anyone will get married is if God wants them to, so there isreally no point in discussing “the shidduch crisis”. all it accomplishes is getting all single people out there even more stressed out than they are.


    Cute! We had a “singles table” at our wedding reception, but unfortunately nothing materialized from it. However, I am applying to be a shadchan on SawYouatSinai.


    Sounds like an MLM (multi-level marketing) scheme, also known as a pyramid scheme. This theory only makes sense if half of all people aren’t finding their bashert. Then, each couple can bring in the 50% who aren’t married yet. Of course, one could argue that the people being brought in would have been part of the original 50% that anyway would have found their zivug!!! Either way, I don’t see this catching on.


    Many people who get engaged have friends who are in the parsha and they do try to help out.


    Let’s revoke Cherem D’Rabbeinu Gershom with a Heter Meah Rabbanim and have boys start marrying two girls. Problem. Solved.

    live right

    for some reason I don’t think girls would appreciate that. there is enough competition amongst the women thank you very much. we don’t need to add “tzarah b’bayis” to the list.


    To the opening poster: Your idea is as sound as a chain letter, but at least it is not illegal.


    “Let’s revoke Cherem D’Rabbeinu Gershom with a Heter Meah Rabbanim and have boys start marrying two girls. Problem. Solved.”

    While the <i>get</i> crisis balloons out of control. . .

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