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    avhaben: Read the thread. Im saying the askanim will give extra cause its going to Tzedakeh. So The bochorim giving there koichas and the askanim giving extra for tzedakeh – What mitvah is lost?

    are you suggesting that collecting alone is better then giving AND collecting?


    ‘Tina: If the guys don’t collect it, you are taking away the Mitzvah of giving Tzedaka from so many people who would have given had someone collected and otherwise didn’t give.

    And, there is a humongeous Mitzvah in collecting Tzedaka for the Yeshiva too. ‘

    Im not sure your understanding. The Bochorim are giving (there koichas) – The askanim are giving pay + extra.

    So from the Bochorims perspective – they are giving and collecting as opposed to just collecting

    Is anyone suggesting that collecting alone is better then giving AND collecting?


    Very frequently children collect Tzedaka where I am (in shul, at home or on the street), and it gives me the greatest pleasure (and not to mention Mitzvah) to give Tzedakah to these Tinokos Shel Beis Raban for their very worthy causes.

    bobbys cow

    cherrybim: they can do that, or they can participate in all of these fascinating threads in the CR


    Yes, collecting tzedaka is an even bigger mitzva than giving tzedaka. And we all know how great a mitzva it is to give tzedaka. So we can only begin to imagine the greatness of the mitzva of collecting tzedaka.

    Collecting tzedaka by bochorim should be further encouraged, especially among bochorim who have not yet had the great zchus of collecting tzedaka.


    Just curious. How many people reading this have been solicited for a donation to a yeshiva, by a yeshiva bachur home for bein hazmanim, whether at home, via the phone, at work, anywhere, ever?

    Hello Mr. Apash- Dr. Apushatayid

    My name is Chezky Cohen from Bais Medrash Gevoha. Me and my friend are here collecting for our yeshiva. We would like to thank you for supporting us in the past and we hope that you can help us out again this year.



    That’s Reb-Apushatyid to you!


    Very frequently children collect Tzedaka where I am (in shul, at home or on the street), and it gives me the greatest pleasure

    That’s because they’re cute… I’m not cute, I have a big hole inside of me where my spleen use to be.

    That’s Reb-Apushatyid to you!

    That’s better than ” He died 25 years ago, and his children sold the house to the guy before me when they moved to a nursing home, and anyway HE HATED YOUR YESHIVA (He wrote on the deed as a stipulation to never support your yeshiva)

    Or “That’s Master Apashutayid to you, I’m only on your list because I gave my Maaser money from my lemonade stand to the pushka in your yeshiva once!”

    Kind Kalman

    I have collected for my Yeshiva for 4 years. Every year I have gone for about 6 days. I have made between $4000-$6500 every year in out-of-town communities. I have gone with one other bochur each time. A businessman would never give me that kind of money in 6 days.

    I enjoyed it tremendously and it was a real positive experience. I was able to give so many different people the zchus of supporting my yeshiva. I have gotten from between 150-200 people each year. If I worked for one or 2 other businessmen then I would never have been able to give so many different people a zchus. When you meet with different people, you get to tell them all about your Yeshiva and they get to know much more about your Yeshiva. They also see the great impression that you have made on them and it makes the Yeshiva look good and they become very impressed with the Yeshiva.

    The reason Yeshivos do it is either because a) the bochrim need to pay up their tuition b)to feel a sense of achrayus and hakaras hatov to their Yeshiva or c)for the chinuch of it.

    It really shows you how people on the other side of the door feel. You get a new appreciation of what meshulachim and your rebbeim go through.

    It is only 6 days, bochrim could be home in plenty of time before Pesach to help their mothers. They usually get off around Rosh Chodesh.

    To the person who mentioned that gaavah is a problem when bochrim do well at fundraising, I apologize, that just doesn’t make any sense. Should a bochur not learn because it might lead to gaavah? Should he not help his mother, because maybe he’s helping his mother more than his siblings and other friends and it will lead to gaavah? Sorry, but gaavah is not an excuse for not doing a mitzvah.

    I would just like to point out that I do not have any special people skills or good talents for fundraising.

    mr. gayva

    To answer the very first question the reason why the yeshiva bochurim go out collecting is because they should have some hakors hatov to the yeshiva who gave them some or alot of spiritual growth, not to mention the fact that they are getting a huge mitzva for that alone. Why should they not collect? It is their obligation to.


    I have a great idea! Let’s get Yeshiva guys to work for 10 bucks an hour instead of paying some illegal immigrant off the books. At least straight up donations are tax deductible.


    mexipal: why 10? ppl will give more if its going to tzedkeh. Maybe Mods can help us me out. Im actually collecting a 2 poor families in my neighborhood. They are both unable to work at all. Since everyone seems to be looking for zechusim, can we arrange something?

    btw – I think this is a great thread – enjoyed


    Reason c boils down to saying that yeshivos are trying to teach boys a trade. This training starts in elementry school with pushkes and I guess this is graduate school level, right?


    Bobbys Cow: I didn’t mean that it is good for everyone’s middos. There are always exceptions. Most guys that I know who have asked their rabbeim were told that it was good for their middos. Also, I have heard from rabbeim that doing things that may increase gaava isn’t something to worry about, because one who is a baal gaava will have it anyway, so they may as well do the right thing.


    Unless you are paid up with your own children’s tuition bills; it it assur to give money to another yeshiva, especially to help with their tuition. Your achreiyus is to first pay your yeshiva and rabbeim and take care of your responsibility before you take care of another’s.

    bobbys cow

    good point, slave

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