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    And if you’re Belz?


    Queen – Glad to hear of your son’s Yeshiva schedule.


    ICOT: I’m so touched that you remembered the trouble I went through looking for a yeshiva last year. Baruch Hashem, after several MONTHS of searching…. he finally found his place in an excellent yeshiva in Yerushalayim. (chassidish levush… litvish havara…and most important: ehrliche yidden with midos tovos.). We think we found this yeshiva for him but, in actuality Hashem found it for him. No different from looking for a shidduch, I think. You just have to be patient until the right one comes along. And have Bitachon in Hashem.


    The Queen of Persia-

    Just to be clear, I’m not requesting any personal info.

    A reply of “B’H we found a yeshiva” or the like would answer the question just fine.

    As a parent, I can empathize with your situation and thought about it several times with the hope that you / he were matzliach.


    The Queen of Persia-

    Our earlier posts crossed in the mail.

    B”H – I’m really glad to hear that.

    May your son continue to have hatzlocha and may you continue to shep nachas.


    Incredible: it would seem the letter writer is not concerned that the tashbar are not learning, but would just love to get the kid(s) out of his/her hair


    As a proud Bro Park resident, I take offense to this topic being labeled as “Brooklyn” yeshivas staring late. It is Flatbush yeshivas.

    Most Boro Park yeshivas (including where my sons go), started this week.

    There is no excuse for the Flatbush yeshivas not starting until next week.

    Does anyone realize that these kids will have had a total of 12 weeks off! That’s almost a quarter of the year!


    gemora, I think you are wrong. Chassidish yeshivos started last week, not necesarily the exact location. Litvish yeshivos in BP did not start yet.


    ICOT: I don’t see where I gave any personal info. Having gone through such a nisayon I came across several boys in the exact same situation. (According to some Rabbonim the number of boys without a yeshiva is in the hundreds! at least.) Many of them end up in Yerushalayim. On second thought, though, you’re right. ‘B”H we found a yeshiva’ would have been sufficient. I stand corrected. Thank you for pointing that out. I’ll try to be more careful in the future.


    The Queen of Persia-

    You didn’t give any personal info.

    My email was sent before I saw your initial reply, and I was clarifying that I wasn’t requesting any personal info.

    Your answer was 100% fine (if not, the ever-vigilant moderating staff would’ve caught it, as they NEVER let personal info thru).

    Yours truly,

    Yankel Goldbricker

    1234 Ostropoller Lane


    “YWN has been getting dozens of letters from parents outraged at why Yeshivas have not yet started in Brooklyn.”

    A better place for these letters is the administration of the Yeshiva(s), unless venting and complaining is really all the writers are interested in?


    Yankel – I always knew you were brilliant! I’m so glad the mods let that slip through so that I could understand where you get it from!



    Ich bin azah klieg,

    Mine brain iss zo big,

    I vear a hat size 62,

    Dats da zame az mine IQ





    ps cute address. especially the zipcode.


    mepal – I am not aware if the one Litvish yeshiva in Boro Park started yet, so you may be right on that end.

    But I do know that the Chasidishe yeshiva in Flatbush, is only starting next week. So don’t make this a chasidish/Litvish thing.

    By the way, I am proud to send my sons to a Chasidishe Yeshiva that fully understands the importance of not being mevatel tinokos shel bais raban.


    gemora, one? Do your research. There are more than one. But then again, we are getting petty here.



    Okay I give up.

    Please name for me a Litvishe cheder in Boro Park (not Kensington) besides Tiferes Elimelech.


    Yeshiva Ktana of Bensonhurst

    The Cheder

    I dont have the phone book in front of me, but when I do, I can look for more. Like I said, this is getting petty.


    I agree, It is getting petty.

    By the way, you have a very very wide map of Boro Park.


    I agree, It is getting petty.

    and because of that I hereby stop the discussion. We were just trying to determine whether it was location or type of yeshiva. Not how many yeshivos are where.



    Rabbi Goldbricker, where do you daven? I live on Schmoigerman Boulevard in Chelm which makes my zip code .00001 (it was .00002 until the latest budget cutbacks) and I daven at Haham BaLaylot Asher Yatzari’s Sefardi netz minyan at Kehillas Beis Kisse.



    On a more serious note, can we expand this discussion beyond this week off. I think most of us would agree that the amount of time the boys get off, whether it is 10 or 11 weeks, is way too much. It is too much time away, plus it disrupts the continuity.

    Many Monsey and Lakewood yeshivas both have only 4 or 5 weeks off.

    I understand that a major change would affect the bungalow colonies, camps, etc. and obviously is a difficult change. But let’s acknowledge that this ridiculously long summer vacation is a hold over from a different era when Yeshivas had to compete with Public Schools many years ago.


    Gemora, I agree with that. For girls as well. After two and a half months of vacationing they start going out of thier boxes. I see no reason for this.


    Perhaps the kids need one week of down time after camp before starting school.

    Kids sometimes get driven with schedules of intensity that most adults would not subject themselves to.


    mepal, that is what Camp is for. I am more concerned with the torah learning repercussions more that the boredom.

    Then again those of us that send to BYBP are dealing with a vacation that seems to get longer by the day, with no end in sight. But there is a different thread for that…

    And, yes, I will agree that BYBP is in Boro Park (I’m sorry, I had to get that one in).


    gemorakop. NO. All school should have atleast 9-10 weeks off. KIDS especially ones in mesivta who are in yeshiva day and night shteiging need 9-10 weeks off


    Josh, they go out of their minds with the lack of structure.

    gemora, I’m not sure which map you checked, but BYOBP is clearly in Flatbush.


    mi keamcha yisroel – When I was in Yeshiva, we did have 9 weeks off. 2 1/2 weeks Sukkos Bain HaZemanim, 3 weeks Pesach Bain HaZmanim, and 4 1/2 weeks Summer Bain HaZmanim.

    Do you realize that if you give Mesivta boys 9 weeks off in the summer, on top of all the other breaks, they have off almost 15 weeks a year!


    Did it ever occur to any of you who are fighting over how much time the children should have off, to consider how much time the Rebbes and teachers should have off? They are people too, no? Don’t they deserve a vacation, time with their spouses, time away from the hustle and bustle, maybe time to spend in beis medrashsh, or taking extra training for themselves? or maybe they also enjoy going to camp as head couselor or learning Rebbe, division head, lifeguard, etc?. I know many individuals who tach one grade all year, and then a different one over the summer.

    And what about us poor working parents. Its not like the yeshivas do us a favor and those that have chanakah days off , let our sons and daughters off at the same time, OH nO- so If I want to go away for a few days, I can’t! so I’m left with the summer, do I have to shlep the kids with me all the time, if I can afford camp for them, And if i can’t afford camp, if I take a few, hard earned days off, do I have to spend them at home, because you decided yeshiva should be 12 months a year, and I don’t beleive in taking my kids out of yeshiva for narishkeit? Aren’t we entitled to some time away, as a family?

    You want Yeshiva to start in Ellul- fine- Move to Lakewood or EY or send your kids to a Yeshiva that follows the Yeshiva Gedolah Schedule. If you want a a ten month -fall/winter/spring yeshiva- stop complaining. Raising your children is your job, not the Yeshiva’s.


    I know that what I am about to write will not be amongst the most popular posts but I think that the weeks between camp and school are GREAT! My children go to school for ridiculously long hours, and even camp, while fun and entertaining is so, well, structured!! Kids need ” down time”. The reason they go out of their minds is because they never have the opportunity for “down time” so they don’t know what to do with it!! They’re so used to being occupied 24/7. for the first few days my kids keep asking,” what are we doing now?”, repeatedly,and then they realize that it’s pretty nice not having much to do. As to what we do like to do: we read books, we go to the park, we bake, play computer and enjoy being together. I call these 2 weeks between camp and school a ” mental health vacation”



    Since when is 14th Avenue and 47th Street in Flatbush? Bais Yaakov of BORO PARK is In BORO PARK- see last week’s HAMODIA


    faylamed- I like the screen name…

    Welcome to the Grand CR!


    fay lamed: You sure? Look up! Quick! It says gullible right there above you on the ceiling!

    And anyways, you’re way off. BYOBP is on 14th and 46. Get your facts straight first.


    Mepal, you crack me up


    help: Dont tell me you’re an egg. That would be b-a-a-d.


    gemarokop, so what is the problem


    Why has this issue come up this year? Camps and day camps have always ended about August 24-27 and school has always started the day after Labor Day. And those parents who have a sense of responsibility for their childrens’ material and spiritual welfare have always ensured that they had something to do. When will parents realize that the yeshiva or day school is not a babysitting service nor are they responsible for instilling midos tovos in the children. These are things that should come from the home. I fully understand the plight of parents where both parents work, especially given the economic situation today. But the other side of this is that given the bad situation, yeshivos are happy that they have a 2 week grace period of less expenses. So many yeshivos are cutting salaries because parents aren’t paying tuition and donors aren’t giving funds.


    yeah, but labor day is usually around sep. 2


    fay lamed, i agree with you.

    For all those (Gemorahkop) who want the children to have 4 and a half weeks summer vacation move to Lakewood air hakokosh

    anon for this

    I really feel badly for those who are forced to cobble together childcare arrangements for their children. I am lucky enough b”h that I do not have to work outside the home, so my children & I are enjoying this time together, especially now that the weather has cooled off considerably in the NY area. Some of my children attended camp during the summer, so they are enjoying the downtime too. In fact we’re heading outside to play now.


    mi keamcha yisroel – “For all those (Gemorahkop) who want the children to have 4 and a half weeks summer vacation move to Lakewood air hakokosh”

    I would in an instant (and I did live in Lakewood at one point). I live in New York for parnassa reasons.

    Nice try though.

    Actually, if you ask me I think 3 weeks vacation is plenty, no need for 4 1/2. Tisha B’Av to Rosh Chodesh Elul.




    And now for a response:

    I would not, could not fool a bear,

    I pray thrice daily by my clock

    On my boat or on a dock

    Aboard my ship I take the helm,

    Of the one-boat navy; pride of Chelm

    My mighty scow, it owns the seas,

    Neptune trembles when I sneeze

    Napping daily on clean warm sand

    But when the tefila siren screams,

    (although my name has been redacted)

    You may feel safe from my witticism,

    My incessant cheppering

    From the scourge of the CR, me, icot


    Why are the Yeshivas to blame? There is a glitch in the schedule! Summer ends on labor day, let the camps and bungalow colonies stay open till then! Camps are in it for the money, bungalows are either for profit, or privately owned, Yeshivas are losing money, why should they provide a week of babysitting for free!?!?!?

    OH! No! Bitul Torah they cry! Well try keeping schools open in July like in Lakewood and lets see the camps roll over and play dead and take aloss. Lets see bungalow colonies shut for July to keep the kids in school, mothers stay home with your husbands for another few weeks! Calamity! Never will happen.

    But now their stuck, nebach with their own kids, no one to watch them, oy vey, the velt geit unter!!

    Schools are for the klal by the klal, and deal with everyones problems and issues. Yeshivos are blamed for all things that go wrong in today’s society. Every colomnist, blogger and letter writer has an opinion or two about what the Yeshivos should be doing. Go ahead and volunteer your time, do it yourself, or help the Yeshiva that YOUR kid learns in and stop complaining!!


    gemorahkop: i think you are a bit drunk. KIDS NEED BREAKS. not just 3 weeks


    gemorakop: “Nirpim atem nirpim”

    Shabbos and Yom Tov are about 20% down time



    ICOT – yasher koiach!


    I agree!! You have children..they are a pkg deal-some days are better than others.

    before we all finish with all these complaints and ideas it will be the day after Labor day..and its back to school!!!!!!start preparing the school supplies-kids love it!



    The State offers some very fine year round yeshivas, which despite being called reformatories are actually feeder yeshivas for Federal koilelim.


    ICOT: Have you ever considered writing books? The least you should do is submit to newspapers/periodicals/magazines. I’ll be your first customer! You’ve got amazing talent that should be shared with the world at large. (not just Yeshiva World).


    For those who hold children should only have 3 weeks of summer break, posting in the Coffee Room is Mamash Bitul Torah. Especially during the month of Elul!!!

    Gevald Gevald

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