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    My son went to visit the Yeshiva a couple of months ago , keep on getting mixed reviews from parents I have some parents wrongly suggesting otherwise and some parents thinking its the coming of moshiach does anyone have advice ?


    It depends on your son. I’d suggest you call them and discuss whether the
    yeshiva would be a good fit for him. (If you don’t want to call them, maybe
    discuss it with Rabbi Chaim Abadi of Lakewood.)


    It is right for some bochurim, not right for others. Two of my sons went there and we were very satisfied.


    My son went o Yeshiva of Waterbury for two years and “it Mamish saved his life”
    Yes on the outside it might seem chaotic and hefker but really there is a method that is being cultivated there that is truly unbelievable. First your son will learn that he is loved regardless of his religious level or the way he looks. He is loved by Hashem, by Rabbi Kalish, by the Rebbeim and by all the guys there. He can then start to re-build his self-esteem and his relationships. Sometimes it takes longer and sometimes it takes shorter… it depends on the boy himself but don’t give up hope. I would highly recommend Waterbury for anyboy that is struggling and needs help finding his path and his direction.


    ” I have some parents wrongly suggesting otherwise ”
    Sounds like you made a decision then.


    If a bachur has a son, we have serious issues.


    May I humbly suggest you ask your son’s Rebbeim and Menahalim and your Rav, Rebbe, Posek, or Rosh Yeshivah? These are the individuals who know your son and your family best (certainly better than your “friends” in the coffee room). On a personal note, however, I can say that the relationships built there are very strong, meaningful, and productive.

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