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    Are you happy with the amount of secular studies at your child’s school? Is there too much or not enough?


    When my kids were in elementary school: No. Now that all of my kids are in high school, yes.

    The Wolf


    I would say it’s just about right.

    The problem that I have seen is that some parents (and some rebbes) give the kids the idea that limudai chol is “shtus” and “bitul zman”.

    This makes things very tough on the secular teachers, and down the road – on the (grown up) kids too, (when they can’t speak English properly, write a letter in even semi-decent English, and lack other basic, necessary secular knowledge).


    Not sure if there are any yeshivas like this, but I would like to see a yeshiva combine learning with learning a marketable skill…What do I mean, the option to learn a skill like being an electrician, plumber, General Contractor, Drafting etc…if a full secular education is not what you fancy, then at least a skill that will allow kids to earn a good parnasa when they get married….would you be willing to send your kids to a yeshiva like this, thoughts??


    Yeshiva Shaare Arazim of monsey does something similar to this.. they have learning and also other skill building.. their kids have woodworking, learning how to lein, learning an instrument, etc etc learning different skills. sukkos time all their kids go out and build sukkahs for the elderly/infirm.. they keep their kids busy with things other than learning b/c these are kids that can’t sit and learn all day. its really an awesome yeshiva.


    i like the idea mikehall very much

    especially if the skills were taught by frum craftsmen


    There is a yeshiva like that in Lancaster PA (don’t recall the name off the top of my head)


    I think it would be a GREAT idea for the last two years of high school (and beyond).

    Prior to that, I think kids would probably be too young to know which specific skill area they would want to study.


    Maybe it would also allow those kids to grow up and pay full tuition for their children, thus avoiding the financial crisis going on in many yeshivas today….


    A fully competent teacher knows how to keep all the kids on track without having to give any homework, as they ingrain all the material into the students head during the school day. They will still usually give a minimal amount of homework just to teach the kid responsibility and be able to keep their focus on schoolwork even at home. However most High Schools (especially ones with dorms) there would be no need for that, besides for the fact that they have almost no spare time whatsoever.



    It could also give boys who are unable or unwilling to excel in limudai kodesh (but are still good, frum boys) to escape the stigma of being called “bums” (which becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy – leading to boys off the derech a.k.a. kids at risk)…

    -and INSTEAD, give them another option in life in which they CAN excel, enabling them to grow up to be solid, frum, Torah-supporting baalabatim.

    This is definitely a mehalaiych whose time has come!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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