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    So the Washington Redskins are now the WFTs (Washington Football Team), we’ve moved statutes of ole Christopher Columbus from the public square and GW’s and Honest Abe’s names from San Francisco high schools and this AM the Cherokee Tribal Government requested that Jeep remove their name from their best-selling SUV. The cancel culture seems to be thriving everywhere but here in the CR. Aren’t there some prominent names of ehrliche yidden or mosdos (e.g. preferably imagined to real) that should be reviewed by a CR Cancel Culture Committee for possible future cancellation? (And no, the Mods don’t really consider themselves as surrogate culture cancellation specialists.)


    The charedi people have had cancel culture long before the left came up with it. Just wear the wrong color shirt, that’s it, you are canceled


    Apikorsum are rightfully cancelled.


    Some Jews who should have been cancelled:

    Pablo Christiani
    Shabbatai Tzvi
    Jacob Frank
    Karl Marx
    Trotsky (Stalin did cancel him)
    Bobby Fischer


    Amarizim who think they know how to learn are rightfully canceled


    “the Washington Redskins are now the WFTs”

    The man who created the ‘Redskins’ nickname was George Preston Marshall, one of the most vile racists in the history of American sports. He should have been cancelled.



    Leaders of the open orthodox travesty.


    Bobby fischer the chess master? Why?


    Fischer’s mother was Jewish, which makes him Jewish. But he joined a Christian cult and became an anti-Semite, denying his Judaism. He praised the 9/11 attacks. He violated US and UN sanctions on Yugoslavia when it was perpetrating genocide.


    “open orthodox travesty”

    In honor of your slander I just sent a contribution to Yeshivat Chovevei Torah.


    Bobby Fischer always suffered from untreated mental health problems. Because he was a celebrity, it was chalked up to “eccentricity” and everyone accommodated his absurd requests, public tantrums, and random appearances. In his later years, he started denying that he was even Jewish, despite birth records and relatives stating otherwise. His opinions on Jews in general were horrific, to say the least. It’s likely that even had he chosen to stay in the public eye and rejoin chess tournaments, much of the media would have chosen to ignore him.


    Bobby Fischer was a brilliant chess player and probably was mental to begin with.
    He then became world champion while standing up to a collective action of Soviet chess federation. This whole adverse process could crack stronger souls. Later on, Victor Korchnoi ran away from USSR and also played against the whole country – and lost, in the process claiming that his opponent was getting forbidden drinks and that a Soviet doctor was hypnotizing him. In the hindsight, now that we know about polonium teas, it is hard to say whether this was real or paranoid…

    You can survive mental ordeals though. Samuel Reshevsky, who lived in Monsey, did not played on Shabbat, and, at least in later years, played in a beret, and behaved in general. Also did not always like Fischer.


    Avi Weiss always suffered from untreated mental health problems except that most of his people call it activism instead.

    bored guy

    lets talk about bobby fisher, really? it says that a fire will go forth from the righteous and destroy the wicked. btw you notice how cancel culture only affects republicans and not democrats.
    whats wrong with black face? whats wrong with the confederate flag? slavery has nothing to do with racism, slavery existed all over the world, in Russia, and Germany, called serfs. all over arab lands.
    the Japanese had Chinese slaves. idi amin had white slaves. Jefferson Davis was fighting for states rights and lincoln didn’t go to war over slavery but rather to preserve the union. i dressed up like robert e lee with the confederate flag as a kid and i’m proud of it. robert e lee did what any man should do fight for your family and friends.

    anonymous Jew

    Bored guy, states rights was Confederate post-Civil War propaganda. If you examine prewar Southern newspapers and speeches, particularly those by Jefferson Davis, states rights was very low on the list of reasons. Slavery was number 1. It was only after the war, as people were trying to recast their images, was states rights highlighted as part of the “Lost Cause” fairy tale.

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